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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Remember the Wool Board fiasco and the Wheat Board nonsense. Nobody owes anybody a tax payer subsidized free ride.
There are smart farmers and there are not so smart farmers, same as every other walk of life. Market Access is what Government needs to help Agriculture with, not subsidizing failing segments of any Industry.
15/10/14 12:43 AM
Belle, you got it in one. Waste of Industry money and lack of Accountability of these compulsory levies which really is a form of taxation.
But proportional voting just delivers Industry policies into the hands of the big boys. Democratically , one member one vote should happen. But that frustrates the big boys...
Within an Industry, a bit hard to cooperate and compete at the same time but that's must happen for the good of the Industry.
03/09/14 12:48 AM
David, stick your head inside the Meat Industry !!
Then you will really see how compliance costs , regulatory burden and labour costs have affected our international competitiveness.
Even the Yanks can turn a beef steer into boxed beef at ac 100 dollars per head cheaper than we can.
That's something for you to get your teeth into.
11/08/14 02:01 AM
The last thing we need in a high cost producing country competing on the world stage is more costs. ALL of these extra costs are deducted from the farm gate price. We need less regulation not more.
19/04/14 09:32 AM
David, you are on the right track. Industry needs to negotiate Market access
not bureaucrats telling us what they can do for us.
Its like the tail wagging the dog.
The biggest impediment to Market Access for the Export Meat Industry has been DAFF now known as DoA.
The Korean FTA a good example of politics in the way of commerce.
The cost of DA to Industry is very high and most of the funds support a large Bureaucracy in Canberra not field staff.
Access should be a Trade issue ,NOT DoA . They have no diplomatic skills.
So curtail their activities to service delivery only .
20/01/14 11:52 PM


Welcome the foreign investment. We don't have the money to properly develop our own country.
A commitment to develop is a long term thing and they can't just pack up and leave. The country will always be there for future generations but it will be in a whole lot developed than it is now.
27/05/15 12:13 AM
Well Jock, that's one commodity they cant take back to China but may inject the capital to develop it properly.
Chinese are good partners to have, they wont rape the country like the English and Americans did last century..
06/05/15 11:46 PM
One thing about land. It needs investment to develop and the other thing is it stays here so we get the benefits here.
The Chinese will be better landlords than the Brits who raped Australia over the past 100 years!
16/03/15 12:25 AM
We buy Australian Flour milled in Singapore. The reason its manufactured and packaged overseas is Australian labour laws and tax regimes.. No incentive to value add agricultural products here,
16/03/15 12:01 AM
Back in the '70's , an American called Gordon Fletcher thought the same thing about agriculture in the Kimberley.
He invested millions into broad acre sorghum cropping but in doing so, he changed the food chain supply encouraging a major increase in bugs, which , along with the crops, greatly increased the bird life in the area.
The crop spraying eventually had to stop because of residues being detected in the Ord Dams and Fitzroy rivers.
Now is the time to revisit it but working with nature, not against it.
09/03/15 12:57 AM
Andrew Forrest forgets NZ Dairy is nearly a monopoly so it can promote under one brand.
We are competitive by nature and Australia is much bigger than NZ so single branding of the same product in the same Industry is not practical.
17/11/14 01:45 AM
A Minister is only as good as the advice from his Department. So don't just blame poor old Joe.
DoA needs the shake up from the top down and the self serving Bureaucrats who have been politicized need to be removed.
28/10/14 11:25 PM
Hand feed them. When it does rain we will see an major price spike in cattle prices..
It will be very disruptive to the markets and meat works employment but its typical of the meat game. The plants have made a lot of money but they will give a fair bit of it back next year...
27/10/14 01:06 AM
AUSTRALIA is not the worlds animal welfare policeman.
Whether it's australian livestock or any other countries livestock, all animals have a right to humane handling.
Animal welfare is winning the battle in Europe with UK retailers demanding that their beef suppliers stop all Halal kill or risk boycott.
Consequently, all Irish beef plants ( except one) have stopped halal beef kills.
22/10/14 09:35 PM
I would isolate India as a signatory to WTO and let them live with those consequences.
They are notoriously bad trading partners and cannot be relied upon in the cut and thrust of International trade.
29/09/14 01:19 AM


Free Trade is real world prices. Just learn to watch the supply/demand trends and understand there is no such thing as a free lunch.
The Big brother Attitude wrecked the Wool Industry support scheme and Single desk selling only takes away individual freedom of choice.
17/06/15 06:54 AM


Labelling laws wont protect us from contaminated products. Inspection and licensing of importing plants will. DoA think its all about the paperwork. Contaminated berries proved them wrong.
17/03/15 01:54 AM


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