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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I don't very often agree with you David, but on this case you are spot on, as a horticultural producer/levy payer, we have no transparency whether the levies collected from us by "agents" has made it through to where it is supposed to go. We as individuals have no input at to where our levy money is spent, and were told at a recent Ausveg grower meeting that some was being spent on GMO research, this is despite no consultation with grass roots growers!
20/08/14 03:26 AM
After reading David's comments over a period of time, I believe most of agriculture's woes are a result of decisions by politicians the like of him. Deregulation, privatization, foreign ownership, level playing field , and of course his pet project the mighty GM, the farmers saviour!
17/02/14 09:58 AM
What was not mentioned in this article was how the chain stores "acquire " product and sell it with out paying for the product until way after it has been sold, with the supplier taking full risk of theft, use by date etc.
25/03/13 03:39 AM


I was forced to buy Baristers last week, as the only fridges in that Takaway were owned by CC.
Won't be buying it again. Will get the takeaway, then go to the Servo to get a real Iced Coffee
13/04/15 12:08 AM
Until the Federal Government in forces a mandatory code of conduct in the horticultural industry neither government of producers will have any idea whether their levy money collected has gone to the levy board or into an Agents back pocket. As for producer in put. A series of meetings around the country where we the producers are told what they the peak bodies "are" going to do!
10/12/14 09:36 PM
One wonders how long before Australian products are rejected by China due to GMO contamination. A. 700'000 tonne of conventional lucerne hay contract from the US has been halted due to a GMO contamination of .01 %
Yet we see Dairy Australia pushing ahead full steam with GM introduction policies
30/09/14 11:03 AM
Totally agree Jock, try going to China and buying a business, They are much too smart for that!!! Both side of politics hae a lot to answer for.
20/01/14 12:06 AM
Joe Hockey said he won't be bullied,perhaps he should remember that he is nothing but a public servant. The recent Federal election voters showed how much they distrust the major parties with their senate vote. Hockey and Co, should think carefully before selling the last of the grain industry out. The voters will remember.
26/11/13 04:23 AM
One has to wonder whether Woolies change of heart on Aussie sourced food is a result of what the consumers want, or whether they could see the writing on the wall after to $1.00 milk disaster.
We need truth in labelling on our agricultural products. where it is sourced. GM or GM free, and the company that produced / packaged to product
09/11/13 02:58 AM
Food security went out the door when AWB was privatised.The sale of Graincorp will be the final nail in the coffin for any control of the grain produced in Australia
04/11/13 11:59 PM


Perhaps Barnaby should look up the meaning of the word democracy, polls, including GRDC's poll of SA growers , show 55% against, 25% neutral, and 15% for GM crops, consumer polls are much more anti GM.
So do we have democracy or are we the growers & the consumers governed by Biotech Dictators
01/05/15 09:01 AM
Jock Munro, does a poker player reviel his hand? Of course not.! Why would or should grain growers supply the grain stocks they have on hand to those in the market place, that would use that information against the grower.
That's what free marketing is all about, Gamble and bluff.
27/04/15 01:26 AM
This is the resulting costs of free trade & under funding of AQIS .
What does it mean to our Ag industries, one more devastating pest, more pesticides, and then more excuse for bringing in more cheap produce from off shore, thereby further increasing future out breaks of exotic pests.
Zebra Chip in Norfolk Island was confirmed a few weeks back.
Who pays the farming industry.
19/04/15 02:34 AM
Oliver, Google GMO Seralini, Seralini replies to FCT. Journal over study retractions.
Have you ever taken the time to hear him speak? Maybe you would be a little more accomodating to his and others studies on the subject.
Incidently, I drink alcohol, and spray Roundup, but both in moderation, but not only that I don't mind putting my name behind my thoughts
03/04/15 09:50 PM
Oliver, one has to wonder under which mushroom you have been hiding, it is near impossible in the US & Canada to buy pure non GM Canola seed, even here there is an allowable GM contaminant in non GM Certified Canola seed, so saving your own harvest seed multiplies the GM contamination you have.
There also many farmers in both the U.S. & Canada, that had had to pay royalties on their non GM canola to Monsanto as a result of minimal GM contamination.
03/04/15 01:58 AM
Wtf pen & Jeffito , what is not being discussed is the anti bacterial effects of the roundup in the these GM crops, Monsanto has patented roundup as an ant bacterial substance, on the gut bacteria diversity.
If anyone was lucky enough to hear Proffers Don Huber or Dr Vandana Shiver , they would have seen from the graphs which show a corresponding rise in mental health, asthma cases in accordance with the uptake of GM crops in the US since the introduction of GM
01/04/15 02:13 AM
Perhaps the good Professor should read the Serilini papers. Remember? They all condemned his paper had it withdrawn from the publication with much fanfare, but when the trials were replicated, confirming the results of the original trials, deafening silence.
Whether it was the Glysophate or the GM that caused the tumours in the rats who knows, The facts remain those rats eating the GM ration developed horrific tumours.
Perhaps the good professor could explain?
27/03/15 06:57 AM
Perhaps science would receive more public acceptance if our research centres were funded by the public, not the likes of the GM companies.
I have spoken with many Scientists who publicly support GM, but privately have grave concerns.
Make our research and extension work public again and they might get respect
26/03/15 11:45 PM
Bob F, your GRCD levy research money is more likely to tied to a Monsanto grant and carried out by university or research station that relies on funds from the biotech companies.
So, yes, there is very little "scientific" research.
These biological farming systems must have some credence as the biotech companies are going down this path in the US
Suggest you take the time and attend one of YLAD's field days. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You might like the taste.
04/02/15 01:52 AM
Deregul8 The last wheat crop I grew was in 88' $150 a tonne 1st payment grain handling Tamworth to Newcastle $32 , including $18 a tonne rail freight final gross payment $300' how many of you are getting that now! And that is not allowing for inflation!
11/11/14 02:51 AM


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