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All the watermelons have done is set in concrete Monsanto's absolute market dominance. There is no competition because they can't afford to jump through the regulatory hurdles to get approval for a new GM trait. Well done watermelons. You will probably find Monsanto has been sending more backhanders to the anti side of this argument than the pro side. And every quarter record profits are eclipsed by even more profits the following quarter.
15/10/13 05:31 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

How long til levie paying disciples actually realise these levies are worse than a tax because they are deducted whether you have taxable income or not.
21/08/14 03:21 AM
No point investing in research when companies seeking profits from me are doing so. Why double up?
Oh and I can't wait to see that CBH equity on my balance sheet. Thanks to ADM we now know what we are worth. The unfolding debt mess in WA means it will be forced on the ignorant majority as without their equity they will soon be the an unemployed majority.
04/07/13 10:12 AM
The only lobby group in this country that understand the socialist agenda and the isks of allowing their stewardship programs to gain any traction whatsoever is the PGA. Why is the GRDC going down this path? Because half of its fund come from you guessed it - big government. Govt give with one hand but take more with the other. Beware beware!
04/07/13 03:07 AM
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They are certainly more important than watermelon animal activists whose only contribution to society is going to be expensive meat and MSG filled soybean sausages. I've been reading your anti farmer spam 'hand out' and it is amusing at the least.
01/07/13 09:55 PM
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Unbelievable 'love'! WA farmers begging for food when they have $6 billion of equity in their grower owned co-op CBH! Why would an industry value a bunch of grain silos over and above community and themselves? Confusing and perplexing. Unless you guys wake up and get everyone you know to vote for CBH corporatisation there will be few family farms left in the Wheatbelt and there will be noone to blame for it but yourself.
01/07/13 01:07 PM

Get Muddy

'Mixed ownership of farming land seems a good compromise'. Ummm ... and how do you propose we 'effect' this result in the marketplace. And by the way, foreigners are only buying because Australians are selling. Why are they selling? Because they racked up too much debt. You can hardly expect capitalism and then when it fails the individual have the losses socialised. Oh I forgot, thats why most knuckledraggers vote for the Nationals - agrarian socialists.
02/09/13 11:06 PM
When you have to contend with guvmint mobilising against you this criticism is given unfairly. However in the grains industry, there are many going to the wall because their timing was off and I agree, it is not the role of the taxpayer to bailout those who overcapitalise at the wrong time. Now all grain businesses are going to wear the negative effects of deleveraging the great grain farm debt that has been accrued. Only the strong will survive and that means those with equity.
09/07/13 08:08 AM

A matter of opinion

Growers sold their shares and now whinge about the fact others value the company more than they ever did? If Heffernan's redneck campaign succeeds here it sets a very dangerous precedent and will send foreign investment scuttling and the loser will be the Australian grain grower. Land prices will collapse, second hand machinery prices will collapse and agribusiness share values will also collapse. If you blokes want ownership of the assets you can buy your shares back for $12 a pop.
02/08/13 02:44 AM

Bush Matters

Out with the conspiracy garbage again LTF. Take a cold shower, cob. There are laws that dictate how corporations can act. If those laws are corruptable, why the hell on this earth would you want a market over-regulated by government. I tell you these agrarian socialists are a confused bunch and if allowed to gain political power will lead us all back to the gulags. Wake up and smell the roses. The opportunities you have now will never be present in a world where big government exists. If you are failing in the current system, you might as well give the game away.
12/06/14 11:41 PM


Translation - we bought all these trains without first asking if we were going to be able to use them to make them pay for interest alone, let alone the capital cost.
09/02/16 11:07 PM
It would be nice if CBH shareholders had the same luxury to pull their membership from the co-operative eh Wall when they are unhappy with its direction?
19/12/14 04:15 AM
Spot on, Ivan. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is why the AWB is no longer. So effectively are their public relations strategies and spin machines that long after they are gone, disciples still remain, fully unaware they were all the time simply being fleeced. CBH is the last bastion of agrarian socialism here in the West and it needs to be purged of politics in order to survive.
29/07/14 10:33 PM
Simple Jock. You handed WA and SA back their freight advantage and still your wheat prices are higher than when the AWB was able to milk growers' hard earned profits. All costs are rising, including the cost of ignorance. Payments for noodle quality have been very good since AWB and the NSW ag socks were dumped from the gravy train.
20/06/14 02:03 PM
Indians will need to bid lupins up to over $500/t for this crop ever be competitive with canola.
25/05/14 11:38 PM
Call me a cynic but this reeks of grease money to soften the mob to a grand ego driven entrance into the East Coast. CBH will be on the market within 5 years. Such a pity
27/02/14 12:40 PM
Deregulate the lot. Regulation requires govt to manage and govt would fail if it was in business.
Less govt = less waste, less taxes, more take home pay for everyone.
24/02/14 11:39 PM
Bang on John. Unfortunately you and Bushie are outnumbered by a vast sea of ignorance. When you trust government more than markets there is a serious problem. Sadly it seems to be more of a human condition. Its not far from the goolags and when you get there it is all too late for the right of the individual.
04/12/13 11:30 PM
Too funny X Ag. Is that the same polling process they use for pre harvest dellivery estimates? Think mine is still in the unopened box Nr Newman ...
03/12/13 11:04 PM
Charts suggest 1.04 is not out of the question. Currencies of resource rich nations are vulnerable to treasonous inflationary attack by foreign bankster printed money.
23/10/13 01:07 PM


Mark haven't you heard of Paradigm yet? Fleabane is easy to control with the right herbicide mixes.
09/02/16 11:43 AM
Take drive from Northam to York for a reminder on the risks of cultivation. A good 100ha of cultivated hilly red country scoured with 2ft wide and deep gullies in every imagineable paddock orifice. Going to cost that farmer dearly to rectify the damage and avoid future chronic scarring. People forget the risks of cultivation.
07/02/16 10:28 PM
I see they must have broadband at the Ettamogah pub these days cmt.
16/09/15 01:55 PM
Kanzi, without multinationals you really are a pimple on an Indonesian flour mill, a flour mill that prospers from the poolers in our ranks who for some reason feel that marketing is all but beyond them. Good for Mr Salim that's for sure. Pretty soon there'll be choice and the religiously connected will dump their allegiance to the co-op for an extra $1 per tonne. It's a good time to be a western districts farmer. Irony is the folk who will need the CBH equity most to survive are the ones who can't see how important it is to them. It's a tough old world. Mandurah is second prize.
12/02/15 12:51 PM
With the recent dollar dip, we are likely only months away from some major investment decisions in storage and handling in the key Kwinana zone. The multinationals know that in order to destroy CBH they simply have to target their most profitable 2-3mmt and the rest of the asset base will be bought for a song. These companies have massive balance sheets and are prepraed to loss lead if the goal is to break this monopoly into smitherines. CBH has limited power to compete with such a strategy unless it hikes charges or goes to the bank to increase the overdraft.
10/02/15 10:43 PM
So much confusion in the one thread but here goes:
JT, you offering up your AWB share equity for the farmers that went before you? Didn't think so.
mark2, munro - WA is an exporting state like SA and so the only viable comparison is the ABB story. Don't see any SA producers whinging cos they got their money. The storage went in over East when the domestic market deregulated and you could see greater profits selling domestically than to the pools in the dry years. Banked the profits gleefully without any thought or regard for the rest of us.
04/12/14 12:43 AM
Thankfully farmers can enjoy these price rises by selling into these spikes this harvest and even for the next harvest. Something that was not possible with the Single Desk. Where would we be without deregulation?
04/12/14 12:31 AM
No amount of talkfest will change which bins have to go. This is just typical political window dressing. Just make the decisions and take responsibility. Being a director is not a popularity contest. Or maybe it is and that is the problem with this corporate structure? Look at Bunge's model. One port, two up country super sites. That is what CBH has to be able to compete with
09/09/15 10:34 PM
Growers are well aware the wheat they say the world is awash with is mostly short futures contracts by speculators and dark pool printed money funds. The one true signal growers can trust is the basis because this is the premium end users are willing to pay to secure supply. India will be in the market this year and that will underwrite strong basis for WA. Noodle wheat? Does anybody grow it now unless they are close to an Inghams shed? If it doesn't pop this year, noodles is a sunset enterprise.
13/08/15 11:10 PM
Game on CBH! Up country sites about to start popping up along the standard gauge rail too. Competition about to shake the establishment
13/11/14 11:19 PM


Look where that got cattle producers!
18/10/13 08:41 AM
There won't be a gas shortage, but it will be MUCH more expensive. Possibly double. The agri-processing sector as well as agri-industrial consumers of gas like Incitec Pivot will struggle to survive with gas prices at export parity. Its a serious situation and those family farmers jumping in bed with the Greens are being used to further a very damaging capmpaign against the nations interest. Eco terrorists!
18/10/13 12:48 AM
Nov 14 all the real farmers will be busy trying to bank this crop.
13/10/13 08:55 AM
You ever heard of the word propaganda Em? Because that's all that comes out of the US these days. Pure BS and as for science. Well that was sold to politics and corporate interests a long time ago.
24/09/13 05:36 AM
"Farmers cannot efficiently operate under the implicit guarantee that no matter what happens the government will bail them out. "
None a truer statement. But we do need to decouple wages from protectionist policy as well.
16/10/13 01:09 AM
Finally someone that gets it. Without energy security the Australian economy and particuarly the industrial food production model we all run is vulnerable to input supply shocks. We haven't seen it yet but all our herbicides come from China and soon all our fertilizer will come from the Middle East and China. Without energy security, you don't have food security. Congratulations David. Good luck against the establishment. They will not like to hear the words 'smaller government'.
15/09/13 11:17 PM
Most farmers will vote for socialism come the next election. The Nationals are worse than the Greens because they masquerade as working for the future of farmers when in fact they will vote to socialise your losses first and then the taxpayer will say it is only fair we also socialise any gains!!!
01/09/13 12:28 AM
Australian farmers that support this type of xenophobic claptrap are plain old knuckledraggers. Little do they realise that without foreign money, Australian agriculture is back to the dark ages. Embarassing to see the level or lack of intellect on display when this issue is stirred by the confused National party.
27/08/13 07:39 AM
Australian farmers have a tendency to back capitalism until it fails them and then they default to the socialist setting that is ingrained in anyone who doesn't maintain an awareness of the perils of this dark side of politics.
Without China and other sources of foreign investment, we all get dragged down the debt deflationary spiral that has begun to gain momentum. But seeing the global trend is for the rise of socialism I fear the trend will be followed here in Australia as the failed seek the spoils from those still in business.
25/08/13 10:56 PM
How can graingrowers get more for their grains? You could try picking up the phone ... Rabobank was gladly taking sell orders when wheat was $320/t back in November 2012.
If you want a higher guaranteed wheat price and a socialist political system, don't be surprised when urban Australia wants to nationalise farmland because they can't afford your food.
19/08/13 10:52 PM


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