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The "credible science" you refer to is mainly from these companies and government approvals are granted on uncontested data. There has been no testing down the food chain. if it is so safe why did Monsanto seek through Congress a special bill making them immune from prosecution. They would only do this if they have information they have not made public otherwise why the need for said legislation?
14/10/13 10:31 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The tax breaks on self managed super, subsidies to miners making multi billion profits, exploitation of tax loopholes by multinational via inter company loans and transfer of profits to subsiduary companies. 100's of billions of dollars as opposed to a couple of hundred million to help our own. Get serious and chase the serial tax dodgers
26/11/14 12:09 PM
Haven't seen a disallowance motion for subsidised meals and alcohol for parliamentarians yet. I'm sure your working hard on that, while your at it sponsor something that if you or your spouse or family company or trust owns the property you stay in there is no allowance payable, also seeing peter Slipper has been convicted line up the rest of them who stole tax payers money. the 'Minchin" defence shouldn't apply I know you are keen to stop wastefull spending so start where it's worst.
03/09/14 01:28 AM
At the rate land is being sold into asian ownership we will be lucky to be able to feed ourselves in 50 years.
06/08/14 12:59 AM
Go and have a look at the collusion that goes on at the saleyards, the almost closed shop that abbatoirs are evolving into on the east coast and especially in Qld and one thing you have never mentioned the urbanisation of the fertile coastal regions causing farming further away from its markets and adding to the costs of getting our product to market, and of course theres coal mining and CSG fracking degrading millions of acres of formally arable land. But keep rambling David it obviously keeps you happy.
30/07/14 08:29 AM
A few years back at a local unity meeting I asked my friends and neighbours what made them vote for an MLA levy. All responded in the negative! As we collectively send several thousand head to market every year and most of us find our own markets as we are sick of saleyards price manipulations why can't we have the right to opt out? The biggest joke was the statements made originally that electronic tagging would not add to costs. The MLA adds no value to the industry but lots to its executive.
16/07/14 08:45 AM
Still picking just the facts you think will fit your story. You will fit quite comfortably into the parliamentary precinct. 6 years to enrich yourself then fade into oblivion where you belong
30/06/14 08:08 AM
I assume you will take a packed lunch to work and not accept subsidised meals once you arrive in the senate. Of course you will provide your own transport can't use those taxpayers subsidised cars. You don't live in the real world so stop trying to interpret it.
14/05/14 09:28 AM
And your next move is into politics? Bloody hell, I hope we never have to rely on your thought process if the vote is tied on something that is vital to the country and our future.
05/05/14 09:21 AM
Because eventually we will be all mined out, if the rate of sales of prime agricultural land continues(to ensure food security for foreign entities) we will not be able to feed our own. Without a plan we are going to be in strife. The big problem with the current federal government the only plan they are likely to make is to ensure foreign sales go through without too many problems. Don't worry David for the next 6 years you should get a (heavily subsidised) feed, can't see the pollies going hungry can we? If the going gets tough you can always have a stiff drink (excise free) .
28/04/14 02:08 AM
As we are bringing in more chemical manufactured in China it is important to retest regularly to ensure standards are maintained. Only one batch with high levels of contaminant e.g. Dioxin and a lot of people suffer for a long time. Luddites just interested in profit margins should be first to use untested product.
21/04/14 10:46 PM

A matter of opinion

Well said "'qlander"hope this suggestion goes viral. Wouldn't it be a hoot if a few Greens got up in safe Nats seats and made them have to get their snouts out of the trough and actually represent their constituents. lmao!!!
20/08/13 08:18 AM
The libs keep making noises about Labor getting cosy with the Greens et al to form a coalition of sorts to govern. Without the Nats in coalition they could never form a government but when they are elected conveniently forget the bush until another election is due then throw a few crumbs and hope we don't make too much noise. You never see or hear Truss until an election is called!!
20/08/13 01:35 AM


Makka is right, the majority of 1st world countries assist their primary producers in a multitude of ways especially the USA, it should be a reciprocal right also that we only allow land sales to those who also provide free access to land purchases.
21/09/15 02:13 AM
I bet they tax "farmers" as opposed to miners regardless of the rules. Miners turn farmland upside down, get much more leeway with environment protection laws and freely transfer their profits offshore. Perhaps we need to create a level playing field instead of more red tape after all this government did promise less of it, the incumbent just relieved of his job wasn't exactly known for keeping promises and in collusion with the Nats hasn't exactly made life easier for farmers.
17/09/15 09:39 AM
Six out of 5500 challenges successful and they say the Act is being misused, come on! The Tax Act is being abused to the max and apart from talking about no action at all, most of these companies are US based and the loss of revenues would cost a lot more jobs than this delay to a mine that most economists say is unviable. There is a lot more of this rush to umbrage than meets the eye. What happened to the concept of governing for all Australians?
01/09/15 08:11 AM
Need more competition at the petrol bowser too, the big two keep the price of fuel artificially high so they can give you a " discount ". It's about time they had to compete properly.
13/08/15 11:54 PM
if our farmers and manufacturers are subsidized the US breaches and fines them under legislation that exists there. It never has and never will be a level playing field. walk away from the TPP and concentrate on asia, we have a greater future there. The last deal we signed with the yanks didn't do us any favours so why get sold short again. We would do a lot better joining the BRICS trading group.
07/08/15 09:14 AM
Unless all provisions for ISDS are removed we should walk away. The two largest beverage makers in the world have stated they are going to move away from refined sugars as sweeteners because of falling demand for their product so where does this leave sugar in 3 to 5 years, I know many households mine included that don't even have sugar in the pantry anymore and this will increase significantly in coming years. There are too many disadvantages for us in the TPP just let it slide.
06/08/15 12:17 AM
if it's signed, shut the door, turn out the lights and leave the keys in the door. wouldn't trust this government to get anything right.
30/07/15 09:02 AM
Qlander, my friends tell me i'm slightly to the right of Attila the Hun but I really can see a bad politician with bad policies when it's right in front of me.
24/07/15 01:54 AM
Everything about this man is illogical, I have never met any one who admits to liking anything he has done since becoming Australias accidental Prime Minister. Trade agreements that severely disadvantage us and a headlong rush to sign the TPP which will screw us over big time. The sooner he fades into oblivion the better for the country.
23/07/15 10:48 PM
once again the government has put corporate interests ahead of consumers. a big fail.
23/07/15 09:08 AM


Once again I state "there has NEVER been a full INDEPENDENT study down the food chain", until there is we will not introduce GMO onto our family properties.
12/08/15 07:46 AM
Not a subject for ignorant trivialisation, Bigfoot. different but very real threats.
19/04/15 03:04 AM
I think growers of GM crops should at least considers the fundamental rights of those who don't wish to drown their properties in herbicides and weedicides. I continue to provide good food without being beholden to Big Ag and if what my neighbours tell me at slightly better margins. It is a worry that the EU is looking at a prohibition on collecting seed, this hands the industry over to the corporates. Without overuse of chemicals my properties are more productive per acre than the previous 3 generations mainly through changes in machinery and cropping and grazing practices.
04/03/15 03:19 AM
My only way to protest against government corruption and these companies forcing us into a corner at my level is not to buy products produced by them. I recently cancelled an $100k order for irrigation products because they were manufactured in Israel. My small buying power alone won't hurt them but collectively the might be made to listen to us.
21/08/14 07:41 AM
Politicians arguing the case for their corporate sponsors without using the facts as usual. The use of herbicides in GM crops has increased exponentially every year since the introduction of these crops. There is no argument that can be raised on this, the facts are clear. Politicians used to look after their electorate, now they focus on the corporate.
07/07/14 01:13 AM
There has been NO study that has been replicated of the effect of GMO's down the food chain. I can only state that as man evolved using the existing grains and plants and, grasses available without managing to become extinct that speaks for itself. I doubt they were doing replicated studies 10,000 yrs ago. Your argument is one of the most curious I've seen but, there are plants out there that are dangerous to some individuals, always have been always will be. The world can be fed without handing food control to a few giant corporates.
19/06/14 10:33 AM
Stephanie, It's not just about the cultivars. It's about the chemical inputs of which I use almost none. The petrochemical fertilisers which I don't use at all. I would assume the grasses my stock graze on have existed for millennia (native pasture). I have rich volcanic soil and abundant water. But another issue also arises, why were these companies granted patents on plants that already existed in nature. Don't forget that arsenic, DDT and Thalidomide were once considered a boon in their particular areas.
18/06/14 02:00 AM
Lots of people use Sprayseed (Paraquat) no known antidote, lots of documented deaths. Still on sale. Roundup splashed around like rainwater, first metabolite is formaldehyde a known carcinogen. Go for your life but I prefer a few weeds that I cultivate out, still get excellent yields. With almost nil chemical input I have better yields than my immediate neighbours but they always complain about input costs. Who's got it wrong?
10/04/15 10:53 AM
Now that Glyphosate is being declared a carcinogen and its metabolite formaldehyde has been so for a long time are we still going to be throwing this stuff around to satisfy 25% of croppers? Watch Monsanto lobbyists go into overdrive on this.
08/04/15 11:28 PM
GM wheat probably deliberately introduced into random crops either by political activists to support their cause or "Big Ag" for similar reasons.Different agenda but both sides lack morals.
06/10/14 12:46 AM


There is only one way to get these life saving devices fitted thats a major class action. the tractor industry resisted change for a long time. the majority of deaths on these very unstable platforms are young people who often don't think before they act and usually think they are bullet proof. I had one there was a near miss and I got rid of it and frankly I don't miss it. I can get everything I need done with a ute and a 2 wheel motorcycle which incidentally i purchased 2 and the change as compared to a quad will run them for a long time.
28/11/12 06:08 AM


And how many of these sales end up with overseas ownership? At some time will we realise we are feeding the rest of the world cheaply to our own cost. They will probably sell produce to subsiduary companies offshore at cost to avoid tax like some mineral commodities so we suffer further losses. Howard left a truly wonderfull legacy.
04/07/13 01:05 AM


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