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Globally, the mining of fossil water , a finite resource, has resulted in most of the lands fresh water draining ( polluted ) into our oceans. Dig it up, cut it down,pump it dry, leave toxic wasteland where once people lived at peace with nature for 60,000 years . Mr Redman, haven't you done enough damage with your GM? Dilapidated new genes for new environments facility at Merredin was a disgusting waste of funds. Farm weekly poll shows 8.5% agreed with judge in Marsh V Baxter. GM farmers revealed as noisy minority. 91.5% suffer gm's erosion of their viable GM free & organic industries
11/08/14 08:13 PM
The By line Colin BEttles should cause readers to turn the page. He prints a load of rubbish every time. Crop Life is another Monsanto front, and off course Colin and Monsanto would say we need GM to feed a hungry world, it uses less cemicals , water and fuel, but these claims are lies. Name your studies Mr Cossey. I will name a study that shows a 15 fold increase in herbicide use :Charles Benboke "The first 15 years".Genetic Roulette names numerous studies showing harm to animals fed GM, and names numerous farmers with anecdotal evidence of sickness, infertility and death in GM fed animals.
27/11/12 03:25 AM
Studies show that GM DNA can transfer to human gut bacteria and keep functioning. I dont know about you but I dont want to eat even 0.9% GM material. Just because Monsanto want to make millions doesnt mean I should be forced to ingest genetically engineered food .These foods have barely been tested because former Monsanto people got into positions of power in the FDA and FSANZ and decreed ( against the advice of FDA scientists) that this novel GM food was the same as normal food and doesnt require any saftey testing. Neither does it need labelling as GM. One day this global scam, including the actions of Redman and his top dogs at the Ag Department, the Monsanto people in the OGTR and our food saftey authorities, will all be revealed and the corrupt will be dealt with. Meanwhile vote for anyone but Redman.
24/12/10 11:11 AM
This is unreal. Terry Redman met this farmer in February 2009, when a group of us went to Dumas ( read Dumb Ass) House to meet the Minister for Agriculture. Steve Marsh showed photos of his neigbours canola plants presence in his spelt wheat. We tried to warn Mr Redman, but we were ignored. But the GM thing has turned out far worse than even we could imagine it would be. This sort of contamination will be going on all over the state. I call for Redman ( Renegman) to resign immediately. Steve Marsh deserves a bus load of Ag dept officials to arrive tomorrow and vacuum up all these seed pods for the next few months. Then when it rains they should hoe up every canola volunteer. from the seeds theyve missed. Shame on DAFWA. Shame Shame Shame.
12/12/10 03:39 AM
Another Monsanto ad from Colin Bettles. Shame.
04/09/10 01:22 AM
Mr Redman, what a deplorable waste of tax payers funds. You should study the words of Professor of Agronomy at Guelph University ,Dr E. Ann Clark who has written a piece “Let the World Learn from our Experience” . In this she describes the devastating results of GM canola's introduction into her country. Having waited in vane for 30 years for the oft promised frost tolerant tomatoes or alt tolerant strawberries in vane, she has become appalled at the scandalous waste of billions of dollars on GM research. She describes GE as a spectacular failure and a black hole which swallows up funding and diverts it away from the more successful breeding programmes (such as selective breeding in conjunction with gene mapping) Lets face facts, agribusiness has cleared and salted up the land, used fuel, fertilizers and pesticides which destabilised the climate and killed off soil microbes that oxidize atmospheric methane and others that store carbon in the soil. There is one system of agriculture which can turn things around and start us on a road to healthy abundance and a safe climate. Its called organic. Fund that for a change instead of GM .
03/08/10 09:00 AM
Well, we will never know if Mr Crabtree is taking bribes will we Damian, but a few things are certain: He is the principle of a biotech company, he has not owned a farm in his life till recently when he bought some old farm implements and some marginal land. He then stands there as a farmer saying he wants to grow GM because it has higher yields. In fact, if we are insisting on truth, GM canola yields less than the best conventional non GM canola, doesn't it Mr Crabtree? Be honest.
01/03/10 07:31 PM
We have a right to eat and farm GM free. I want these rights protected and upheld. All the problems we face in global warming and climate change can be solved by permaculture. However permaculture, bio dynamic and organic farming are threatened by the genes flowing from GM trials. Corrupt scientists say this won't happen, but they published papers in 2001 saying it could. By 2003 they had been got at it seems. They published new studies which showed gene flow was negligible (failing to disclose that Monsanto partly funded this research) and now continually state that crosses between GM and non GM will rarely happen and crosses between weedy relatives and GM canola will be sterile. This is not true. In news this week a Ph D student is crossing canola with wild mustard to improve its vigour. Crop Watch in Victoria has measured contamination in Non GM canola large distances from GM canola which according to DAFWA experts is "highly unlikey to happen". The contamination of our environment with transgenes which cause sickness when eaten is threatening permaculture whose main weapon against climate change is home food production.
22/08/09 03:00 AM
Organic, sustainable farming is the way of the furture as fuel dries up Damian, and like Josh says, the price of organic is not that much more expensive or the supermarkets wouldn't carry it. It's a small extra price to pay for health of the environment and ourselves.
30/04/09 03:23 PM
It's all back to front. Non GM farmers should be suing Monsanto and GM farmers for contaminating their land with GM pollen, seed, volunteers etc. At last we are seeing some sanity in this law.
21/03/09 04:04 AM


Hooray these wonderful farmers for taking on the task of presenting the myriad of reasons why the GM free areas act should stay. It is also refreshing after Mr Redman that the new Minister appears interested in listening.
10/06/16 12:54 AM
Burning your fertility must be the silliest thing I ever heard. Bring the livestock back you guys who manage our country, borrowing it from your children. With pooh and wee on stubble we turn crop residues into soil carbon. I cant beolieve you want to put more carbon in the air causing greater climate change.Yes the land is looking worse with every passing decade as soil carbon reduces.
27/11/12 03:34 AM
S.A., Tasmania are enjoying the profits and benefits of their GM free policy and will only stand to gain more as W.A. becomes contaminated and non gm canola can be no longer supplied. There 's a premium of at least $50 a tonne most weeks for NON gm canola over gm. These mouth pieces for Monsanto cast opponents of GM as emotional and unscientific, yet and must take SA farmers and the obviously principled and smart S.A. politicians for fools likely to fall for their tired old lines. WA weed resistance to round up make paying for GM a joke. Community division and court battles rife. Stay free
17/08/15 02:34 AM

I note Non-GM canola still has an EU market and GM does not!
05/09/14 06:27 AM
All the more stupid then to pay for Round up ready crop seeds.
04/09/14 06:09 AM
From the Baxters point of view NASAA has crazy laws and MArsh decided to follow them , but why should he. However, this is an ignorant view. NASAA was acting in the public's best interest because GMOs are neither natural or safe. Legal, yes, due to decisions made by crooked politicians it became legal. Safe? No, GMO'S look decidedly unsafe from all the evidence of independent science.
02/05/14 11:15 AM
Ian Mott, name the "notorious study". I am aware that the prestigious Food and Chemical Toxicology has seen fit to publish the Seralini study which showed an extraordinary number of large tumours which appeared earlier and grew more aggressively in rats fed glyphosate at 3 different dosage levels, the lowest of which is currently considered safe in drinking water. Anti GM views are bearly printed Bettles. Your claims that Anti GM groups are strategically targeting media should be seen like the rest of your articles as having no substance. Col, name your leading experts who can the study.
11/12/12 03:42 AM
Jeepers Ian, anyone would think there was some sort of benefit to hungry Somalian people with GM , but quite the opposite. In fact African countries have categorically banned GM seeds from entering their country, those at a Bunbury forum "One Just world" were told by World Vision last week. Have they read the IAASTD report which says GM crops offer nothing to poor countries, being expensive to grow ( herbicide and patented seed)? The report praised organic agriculture as the best option for alleviating hunger. GM damages health warns the American Academy of Environmental Medicine
27/02/12 02:45 PM
Monsanto is being investigated by the American government for unfair practices. Farmers are fighting back against this company that, through contamination and threat of litagation AND the control of seed supplies, has locked them in to high seed and herbicide costs and low product prices. Yes low, because it is hard to sell GM food. No informed consumer wants it, so it is processed and hidden in animal products, and processed foods where it escapes labelling.
13/04/10 11:12 PM
Oh gee thats so sad, 200 tons of GM canola seed already purchased. My heart bleeds for these poor farmers so threatened. Of course I am being sarcastic... these guys are threatening my grandchildren's health with their GM crops, never to mention the livliehood of organic farmers, non GM canola farmers and the W.A. environment in general. If GM canola growers can't see that the low yielding GM canola will make them slaves to Monsanto I can't help them, but they should in no way think that their dragging us all down this road to disaster is going to be easy.
18/03/10 10:16 AM


Agree with all the above comments, even the main point of John who confused selective breeding which is a natural and safe means of improving crops used by humanity for millenia, with genetic engineering. Dont worry John, the GM companies have paid scientists to deliberately confuse this issue, saying "GM is as old as the hills".
23/01/16 10:41 AM
Mr Cossey heads a Monsanto invention Croplife . Ok. He wants us to seek the science. I did and found a peer reviewed and published paper in the Lancet by Arphad Pusztai showing that after 10 days on GM potatoes, adolescent male rats had smaller brains and testicles than controls, also atrophy of the liver, pre-cancerous cell growth in the digestive tract damage to pancreas etc.I am a farmer , I am struggling with climate change and the last thing I need is more expensive seed with patents which lock you into using expensive brand herbicide for no yield benefit. Pity more facts go unpublished.
17/12/12 03:32 AM
The climate modelling done 35 years ago has been spot on. The south west corner of WA where I have farmed for 30 years was tipped to dry out then, and dry out it has. I don't need any figures, computers or models to tell me a swift and dramatic warming/ drying trend started several years ago. I hope they listen to the letter, it is correct.
28/06/15 12:48 PM


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