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Again. What the hell did I just read? I am getting really sick of these airy articles with absolutely no substance! It's just more rubbish about bashing farmers without actually saying exactly what to do about some new problem. Is this a problem with the authors of the report or a problem with the journalists reporting on it? Just the normal big headline with very little substance. Why just throw all these terms around without actually explaining anything in detail? How about maintaining the sustainability of human intellect by actually explaining things in detail.
No Ross Gittins, what we need now is for you to jump off a cliff.
$3.3 million return on a value of $220 million is about 1.5% return. Not really that great is it.
Would love an alternative to Glyphosate as well, having said that, a lot of people have blown this out of proportion. Do you know what else is on the same list as Glyphosate? Working in a hair dresser, frying, emissions from high temperatures, shift work that involves circadian disruption etc. This has been the only article I have seen that lists other items on the list.
Wow! Am I seriously reading this? The US is a joke! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
"At the expense of the banks"? Awesome, so within a few years with these sort of ideas it will cost me more to borrow from a bank or I simply wont be able to borrow at all. I am just so fearful that because of a few cases of "banks behaving badly" or this continued idea that because banks make money they should give Ag big breaks it will end up being bad news for us in the long run.
Just wondering Bushie, What exactly is a "RARA"? Serious question.
It seems to me that they just want farmers to increase production to keep the cost of food at its present level. The entire challenge of meeting future food requirements is pretty simple, let the supply and demand situation start favouring the demand side, as a result we should see higher commodity prices. I think you wold be amazed at how much more farmers could produce if prices were higher allowing them to invest in the properties. I keep reading we need capital investment from overseas, we just need investment and that would come from within with higher commodity prices.


I get so sick of hearing that things are so wonderful because we have "record prices" or "prices are at historic levels". In an economy with in built inflation prices need to be at record levels to just stay the same. I never hear that mars bars are at record prices!!
Isn't there a lot more proof that the sun causes cancer? maybe we should ban that first.
Wait, you mean break crops are a good thing?? That can't be right......
Thank you GRDC!!!!! awesome mmmmmm.


Can any body tell me how much data will be available through this? Seriously hoping it's not 10-20gigs
Yes Nicky, you have every right to contact a farmer and ask if you can be shown around their farm and you have every right to make purchases of food based on what you learn. No Nicky, you have no right to illegally enter a farm and go snooping around. What is so hard about understanding that? Your argument of "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" is one of the most ignorant phrases I have heard and shows how truly disconnected you are with reality. It seriously worries me where this world is headed.
It seems to me that this article is saying that we need FDI because agriculture in Australia is not profitable. To say we need FDI to pay for infrastructure improvements is one thing, to say we need FDI because of a ten year drought is another. Instead of FDI, how about we look at all the red and green tape that is making farming as hard as it is.
I for one am quite worried about this year. All computer models are pointing at an elnino, yes I know computer models are computer models but generally when they all say the same thing that is a pretty good indication. I get the feeling that the BOM is quite reluctant to get off the fence on this one really. Their record in the last few years has been pretty shocking really. Autumn and winter rainfall seems to be more influenced by the IOD, hence the wetter forecast where as the pacific tends to affect us more here in the East during spring and summer.
cont.... And guess what? you bet it, they were predicting a 70-80% of above median rainfall. How do you really base any meaningful decision on these forecasts? answer is, you cant. I understand that it is an incredibly hard thing to do, but it just really irritates me all these commentators telling us to plan ahead based on these forecasts.
Who is foolish? The only people that are foolish are all the media reports we get about how we farmers are basically stupid because we don't use all the tools, like long range forecasts, that are available to us. I get so sick and tired of reading crap like that. They have no idea, what should I have done this year with them saying that in all likely hood they was going to be a strong el nino and prepare for it?? Prepare how exactly, not plant a crop?? well crop looks pretty bloody good here in my neck of the woods, what I shouldn't have done was plant one last year, that was a shocker.
This is seriously starting to become a joke.
I disagree Simon. That may be true of some smaller sectors of agribusiness, but I hardly think players like Graincorp, Swifts, the banks etc are under represented. Ag is primary production, agribus is not.
As I said Lynne, nothing against them, but are they really doing what they do now to get the skills to go farming? Or are they doing it because they are unable to go farming? Or maybe they want a good back up if it turns out that they can't make a living off the land. Either way I think its sad that the cream of the younger generation don't see a good future on the farm from the outset.
Nothing at all against these people, but I couldn't help but notice the common theme here. All young Australian's with a tie to the land but all, apart from 1, work away from it. To me it shows just how bad ag has become in Australia.


Is it just me or is it a little odd that nearly all the Live export opponent comments here are from people who list their first name? Kind of worded the same as well? Its not the same person using different names by any chance?
Good stuff. Now how about some big ticket items like NLIS. With world beef prices being so much greater than here in Oz over the last year, it's plainly obvious that it is of no benefit. But I guess it's too hard for people to say they were wrong. Now, how much money would that save? Out with NLIS!
Well, ummmm......... all I can say is wow!


Are you serious zero till? It doesn't cost that much? What if none of your current gear matches up? what if you don't have any guidance? yep, sounds cheap to set up. To set it up really well it can cost a lot of cash. As I said I'm not saying that its not a good thing to do, far from it, I'm actually just about there, but it can be very hard to find the cash to do it.
If I implement CTF can I harvest green wheat too just like in the photo?
Did they ever stop to think that maybe its expensive to implement? It can make perfect economic sense to do controlled traffic but you have to have the cash available to do it. I bet there is a lot of things farmers would like to do but can't simply because there is not enough available cash in their business.


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