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CBH would be fine if management read the constitution and abided by the rules of a co-operative.


yes the port cost differentials were meant to be transparent but a quick glance would tell you this methodology was flawed. As national sales revenue was pooled AWB could not let the PCD diverge too far. Many commentators quoted on this and still do. Peter Mailler in an on line blog today discussed it.
Jock the single desk has gone and it will never come back. Your continued crowing about the SD has a distinct Luddite touch to it.
Thats easy to answer Jock because under the single desk WA and SA growers were effectively subsidising the east coast with the national pooling of freight.
Maybe Wesfarmers should buy the other old co-op you are talking about torobrook. We get our equity, stays WA and adds to our returns and gets run properly.
Ted that is the problem with CBH. They can run a profitable business because they are a monopoly. They are not overly efficient. Put them in a competitive space without the ability to cross-subsidize and see how they go. The unfortunate thing is we as shareholders will have difficulty seeing this as all revenue and expenses are reported as consolidated. That is why growers are saying we do not need to subsidise NSW as we are used to them cross subsidising in WA now.
Mark Coulton, you are a peanut. The more you trade with CBH doesn't mean you have greater ownership, you still only have a $2 share.


This is not a good look. What does Tier 3 take off road- Less then 5% of total state production? Esp and Ger have been delivering direct port and not complaining.
CBH should use this as a starting point to create some efficiencies to handle competition.
Probably a back-back trade laughable is how they are going to export it.
The exporters in North America are working on a just in time supply chain model where the risk and cost is with the grower and grain is delivered when outbound logistics are ready for it.
Comparing CBH with GC is hardly comparing apples with apples.
You sound like your getting a bit excited over all this laughable
Laughable, I was saying how you presumed my stance on CBH was to corporatise. I do actually know how this process works.
Also Laughable, CBH will be exporting grain from North America this year so your reply to consolidated was in fact wrong. Are you comfortable with CBH doing this? Would you like to see the profit generated from this?
No laughable I don't. CBH like to keep reminding us of our co-operative and forget the co-op principles of open member economic participation, and the reporting to members and other stakeholders.
Listed companies must comply under the ASX corporate governance principles and reading any ASX listed company annual report compared to that of CBH which show how vague the CBH report is.
Are you are assuming that I want to open it up for takeover?
Hey Laughable have a look at the Cargill company structure to see why they don't report to any shareholder group. They are privately held. Go to wikipedia and have a look.
Give me a call Mark would love to have a chat
Brad Jones 0427 632244
Mark this is not an east vs west thing. A large number of WA growers want competition over here for exactly the same reason you do.
Reverse roles and how would you feel if GNC flew WA growers to the east, showed them the best parts of the business and said we are going to invest in WA and not fix some of the problems we have here first.And the only way you find about these investments is the media.
Yes CBH have a good system over here but ignoring the core part of any business is risky. Would you be happy to have your S & H fees make my selling costs lower?
Do you farm in the east or west Mark?
dave-oh the co-operative charter is for the benefit of its members. CBH retaining profits and investing in a supply chain in a state where the trading division lost loads of money a few years ago doesn't really add up to benefits for members. Have a look at this article by Michael Bennet. usiness/news/acquisitions-rarely- work-says-analyst/story-e6frg906- 1226822705365


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