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x we still have 25000 WES shares in the family farm kitty thanks to corporatisation of Wesfarmers & my dear old foresighted Poppy. Some handy divvies have come in when the farm has had a skinny year or three. posters show their ignorance when they talk about 'flogging off' CBH. they also show their ignorance when they claim a co-op is saving them money, with no benchmark to compare against. AWB used to make those claims & look what happened to grain prices when we went to collect on the Lindberg spin.
16/09/14 11:48 PM


nothing beneficial to the WA grower in having their equity gambled away in NSW! this will not happen as the groundswell against it is big. the directors will back away when they see their $100k wages are on the line
10/03/14 10:56 PM
This is where CBH will come a cropper. First it is a $300 mill investment in narrow guage trains it can't even use because the rail networks are about stuffed .
now they think they can just waltz into the pacific north west of the US and the east coast of WA and assert some kind of market dominance. A multi billion dollar company run by farmers? Dangerous
05/12/13 11:01 PM
a question for the single desk lovers. if our wheat was so marketable back in the day, why did we have to bribe iraqis to take it? its easy to sell wheat when you bribe and discount to the futures market. at least australia has a basis now over us wheat
03/12/13 11:14 PM
Maybe 11 resolutions but don't think we are in a position to be making wishlists. Have to take action and quickly. Communities are in real financial stress. Government can't help with big capital injections. We must help ourselves. How do we convince the CBH board growers want their money?
15/04/13 10:46 AM


why should wa growers bear the risk of setting a co-op up for these blokes who are our competition?
the only time you hear a director's opinion is when they are seeking re-election. seems like they're all a bunch of yes men to me
we don't want this risk. i see moree is having yet another drought. that is the heartland of the catchment for the newcastle port. all i see is risk, risk &more risk. focus on our backyard.
27/07/14 11:58 PM
just face it, NSW farmer, you'll always be behind the eight ball when fossils like Munro are calling the shots.
05/03/14 12:19 AM
only a matter of time before the iron ore magnetite boys fold and options to export grain outside of cbh in the gero zone will be created. bide your time boys, options will be created . the monopoly is crumbling
25/10/13 03:32 AM
The decision to buy trains for the narrow guage network with debt has been a monumental mistake. Growers got one year of manufactured lower freight prices now they have to hike em back up.
01/11/13 01:39 PM
the noodle market was a license to print money for awb so it was always in their interest to inflate pool expectations and deliver no more than a few bucks above ASW. the basis in noodles since the removal of awb is all the proof you need to see that. whats it out to this year? $50/t ... again!
09/10/13 12:04 AM
Not much action in albany? They've only bought 40,000 hectares in the last 2 years and I have no doubt they will buy 40,000 more in the not too distant future. don't forget the Chinese come armed with cash not bank debt.
06/09/13 05:12 AM


Farmers won't buy Graincorp shares. After all,this governmnet has now firmly demonstrated you don't need to be a shareholder these days to tell a company what to do. Agrarian socialism is what we are seeing, plain and simple. Farmers are their own worst enemies.
11/12/13 10:02 PM


better off spending money on gypsum and lime. its not compaction thats the problem, it is low pH on aluminium toxic soils and low calcium in high pH soils. the high quality cheap lime at lancelin is finite so time to go crazy on the limefirst and foremost
07/09/14 11:14 PM


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