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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

So much for David Leyonhjelm's claim to be a fighter for market freedom. Nowhere in this article does he, show any interest in fighting for market freedom. Instead he chooses to blame farmers for fighting for a truly open market. He chooses to make farmers the villains by accusing them of playing victims. The truth is that, farmers are workers who labor without the benefit of market intervention to artificially inflate and regulate income for their labor. Yet all of their net income is reduced by regulated labor affecting their input and supply chain costs. 2 out of 10 David for cheap shots.
29/07/14 09:46 PM


Victor, what do you mean, "the sale of wheat to Iraq was a scandal"? Have you any idea what you are talking about? Australia, (through the Australian Wheat Board) was a long term supplier of wheat to Iraq. It was well respected throughout the middle east and sold many millions of tons of wheat there over decades. There is nothing illegal about selling goods to a country which does not have the Westminster system of Govt. Nations around the globe have been doing it for centuries. What about getting with the facts Victor? Your idea of law is ?? and even you morals weird.
09/10/14 06:06 AM
John from Tamworth is incredibly hypocritical. He wants the regulators to stop an open market buy out in meat but complained bitterly when an even more monopolistic action was facing the grain industry, with ADM trying to take over GrainCorp. That has a much more dominant position in the Australian grain industry than Elders in the meat industry. Sort yourself out please JFT.
25/07/14 04:04 AM
Talking about criminal Don, have you seen the criminal record of ADM. Is that who you want in charge of your destiny?
22/07/14 05:31 AM


So that's great. If we follow the deregulation guru, Malcolm B, we now know that all we have to do is sell our wheat within four months of harvest, except for the years when the best time is late in the year coinciding with Northern hemisphere droughts, but if that is not the best time to sell then it will be outside those time options. All we need to know now, is for Malcolm to tell us in advance, which of these years we can expect twelve months ahead. It sounds too easy doesn't it. But don't worry, we now have loads of buyers just waiting on us hand & foot 24 x 7 x 365 days! Thanks Mal B.
28/09/14 01:17 PM
It is very wrong to say growers were competing with each other for buyers under the previous orderly marketing arrangements. Australia's 50,000 export growers stood as 1 united seller in the market place, prior to deregulation. The same traders you see today bidding at local silos were bidding to the AWB selling via one desk and making the traders and millers compete against each other to get Aussie wheat. Far cry from today, where the same number of bidders have all Aussie growers competing against each other to sell. So it is nonsense to say otherwise D8.
23/09/14 03:21 AM
The majority of WA's wheat growers support CBH remaining as a Co-op. Tony Seabrook and PGA's handful of wheat grower members do not speak for all WA's wheat growers. PGA is a far right wing extremist organization which I could never belong to. They are too ideologically bogged down and incapable of just fighting for the best deal for farmers and farming in WA or Australia. What we need is a lobby organization which puts farm gate returns above selfish ideology and party political hacks like Dean Smith and Wilson Tuckey.
19/09/14 10:57 PM
Deregul8 @ 12.58 am 12/8/14. Hang on a minute. You cant have it both ways. I thought you told us that you could not lose money hedging your crop with derivatives. Now you are trying to tell us that this happens or happened. Make up your mind please.
12/08/14 11:23 PM
Congratulations "Interested Party". Never a truer word spoken.
25/07/14 07:11 AM
You may be right Humphrey, but we still have not seen you or your GMO supporters out in the front pages hailing the Vermont legislation as a great success for GMO products on retail shelves. It has been quite the contrary.
30/07/14 03:22 AM
Consolidated, farm gate and retail shelves are two totally different forums. You are clearly one of the GMO supporters who wants to hide the GMO label on retail shelves. The conclusion to that is as I said - you are hoping to hide GMO under the umbrella of non GMO products and get a free ride on the back of non GMO product and producers.
29/07/14 11:15 PM
Rick Wilson, PGA and supporters, where are you? Here is your chance to prove how relaxed you are with identification and promotion of GMO products on retail shelves. Come out and support the USA Vermont State laws identifying your wonderful GMO products. If you don't come out and support identification of GMO now, we will just have to assume that all you have said so far was untrue and you are just hiding under the umbrella of the non GMO products for a free ride.
29/07/14 07:45 AM
As one West Aussie to another, X Ag Socialist, it is clear, as you say, that many bloggers claiming to be WA farmers are not what they claim. While they may live in WA, no farmer could be so resentful of something they own and have built, as to wish it away into the hands of those whose primary interest is to divide farmers up, to profit at their expense.
25/07/14 06:50 AM
Good to see your honest comments "Interested Party". You are just confirming what many of us know about the unreliability of statements by deregul8 and Boris, et al.
25/07/14 01:33 AM


I cant follow your logic Angus. If native fauna are a pest to your pasture crops, it is because there are too many of them to survive on the native flora which has been left behind after urbanites and farmers alike legally cleared native flora to either build houses or improve land for primary production. Dingoes/wild dogs were introduced and became pests to both residents and primary producers. If native fauna were culled to match native flora, no dog pests would be needed. After all every sheep or calf killed or maimed by them is one too many. If urbanites ban farm culling let them pay.
18/09/14 06:49 AM
Biko, you can do what you like but do it with your own money and see how long you last. None of the renewable energy projects would last 5 minutes without subsidies from the poor old taxpayer being forced to prop them up and line the pockets of the RET businesses ripping us all off in the process. best thing Govt can do is cut off all subsidies immediately. Let these bludgers stand on their own or get lost.
21/07/14 06:48 AM
Another load of propaganda put out by a taxpayer subsidized public service organization trying to maintain its funding. Like the ABC it should have its funding cut off and see how it goes in the open market.
15/07/14 07:00 AM
Angry Australian, GMcF and Frank Blunt, congratulations. You have covered everything.
If Joel Fitz thinks that we have forgotten why the LNP Government is having to hand down such a tough budget, not just on us in rural Australia, but also on urban Australia, he is dreaming. It is because his mob plus his the Greens and his independent MP mates, went on a drunken sailor spending spree that had to be repaid. It is Labor's fault we now have such a tough budget and not the Conservatives. At least under Tony Abbott, we can see a return to true future prosperity and not welfare driven incomes.
25/06/14 07:37 AM


If this guy so badly wants us all to have a dose of true reality, lets give it to him. Let him pay back the subsidies and benefits he has had relative to 3rd world country which is what he would have us return to under his philosophy, - for his education - say $250k; his medical so far - say $250k; his transport so far - say $75k; his wages - say $150k; housing - say $200k plus utilities and incidentals - say $100k totaling say $1m. Let him produce his own food, his own electricity, and live in a tent and do all this without his computer because he would have no one able to pay for his service
15/07/14 09:37 PM


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