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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Gee bushie, you are making yourself sound like you are actually Mike Carlton?
11/08/14 10:29 PM
Dear me, what an insecure little person you must be PAYG, when you wont answer a straight question. You raised the issue, not me. If you are too frightened to explain your statement, it does not bother me, but does make you seem trustworthy. I represent no one but myself. The people I refer to are just other readers.
09/07/14 06:42 AM
PAYG, why are you talking in such riddles? If you want people to engage with your thoughts all you have to do is talk straight. Is that too much to ask. Tell us what it is that is so great about your anti trust proposal. It may even get our support.
08/07/14 11:44 PM
PAYG, please tell us how you will get your ag anti trust act enacted and how that will magically bring about the level playing field for all farmers of the world?
Please also tell us what your plan is to ensure our agricultural industries survive until you get your solution in place?
08/07/14 12:20 AM
Ted O'Brien, you may be right but we have no chance of ever getting any subsidies out of Government to offset costs of labor and other regulations.
05/05/14 01:25 AM
lou, David is right and you have misread his article I think.
Farmers do not want taxpayers money, which we do not get anyway on balance.
We just want Government to remove all the regulations weighing us down so we can get paid more of what is ours for what we do.
And if you read David's article, carefully, you will see that it is actually taxpayers, via Government regulations who are sucking us dry now.
28/04/14 08:54 PM
The handful of ignorant commentators on this site need reminding of some facts. Due to our world class efficiency, farm gate prices for the food and fibre we produce in Australia, are a tiny part of the prices our consumers pay. The $4 loaf of bread has about 12 cents worth of wheat in it. The $4 bottle of milk has about 80 cents worth of milk. Labor costs in transport, storage, processing and marketing account for much of the balance along with retailers margins. Farmers certainly can not be blamed for city dwellers high cost of living, and do not get artificial award rates of pay either.
12/02/14 05:59 AM
bushie bill, you want cheaper food? You already get it for virtually nothing. The loaf of bread you buy for $2-6 contains about 10-15cents of farmer costs in wheat. The bottle of milk you pay $1-3 for contains about 30-40 cents of milk at farm gate rate. The kilo of steak, the glass of beer, the kilo of potatoes, rice, and so are all as cheap at farm gate as anywhere in the world. And this is produced after copping higher input costs for machinery, fuel, chemicals, fertilizer, transport and labor etc than most of our competitors. It is not farmers costing you, it is tax and govt regulations.
14/11/13 12:40 AM
David, if you can just make sure the LNP obliterates the Gillard/Rudd/Greens Carbon Tax legislation and do no more in your Senate term, you will be greatly applauded.
As for the Abbott Direct Action Plan, I have no problems with your view on that either, - chop it!
23/09/13 03:58 AM

Get Muddy

  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
I watched a current affairs show on TV tonight where many people admitted they were holidaying permanently on Government welfare. As if we did not already know that.
28/05/14 09:55 AM

A matter of opinion

Just as is the case in court cases, illegally obtained visual or audio footage should be disallowed. Laws should be put in place now which very heavily penalize the perpetrators. After all such actions are the actions of terrorists at worst and vigilantes at best. Neither are legal activities.
17/07/14 07:36 AM
Hey it is pretty dumb all unifying together to make good progress if you are headed in the wrong direction!
17/04/14 07:51 AM

Out of the shadow

Well Joel, you don't fool any body with all that theoretical mumbo-jumbo about how to deal with monopolies and free up markets.
You conveniently forget that your own party is the party of the Unions, (from which you originate), which is currently under investigation by no less than a Royal Commission for (market) corruption and possible criminality. Let us not even start this lecturing about non Govt intervention in markets, so long as your current outrageous labour awards exist. Worse still, they are a welfare system which our markets are made to carry instead of the whole community.
22/09/14 10:03 AM


Compared to you Torobrook, yes I do.
14/11/14 05:39 AM
You are wasting your time argis, expecting to get rational and evidence based discussion with the handful of fake free trade propaganda merchants on this blog.
When facts and logical argument are presented to them, their best response is to go for the name calling. The fact is that Torobrook is a mouth piece for the PGA WA which is a minority farm body with a tiny minority of WA growers as members. If what they said was strongly supported, the vast majority of WA grain farmers would be members. Fact is, they are not.
13/11/14 05:49 AM
Argis why don't you tell Holy Moly also that his mob locked in so many financial land mines before the public unceremoniously dumped them. We will be paying for them for years to come. Add to that their continuing belligerence in parliament denying the Coalition its mandate to pass a budget that would have reduced Labour's debt levels. The Labour and Greens Parties are both economic disasters whether in Government or opposition. History very accurately documents that fact. Conversely history records the financial responsibility of Coalition Govt's. No further proof needed.
05/11/14 05:23 AM
This is far from acceptable Barnaby. When National Governments make political or economic sanction decisions against our trading partners, they do so on behalf of all Australians. It is not then good enough to say to any sector of the people that they can carry the can for the rest. Mr Joyce needs to get Cabinet to devise a system to ensure farmers and any other sector affected directly, are compensated by Government for any direct losses to ensure all Australians share equally.
10/08/14 09:34 PM
When Government takes a national decision on political or trade sanctions, it does so on behalf of 100% of the population. So any backlash and costs of that national decision must be borne by 100% of the people. What is our Government got in place to ensure no one group is left to carry the commercial burden of the latest Russian sanctions decision by our Government? None that I can see. Barnaby Joyce, what are you doing about this please?
10/08/14 09:26 PM
Farming in Aust, has always been at its best and most efficient, in the hands of family owners. The efficient limit of scale is the area one family unit can manage. That scale has increased greatly since the early 1900s, with increased mechanical technology. Yet that scale is never going to hold a candle in the global grain trade when it comes to marketing produce from that farm. That is where farmers can leverage up their performance by getting together in large numbers to muscle up their marketing potential. It worked well here for decades until the madness of a few killed it and many fled.
01/08/14 09:42 AM
N.Vic, you may be right but that does not remove the responsibility of Xenophon to talk and act/vote for the interests of Australia as a priority to being a populist commentator, using his position to take free swings at Governments trying to overcome incredible problems it inherits.
14/07/14 09:52 PM
Angry Australian, you have pegged the truth about Senator Xenophon. He is the classic game player. Big on small talk games and small on real action on anything of benefit our overall economy. In many ways he is no better than Clive Palmer.
14/07/14 05:19 AM
Boris, Woolworths and Coles are very good at value adding, but how much of that value adding do they share with farmers?
Also I don't believe you can prove that the disappearance of the Single Desk has any relationship to higher prices you are getting on wheat today because it is just guess work. For all you know, the AWB operating in todays market could be achieving higher prices than you are getting, because the basis of any market is supply demand, and that is more favorable to growers now than in past times. If the traders prices were so good AWB could have sold it all to them anyway.
12/06/14 07:23 AM
I would have thought Banks would be delighted to see their clients receiving discounted govt loans, on the basis that it makes their clients become more viable, and less of a risk as borrowers?
05/06/14 04:46 AM


Consolidated, I too have an adult "child" who has suffered all forms of epileptic seizures for many years. I can not be certain if the cannabis product you mention would have been any greater help than the drugs she has taken over the years. What I can say is that although she still suffers seizures every day at age 40, they generally only take place during sleep and so cause no harm physically. She is no worse intellectually and socially than as a youth and enjoys a happy life. I hope that gives you some hope.
13/10/14 01:15 AM
Jock you have obviously explained why so few farmers choose to be members of NSW Farmers and the other SFO's these days. That is what they get when they fail to stand up for what members seek.
30/07/14 03:51 AM
bushie, I note you denigrating Rob Moore for suggesting that Government intervene to give one sector of the economy help as though you would not condone such a thing. How is it then, that you argue for Government intervention in one section of the market (labor) to give them exclusive protection and special artificial conditions? You are either in favor of protection or against it. Will you please make up your mind?
06/01/14 05:12 AM
Mind your blood pressure graincorp shareholder. The mythical exploding food prices you speak of are usually spoken for by the parties down stream from the farm gate. Farm gate prices for produce are only a tiny fraction of what the consumer pays. For example, the wheat farmer gets just 10-12 cents out of the loaf of bread you pay between $2-4 for. The dairy farmer gets between 30-40 cents for the bottle of milk consumers pay $2-4 for. Meat and other farm produce is a similar story.
Please also note that the Govt sold the silos after farmers had already paid for them once at least.
03/12/13 11:16 PM
The AWB knew all that quality and marketing stuff years ago Doug. Where were you hiding then?
However, Mongolia has only recently become a major grower of wheat and barley on a large scale. Reports are they are very good at it and have very good land to work with and very good cheap, deregulated labor and modern machinery. They have an even better freight advantage than us too. That is why Aussie growers are not in a position to tackle the international grain trade as individuals. When will you wake up?
31/10/13 11:17 AM
Good luck at getting any money for rail upgrades. All Australian Governments foolishly abandoned the rail transport industry years ago in favor of road transport. That is killing more people and loading too much onto road costs than ever before, but there are more votes in roads than rail. It is now showing just how short sighted the change in policy was, but rail has been allowed to deteriorate for too long. Turning around Govt policy would be fantastic but maybe all the waste of the Gillard/Rudd years makes it that much less likely we have the funds? Have a go anyway. Its worth it.
19/08/14 10:06 PM


Wake up Torobrook. Have a look around you. Not many of us left now, is there? You too are on the short list and will soon lose you farm with the rest of us. You just don't get it do you.
As for bushie bill, he is just an old sour, bitter and twisted relic who has made farmers the target of his bitterness and lost any sense of logic he ever may have had.
All Jan Davis is doing is laying the truth on the line. She is a good logical and clear thinker who displays no malice and appears to be seeking good for Australia and Australians. We should take her very seriously.
03/11/14 08:39 PM
Drought and floods are natural disasters, just like cyclones, earth quakes and tsunamis and totally different from good and bad seasons. For farmers to bulid assets long term, they need enough good seasons that match up with good prices at farm gate to offset the ordinary or poor seasons which don't always match up with good farm gate prices. Over a 20 year cycle it is not unusual to break even after making enough money to live on comfortably. Mostly, in that 20 year cycle, it is possible to update plant too. But some droughts can be too harsh to survive and an extra loan makes the difference.
24/01/14 12:27 AM
Barnaby has kicked a real goal with his move to remove ESCAS in the case of Saudi Arabia LS exports. Just a case of true commerciality and equity and meeting customer requirements. Why should farmers or other businessmen, not be free to sell their products to their customers without burdens placed on them to meet personal fads and radical needs of community members, when those very people bear no financial consequences of their demands. Excellent work BJ. That is about farm gate returns.
16/09/14 10:55 PM
Holy Moly, you must be reading a different blog site to the rest of us?
16/09/14 04:06 AM
Coudn't happen to a nicer bunch of Australia destroyers.
01/08/14 09:49 AM
D8, Wesfarmers shares are traded through stock exchanges. It is reasonable to assume that foreigners own Wesfarmers shares. It is possible there is plenty of foreign owned Wesfarmers shares. But why do you ask? After all Wesfarmers are not a Co-op. They are a corporate mogul whose objective is to use its corporate muscle to drive out and destroy competition as a means of increasing its product prices and profits and lowering its input costs, regardless of who it deals with. Farmers are least able to negotiate with moguls like WSFMRS because they sit at other end of the size spectrum.
15/09/14 12:42 AM
Farmer of 51 years and D8, so come out and say it openly - you no longer want CBH to be a grower Co-op. You want it to be another public Company which can be bought and sold to Cargill or ADM or Glencore, or whom ever, when ever. Just say that and don't beat around the bush; and see how far you get?
12/09/14 07:20 AM
Seems to me Deregul8, that asking CBH to distribute equity to coop members means giving out share certificates and allowing them to cash in those certificates. 2 questions: Firstly what does CBH do to replace that capital? Secondly, once coop members get share certificates, they can sell them to whoever they like and you no longer have a grower owned coop do you?
12/09/14 05:14 AM
I wouldn't say NFF CEO has a first priority of working out if he or the Pres should speak to the press Mr Cobb. I would say it is to come up with a way of getting farmers united and all signed up as members. Until the vast majority of farmers are united into one organization as members and non farmers have no voting rights, it matters not what he says to the press, it will be a hollow voice.
21/08/14 09:29 PM
The extremist animal liberation fringe dwellers on this blog site, should read the article by David Leyonhjelm in the Land Online this week, for a dose of reality. He certainly puts down the bunch of nonsense being pedaled here.
17/06/14 09:31 AM


It sounds like the animal activists were caught out with malpractice of their own lending weight to the conclusion that just like most of their claims this one was without proper foundation. Bring on legislation protecting farmers from more of the same.
20/11/14 05:36 AM


cq, please listen to yourself.. It is not farmers who are forcing our workers to take a pay cut and certainly not to third world levels. It is the community at large. How? By buying most of their consumables from countries who use third world pay rates to undercut our workers. Look at our home products, our air travel, our motor cars, our communications services and facilities and our processed foods like Coles bread, and so many packaged goods. Our local business's like farms cant compete because our workers have priced themselves out of jobs. We pay for their inflated input but not them.
06/05/14 07:19 AM
Farmer financial failures have more to do with the matters raised by David Leyonhjelm today, (Input Costs and Government Regulations including for labor Awards) than anything else.
29/04/14 12:06 AM
Isn't this story just more evidence that all forms of farming are no longer able to be thrown to the wolves on global market incomes, while having the burden of artificial domestic based regulations causing artificially high input and supply chain costs.
24/02/14 11:01 AM


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