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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Rational Ag,you have summarised the situation very well.
WTF,I know this is getting a little repetitive but if you really hate central banks then you should argue for either the return of the gold standard or the establishment of a currency board.Under either arrangement the central bank becomes redundant.Hong Kong has had a currency board since 1983 and the note issuing banks can only issue currency against their holdings of US Dollars.
Spoken like a true lemming Mark2.That's right follow the rest of the agrarian socialists of the cliff.Dont forget that cattle producers have never been allowed to vote on the levy which has been imposed on them by the plutocrats in the National Party and the SFO who for some odd reason think they are smarter than everyone else.
Not really WTF both Von Mises and Hayek supported government intervention against monopolies,abuse of market power,price fixing and the like.Now exactly how did the Chinese work their way into this article?As far as I can see it is about 2 foreign investors,one from Singapore,the other from Thailand deciding to market their own sugar direct to their own customers.Neither of them print the world's currency.
Any deregulation of the labour market will only be at the margin.There are a lot of 'them' than 'us' and they carry the voting power.David won't touch it because he knows it's a graveyard.But the good news is that he will vote against any new taxes,any increase is any existing tax and any attempt to expand government meddling in our lives.
The predictable hysterical, nutty comments from the last hold outs of the rotten single desk.Yso if there is no free market in grain how do you explain the CBOT where wheat is traded continuously.We are a small trade exposed nation with no economic or military power.It's time you turkeys faced up to this fact,stopped your incessant,depressing whinging and started to work out strategies to compete and survive like the rest of us have.
Jacky what a great example of lateral thinking.
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BRILLIANTLY, put Seethelight!As a free people we should refuse to be put on the road to serfdom.
David's argument ignores the fact that falling agricultural prices will stimulate demand in Europe and absorb any increase in output.Beef steak is $90/kg in Germany.If this was halved just imagine the increase in demand.My own view however is that the EU will never give up the CAP.
That's right Ian its being given away rights free starting in the Philippines in 2014. This means all the owners of the interllectual property rights e.g. Monsanto,have agreed to free licensing. Farmers are also allowed to keep seed for replanting. The benefits of Golden Rice to fix VAD have been proven beyond any doubt.

Burrs under my saddle

The Writer has made the error of ignoring the impact of technology on food production.The world is not running out of food.Aquadvantage salmon for example is a genetically modified atlantic salmon that grows to table weight in half the time (16 months) as generic salmon.Technology and open markets will continue to exert long term deflationary pressure on agricultural products.Yes millions if Chinese starved in the great leap forward(not the cultural revolution) because of the idiotic,Maoist policy of forcing farmers to smelt iron instead of planting rice.


How can you have a "free trade agreement" with a country that has no concept of bankruptcy? We live under the rule of the market place but Chinese companies only have to go to the nearest state owned bank and fill up with a full tank of cash. Just walk away unless we get full unrestricted access for all our products.
The Minister deserves some kudos for finally knocking this deformed calf on the head.Debt and agriculture don't mix and society shouldn't be expected to bail out those who have miscalculated.
The cost of production numbers are of course complete nonsense. Mr Sackett has not disclosed his sources for this misinformation.
WTF your English is really terrible.You lack the ability to explain your point of view and the reader is left to guess the meaning you are trying to convey.Please do us the common courtesy of composing your comments in terms that can be understood.Please take my comments as a constructive criticism .
So Jock your day job is working for the immigration dept?
Would you nationalists get your grubby hands off my title deed.When I sell this place I want the highest price possible and I don't care about the colour of their skin.Agriculture is not a "strategic " asset (whatever that means).The world is swimming in excess food production.Private property and the ability to freely transfer ownership is one of the pillars of our prosperity and interference from ham fisted operators from the NSW grain belt will make us all poorer.
So we have a green paper on the white paper.What colour is next?
Fiji is a neighbour and a very poor country that we should be doing everything we can to help develop.The best way is through free trade.The Senator's attack on imports of Fijian ginger is disgraceful.
Very well summarised Double A.
NSW Farmer nicely summarises the NSW grain belt's belief in soviet style collective farming .


Eventually is a very long time,Jock.
Yes Jock it is rational and it is also sensible and smart because it allows for the laying off of risk.This is why it is referred to as "hedging".It is also something that is not new or revolutionary or something that has imposed on poor defenseless Australian "family farmers"by the evil megamerchants.It has been going on for centuries right back to the first futures market established in Osaka for the forward trading of rice circa 1630.
WTF, are you seriously suggesting that a handful of Australian farmers selling forward a tiny fraction of the world's wheat harvest will depress the price?
No you don't have to deliver Jock you just buy back your contract in this instance at a lower price.
"In the way of the petrodollar" WTF? So that's today's conspiracy theory.
All huff and puff,WTF, but no substance,no evidence just one crazy conspiracy theory after another.
If you have knowledge that "hundreds" of Australian companies are paying bribes then you should file a police report right now otherwise you are concealing a crime.Evidence please.
The moral position is very simple ,WTF, and that is that Australian companies should not engage in corrupt activities anywhere and those that do should be prosecuted.
Well Philip there is no question that AWB was engaged in illegal activities by paying over $300million in bribes to Saddam via "trucking fees".This was uncovered by Volcker and Cole.The Cole commission recommended charges against 12 employees of AWB for breach of Commonwealth and state laws.To refresh your memory Cole was a NSW supreme court judge and no lightweight.The AFP investigation was closed down prematurely and was never funded properly.The LNP government of the day walked away from the whole scandal as fast as their feet would carry them.The Nationals still can't work it out.
GFA, they would be the 60%(of a statistically irrelevant survey) that will not be farming in 20 years.In other words they would be the failures,the ones who couldn't or wouldn't adapt and we will all be better off without them.


Let's move from the general to the specific.The Minister has received the recommendations of the Senate review on grass fed levies.The recommendations are crystal clear and have the widespread support of cattle producers.Yet the whole issue has gone dead.Reform of the beef industry is a no brainer yet the Minister seems incapable of action,incapable of publicly endorsing the Senate review and incapable of providing cattle producers with any hope of meaningful change.He initiated this enquiry but now seems paralysed to act.The engine is revving high but the machine won't go forward.
I agree Qlander and I have noted the same behaviour with foxes.Some of these old boys just won't go near a bait and shooting is the only way to get them.It would be helpful to have automatic rifles back.
The consistent and overwhelming message from cattle producers is that they don't want anything to do with the WWF and the nonsense GRSB.They do not want yet another program rammed down their throats by the "industry structure" via the LPA that will only increase costs and dictate how they run their businesses.This patronising diatribe from one one of the amateurs at the relic SFOs just shows just how out of touch with reality these people have become and why they continue to bleed members.
Never,never ,never,Australian cattle producers will never be dictated to by foreign enviromental extremists on how to best care for their land and their livestock.We are a sovereign nation.Shame on the CCA for colluding with these people.Barnaby Joyce listen to us and wind up the CCA and MLA before these clowns give the whole circus away.
The PM has really done well in his first year.He promised to stop the boats and scrap the carbon tax.He has kept his word and has prevailed .His impressive targeting of India,Malaysia and Indonesia on his recent trip was the most far sighted development of Australian foreign policy since Menzies.He needs a new Treasurer however and should consider elevating the brilliant and hard working Scott Morrison to that portfolio.
There are no 15 storey apartment buildings in Bellevue Hill.
Apart from the die hard vested interests who refuse to get off the gravy train there is overwhelming support from farmers to abolish the failed levy (tax) system right now.The Coalition came to power promising to cut red,green tape and to deregulate.The levy system should be an easy target for them.They don't need a senate inquiry they just need to summon to courage to act decisively.Failure to do so is going to cost them votes and money.
The facts on golden rice are very clear.It will save millions of children in dirt poor countries from going blind and soon after dying.It will not benefit the evil chemical/pharma companies because they have already given away their patents to allow it's development.It is fully developed and ready to go right now.Greenpeace's opposition to it is not only unwarranted but evil.
How Much, according to the RSS dataset which is satelitte based (the most accurate) there has been none. The highest warming is recorded by the UAH dataset, also satellite based,which shows a warming of 0.1 degree C per decade.
NO warming for 17 years.The discredited IPCC models wrong time and time again.Record ice coverage in Antartica and the most subdued hurricane seasons for decades.The man made global warming hypothesis has fallen flat on it's face and has failed the test of scientific theory.It cannot predict the natural world and should be discarded before another hundred billion is wasted.


Chinese food is so delicious
Jack the messenger is so confused he doesn't even know what the message is.Come on Jack enlighten us.
So what's exactly the message Jack?If the message is that farmers are an inherently cruel,sadistic bunch who get their jollies out of torturing dumb animals then the messenger deserves to be shot.Jack you ,like poor old Kat ,obviously don't what to be confused by the facts.You are so far behind the times it is unreal.I don't know anyone who surgically castrates anymore;So many farmers have moved to fully polled herds that dehorning is a thing of the past;In NSW all unbranded cattle are the property of the Crown so if you don't like it take it up with Her Majesty.
Amy sums it up well "Who cares if they broke the law".The deranged animal nutter blog trolls believe that they and they alone are above the law, trespass doesn't apply to them and private property, the bedrock of our society, shouldnt be allowed to get in the way of their great crusade. This is the sort of activity that Coles is now condoning, supporting and financing. But it is not going to change anything. Consumers like the product and the price and neither political party is going to do anything to change this.


These people are nothing more than rent seekers trying to reduce competition for their own exclusive benefit by rolling out the safety chestnut.


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being bandied around in the wake of Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud’s move to pull together a “shared strategic vision”.27 Sep 18 JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being...
THE Macquarie Group has confirmed it has wrapped up a deal with the Qatari-owned Hassad Food Group to buy more than 100,000 hectares of farmland Australia-wide.24 Sep 18 THE Macquarie Group has confirmed it has wrapped up a deal with the Qatari-owned Hassad Food Group to buy more than...