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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Double jeopardy for the LNP- they have a senate inQ on Grassfed levies and they have all rounded on David for just saying - prove what the Payers of the levy want by having a quick poll.Joyce says it would cost too much for Plebiscite. Bugger me - how much would it cost to poll 37 mushroom growers in Tassie ( no more than the minister's expense account for the day.Lucky they "leaked" the cattle inq on Monday which seems to support David's aim.Peak Body Parasites- your days are numbered- start looking in the classifieds- compulsory unionism is over- boss of MLA on $480K- levy payers-$30k
Fred- they're not interested in your input - they take their orders from Ausveg. They used your levy for the holiday in Cairns a month or so ago. Like Barnaby sid - what do they produce in Cairns other than suntans??


I just had my daily call to Barney's staff and it seems that the theatre of "Q" time is all anyone thinks about. Says it all really as to the hopeless output from the two ringed circus that is parliament. Got the GREEN paper out about 4 months late so now we can kick back for xmas! Talk about fiddle while the bush dies on the vine!
If it is results that we want- I would back Morrison- any day of the week.
How could Joyce possibly say that uncompetitive market dominance is a lesser threat than biosecurity.Plenty of well paid bums to deliver the biosecurity so whats the little turf war about!!?Thousands in the Dept of Ag- and no one can even give the "key" to all this garbage that ails primary producers..........the Primary Production Pricing Bill the time of day.Gutless and useless are two words that spring to mind!
David S- everyone knows that with computers,garbage in=garbage out.Q'lder -good me a producer that "ignores the need to lift onfarm profit" Only those space cadets in Canberra dreaming of a "golden age" while on full pay to attend and all flown in on someones Tab to sell out the rank and file down the toilet. Don't bother lecturing me Davey old boy- I've forgotten more hard lessons in PP than you have even dreamed of and am only just hanging on. Coles sponsering this junket is the ultimate insult imo!Just dissapear NFF and we might start to sort out some problems!
Coles the farmers friend sponsering this expensive farce. When will producers in this country wake up?? "Golden era" for AG- ministers year long "navel gaze" that won't have a single result -if ever -before this time next year.No action on "cattle levy" nor the MLA-???This is a govt that talks but is too rusted onto the big end to ever do anything that might change for the better.Platitudes about "farmgate returns, transparency etc" are all in defference to Rob Moore's efforts - but they have no intention of EVER acting on their "Club mates"!Sickening really considering the desparation alabout
I put $9000 levies from starving stock sales into the MLA last year in horror 2013. That is about one days pay for the ceo of Meat and Livestock Aust.
Seems fair doesn't it Eric-
Jock- the AAG/NFF don't defend anything other than their jobs. Leyonhelms amendment has them marching in the streets. Dalby- the people that have hung on through this gradual decline are old an weary.Joyce and the powers that be - better take decisive action as we are almost past the point of no return- plus we have no $ reserves or labour to rebuild or in my case- "they have killed the dream"


The "Duke" is right imo . Cheap power is essential via coal- done fairly -in the right zones. Don't use the junk science via AGW /UN/CSIRO/Flannery scam to justify anything. Renewables are like all "Pie in sky" daydreams- we all end up paying more.No different to the wonderful NBN. Sounds too good to be true ...well I read that it has blown out 36% and we WILL pay heaps - if they ever get that satellite up to let us open a window or two!Sir Les is spot on with the "dopey" NP gene pool and MLA trough and club for New England gentry!
Having trouble accepting your "reasoning",John, because as a Cattle/sheep producer I have had your MLA model bleeding scant $'s off the top of my account sales. It is taxation without representation and for 18 years has been been developing an ever larger "slush fund"(currently $170Mpa) to buy favor and influence for the major voting block /holders. Did you really envisage that the top four processors in Aust would control 23% of the available votes- so given the despair and apathy in our industries-that easily controls the output of our insultingly described "Producer Company"
Six years in opposition living in a rural town in SW Qld should have let the Ag Minister hit the ground running. Intimate knowlege of profitability gained by being an accountant peering at all sorts of books,Had to be dragged by the ear to crisis meeting in Jan this year- drought support barely flowing even now- about 85 inquiries and white papers blowing in the breeze.......some due in December... which means next March after the xmas break before the earliest chance of repair. No doubt when your well provided for- there is no sense of urgency---just fun and games. Still our best bet though!!
This AAG mob are an absolute joke- they are "marching in the streets " to save their own backsides but have not even had a pulse to help their members terms of trade in the last 20 years.. What about that competition Bill that has been floated, did they have a view on that?


Hey Fred- let me tell you something that might help your understanding- It takes 9 months gestation then another 14 months to get a saleable item= 690 days You tell us how to do this when we have poor empty cows that have barely gotten over last years fiasco due to not being looked after properly due to abject poverty due to the worst livestock prices in the world while meat is selling globally at historic highs.Freddie old mate - you've killed the geese laying your golden eggs- so you are the chicken here!Find us $3 live and we might get out of bed for ya- otherwise -buy a place and breed


I can hardly afford Pal for my working dogs -let alone an ex miner to help me.State of play is that bad that there is noone worth employing available and we have no $ after the processor/drought wipe out of the last 3 years. Son does 75 hrs a week on a loader and had to give up valuable free time to work for nothing here and daughter the same - she crutched 2200and shore 30 rams for week-most men couldn't do it.They do it for charity and sympathy- how *&$ed is- these parasitic ticks are killing their hosts and the PPP is the only delousing treatment available . Come on Joyce DO something NOW!


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