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I wouldn't waste any taxpayers money on some politicians either David.
The real reason why hemp remains illegal is the cotton industry is very much threatened by its existence and ultimate success as an alternate.Say no more.
It is shameful that supposed well educated people do not see the importance of providing relief to agriculture in unforeseen circumstances.This is the price all Australians should have to pay for enjoying cheap food and charging rural workers with the always difficult task of taking care of their land.When government removes assets such as water once correctly attached to the land so urbanisation can develop and mines can grow, it is a decision made by representation.Unfortunately a small badly represented minority group are trying to look after the majority of Australia .

Get Muddy

I think the chip is on your shoulders Sam!


Mr Baldwin,
This morning there is a very small flow of water passing Collarenebri,some 1200ml per day.There is a current pumping embargo to hopefully see this water reach Menindee Lakes so it can be trapped there to provide a water supply for Boken Hill.Just to put things in perspective , if our family farm had in storage 1200ml ,or 1 days river flow , I could potentially turn that water into $500,000.I need 3 days equivalent volume of todays river flow at Collarenebri for the farm to break even,Broken Hill or Broken Farms?What should it be?
Blaming Barnaby is like blaming the dog for leaving the gate open. RIP Liverpool Plains.
Well done Monsanto. You are on the way to have the monopoly!
Just read all your comments.If you blokes used your intelligence in a more productive way perhaps agriculture might progress forward.
Excellent! A mentor of mine, Stan Parsons, told me "you need to get the dead wood out of the business for it to grow and be successful". You could have built a bonfire from that commission and ministry. Make sure you pick up all the sticks Barney.
Joe,thank you for visiting Walgett.Please don't forget the families that provide services to the farmers.Frankly, if our farm business loses our spraying contractor we will have to find $500,000 to buy a machine that will take his place .If our business loses our contract crop planter we will have to find another half million.If our business loses the header contractor another half million needs to be found.If these contractors families leave Walgett there becomes an even larger business and social void that will take a very long time to fill.
So,John,Is it ok for government to socialise 80% of our families irrigation licence thus depleting our equity and placing our future in jeopardy.Is it ok for government to privatise this wealth with others that have little or no interest in agriculture such as mining or urbanisation?This loss of asset without ANY compensation offsets any drought offering ,does it not ,John.By the way,If my house burnt down ,as painful as that may be ,it is insured!Well bugger me dead ay!
I really feel for this Aussie!Why?Because he was having a go!Unlike Bushie Bill ,who is probably sipping on a tea and dunking his scone while watching his herd of 10 die of starvation because he is too lazy to get off his ass.Aussie farmer, don't be too disheartened.Most farmers I know sail close to the wind just like you have.Unfortunately the business of real estate is a huge part of ag business and by the time you finish being the plumber,the builder,the vet,the doctor,the accountant etc etc then the father on a daily basis the horror of the real estate business collapsing is bewildering.
I personally would prefer to lose my cotton crop than do business with these so called environmentalists.This is as smelly as it gets!
What has me intrigued in contrast, is how wrong our short term weather forecasting is.


I wish I got as much funding as BOM to get something consistently less than half right.
Could Mr Cossey please provide the generic names of these illegal imports rather than generalising.To provide chemistry to anybody , that does not meet Australian standards is both illegal and potentially harmful and the public need to be informed as well as the authorities.Otherwise Mr Cossey is flying off accusations at smaller legitimate chemical companies that have had the courage to provide reasonably priced chemistry to agriculture.
Thank you Monsanto for recognising the Walgett cotton growing region.


Yet, there is a a high level of inaccurate short term weather forecasting. This is due to the majority of our continent being of a semi arid nature. I was taught this in 6th class. Walgett is a classic example of semi arid extremes and it's been that way for generations! The more pressure we have to provide food at unsustainable prices is the real factor behind drought. If I need only run 100 cows on "Ulah" there would be no drought here even though we have had less than half our annual rainfall for three years now, destocked last year, and five missed crop opportunities.
Irrigators from Mungindi to Menindee Lakes on the Barwon-Darling system have been forced to watch 7 days pumping opportunity to flow past their pumps to satisfy town water requirements of Broken Hill which requires 18 months or 250,000 mega litres security (by government agreement.) In agricultural value at $400 per megalitre ,rounded down, that equals SIXTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS annually wasted to provide one town's water suppy. I could go on.
Broken Hill = Broken Farms. As of 28th January, 2015, a temporary embargo is in force on the Barwon River to ensure adequate water supplies for Broken Hill. They require 18 months.This is not an environmental flow. It is to stop the lawns from dying in Broken Hill. What an excellent idea! And what a successful Basin Plan we have!
Take a look at the photo.These trees have NOT died from the "drought". They have drowned!Menindee lakes is an environmental disgrace.It has been used to store water for the benefit of a few costing Millions of dollars annually to agriculture along with a negative outcome to the environment.I hope Kevin Humphries gets the support he needs to fix this problem and be able to restore river flows that naturally bypass the lakes.Broken Hill needs an alternate source of water now NOW.Who ever thinks otherwise has no idea at all.
So , in my application for a feedlot,I will be including an airstrip or a helipad.
To provide water for growth in agriculture there must be suitable infrastructure.Most importantly is the security of water supply.It provides confidence to move forward,to plant crops.The NWC was meant to provide a way to ensure this would happen alongside securing water for urban growth.Unfortunately the following government bastardised it's real intentions,stole water from agriculture and shifted it towards securing urban growth.Why,because that is where the votes are and as importantly the vaue adding of water by running it through a tap into someone's sink is astronomical.
Scrapping the commission is the best news I have heard since 1995. Since then our water entitlements have been socialised to provide security for our urban areas. That has cost rural areas significant wealth as a lot of water was revoked. In other words stolen from agriculture. Fortunately, it appears that agriculture may now get a capital injection through overdue infrastructure development.
Don't forget to pack your jumper just in case ! Really air conditioning is the real killer.
Building infrastructure to conserve water is vital. If you think otherwise you are an idiot.
Every time it becomes more burdensome for agriculture to provide cheap food for our swelling population,the offset is to place a greater pressure on maintaining our environment.Farmers have always the interest of the environment first and foremost.But this cost can be least cost effective.If our elected government starves agriculture by diminishing it's profitability,it is effectively disregarding the need for environmental protection,better carried out by those who on a daily basis work with it.


On one hand we have what would be our nation's greatest agricultural crisis and on the other our nation's national parks harbouring the future carriers of FMD. Feral PIGS. Not just a few pigs. Thousands of pigs protected by national parks and wildlife unwillingness to address the problem.


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