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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Just because "Simon says" some people are ignorant does not make it any more true than if someone says Simon is the ignorant one.
04/02/15 09:06 AM
You are so wide of the mark and so lacking in logic, bushie, you would do better to stay out of this conversation.
22/12/14 01:41 AM
Cam, that is a sore spot with Bushie Bill. You are right, the dope is always supporting slave labour by the overseas countries from which he demands the right to buy at the lowest global price. Maybe he is too stupid to work out that it comes much cheaper from there than Australia because they do not have our inflated welfare based labour regulations. So when he derides others for not allowing the market to determine success or failure, he only means that, when it is better for himself. The rest can go to hell!
18/12/14 05:31 AM
So you are talking about yourself again Bushie. You are the one eyed man.
14/12/14 04:57 AM
At least Jock makes no bones about his passion for actions that will be good for the whole of Australian agriculture and our national sovereignty as against those who think selfishly only about themselves, Boris.
You never paid for the massive assets of CBH and yet you have the nerve to demand you get a full equity share.
I vote for Jock over you any day, Boris.
29/10/14 04:22 AM
Bushie, did you see the comments by JT about big mouth farmer haters who cant substantiate their claims with any facts?
20/10/14 05:39 AM
Hydatid, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones because you need to learn how to spell or take more care with your spell checking.
17/10/14 12:40 AM
PAYG, when you suggest that only people with no brains join State Farmer Organisations. I would say to you, (based on many of your posts) "people in glass houses should not throw stones".
08/09/14 12:51 AM
That logic would never apply to you though D8, would it, because you never make a loss. You are such a genius at playing the markets and making a squillion out of derivatives. On that basis you should be doubling the levies you pay.
21/08/14 11:11 PM
Bushie bill, you tied yourself in a nice old knot there eh.
08/08/14 04:54 AM

Get Muddy

  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
Dell, don't you think your petulant comments prove how right Sam's comments are?
27/05/14 04:05 AM
If any of the animal activist groups wish to protest, that is fine by me. Not that I will bother too much about their ridiculous opposition to the slaughter of animals for human consumption. What I am totally opposed to, is them getting one cent or more of taxpayers money to help them. I will campaign against any Government foolish enough to waste one cent on them. If they want to protest do it in your own time and with your own money. I have had a gutful of handouts to protest and lobby groups, who produce nothing for our economy, or destroy good parts of it.
31/12/13 10:04 AM

A matter of opinion

If you were not such a rusted on student of Gillard's left wing, unionized socialism and had even one ounce of truth or credibility bushie, I would be really concerned about you calling me a liar. Coming from one such as you however, I take it as a compliment.
07/12/14 11:36 AM
Not even a shark would swallow that bushie.
05/12/14 06:18 AM
Emotive, non factual, irrelevant rubbish Jacky.
03/12/14 11:31 PM
In case you had not noticed Bushie, your beloved financial slow learners, the Labour/Greens, and a couple of loonie tunes, have blocked every income measure and cost cutting measure brought forward. So not only did they lie to us about the size of the hole they left us in debts, they are still adding to it.
Now you are supposedly a man for lowering costs and doing away with regulations in commerce. Why don't you support reducing the cost of the broadcasting services in Australia by selling off Aunty and letting it stand on its own in the real commercial market?
02/12/14 12:29 AM
Stick with your kind of attitude Simon and don't let the trolls put you off. All trolls can do is shoot down the thinkers and the ideas, but are useless or uninterested in being creative themselves.
Must congratulate Gregor Heard also on having a go at the issues facing agriculture.
If it was not obvious years ago, that giving handouts to manufacturers who just kept allowing Unions to suck them straight out and into unrealistic, inflated and uncompetitive worker benefits, it hopefully now is patently obvious. It has grown into a cancer on our nation.
21/02/14 06:46 AM

Bush Matters

D8, you have been called upon many times to prove you are truly the free market believer you claim to be. So far you have failed, because you never attack, the most costly socialist Government Regulation that exists in Australia. When will you really show your true colours by attacking Australia's Industrial Awards?
All you attack are the existing farming entrepreneurs on your shallow and fake pretext that they are seeking Government guarantees for their livelihoods. Nothing could be further from the truth.
13/06/14 03:18 AM
Very interesting to some Michael B but not to me and many others. Your invitation is declined thank you as we do not need our enemies to tell us how to conduct our affairs. Taking WWF into our inner sanctum would have been akin to Churchill taking Hitler into his in 1940.
04/05/14 11:56 PM


You haven't got the brains of a sheep bushie bill. Oops my apologies, I withdraw that. You have the brains of a sheep.
14/01/15 09:11 AM
Like hell you would bushie. You couldn't be trusted to look after a kid's pocket money.
09/12/14 08:08 AM
OK Bushie, why don't you tell us about how and where you have put all your flowery words into action; or is that just stuff you heard or read somewhere and have no personal experience to back you up? Deeds mean something real. Words without deeds mean little. Bet you can't/won't tell us the deeds of your personal journey.
09/12/14 01:31 AM
As I told you on another article on your useless ABC, on this site recently bushie, whenever I get criticised by a rusted on labor socialist and Gillard disciple like you, who has zero credentials for anything economic, philosophical, political or logical, I take it as a compliment.
08/12/14 04:37 AM
Nice little Freudian slip there Mr Newton telling us that China can tow us away under the FTA!
08/12/14 12:59 AM
I don't always find it easy to follow WTF, but he is genuine, polite and passionate as a commentator. For commentators like bushie bill to constantly offer such gratuitous remarks to WTF as being "an economic illiterate" is however the height of hypocrisy and ignorance.
Remember bb has repeatedly shot his own economic credibility to shreds. Apart from that he is fork tongued and totally lacking in consistency, rationality and logic.
27/11/14 06:52 AM
Our resident expert on concepts is at his hypocritical best again. Lecturing others about "the concept of individual freedom". What about the concept of freedom to offer & bid for labour and services at whatever terms the free market determines without inflated regulated removal of that basic freedom? It seems the Govt is happy to allow foreigner investors to have that freedom but refuses it to Australians. It seems our pathological farmer hater has different concept principles depending on who he is talking about.
19/11/14 11:53 PM
Aha, I see your true colours really showing bushie with pure filth in response to perfectly rational comments by GFA. Seems he has you totally flummoxed. Your logic is shot to pieces and filth is the best you can do.
12/11/14 10:43 PM
Torobrook will you please give us just two items evidence which are facts, to support your propaganda about a tiny wheat farmer like you being able to out muscle the mega traders in a market tussle. You haven't done so up to date.
12/11/14 08:57 AM
Try as you might billy boy your belated, half baked repentence convinces nobody.
10/11/14 12:14 AM


Torobrook, for the record, I don't trust you or your "mate" D8.
21/01/15 07:27 AM
Oops, looks like Torobrook's comment at 5.36pm was written by someone else. Why would Torobrook write, "Toro never said he didn't want to pay for vital research". Wouldn't he say, "I never said I didn't want to pay for vital research", D8?
19/01/15 08:55 AM
What you are suggesting Deregular is that grain traders manipulate their buying on the basis of whether sellers say nice things about them or negative things about traders. On that basis it suggests you are being paid off to be biased in their favour? So we can't take anything you say to have credibility.
18/12/14 05:21 AM
Milkshake, I give you 5 years maximum before you will be eating your words. That is if you are still a survivor in the wheat production game.
12/11/14 02:54 AM
Deregul8 I am sure you are familiar with the old adage that while "figures don't lie liars do figure".
11/11/14 12:35 AM
Hoegrass, CBH provide a legitimate service at the lowest cost of all of Australia's central storage operators. Just because you are not operating your farm business well enough is not the fault of CBH. How about accepting responsibility for your own management or mismanagement whichever is the case, instead of taking cheap shots and blaming others.
30/11/14 10:47 PM
True, all enterprises must maintain strong equity to be successful D8. But a big corporation with strong equity is more powerful in any industry than a tiny one like you versus a Cargill, ADM, Sumitomo or Bunge. With 10 or 20 of those guys dominating trade in global farm produce, where they can switch countries for origination and play 100s of thousands of tiny farmers like you off against each other, it would not matter if you had 100% equity, they will always beat you in selling your crop to a true client. They buy and sell crops many times taking multiple margins off you along the way.
24/10/14 08:42 PM
No it doesn't D8, strength comes from size. That is why the bulk of control in the grain trade and elsewhere, resides with the mega multi billion turn over merchants and US & EU Govts and is why the little guys get gobbled up and walked on. Don't fool yourself.
23/10/14 08:53 AM
Don't speak too soon D8. Remember 1997/8. The domestic prices in ES sucked grain out of WA and forced up prices despite what CBOT was saying.
21/10/14 11:54 PM
You are the dangerous fringe extremist D8. Have a look at the Land Surveys and every other survey ever taken. They show the thinking of you and PA et al are by far the fringe minority view. Any political party with such a majority would have a massive mandate.
12/10/14 11:22 PM


The only think BB has ever constructed, The Farmer, is his own ivory tower.
19/12/14 12:20 AM
Bushie, you are a typical bully. Good at giving it, but cry like a baby when you cop it back!
30/10/14 12:29 AM
Bushie even you get your spelling wrong at times - "responsibler"???
29/10/14 06:23 AM
Bushie, you have given us proof that you have no idea what a REAL Market is. Same old you making it up as you go along in denial of any sense of responsibility.
09/09/14 06:42 AM
How many city slickers who call themselves buhsie would know how to work, like really work, instead of turning up late, leaving early, taking sickies & long holidays, and producing nothing while still demanding money for not producing anything much at all.?
04/12/14 03:10 AM
AOM & JD, Mercedes cars are much higher quality vehicles than Corolla's, Fiestas, Mitsubishi's, & Hyundi's etc, but most people do very well with the lower quality vehicle don't they. How about just a little reality and balance, and we might just get this nation up and running again, instead of sitting on our butts and relying on welfare?
30/10/14 12:54 AM
I have not read such a load of crap in a long time, Alan Mitchell.
Reform of the supply chain, which you say is most needed, is outside of the farm gate. It is probably the most globally expensive and unproductive for one key reason. That is the regulations which communities via Government, (mostly of the left), impose on industry. More specifically the Industrial Awards and penalties but also the environmental and biosecurity regulations. Farms themselves are the most productive sector in Australia despite having to carry the burden of inflated, regulated costs on their inputs.
28/10/14 06:37 AM
That is alright Frank B. The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.
09/10/14 06:21 AM
Hey Frank, don't lump me in with the global warmist nutters please?
09/10/14 04:37 AM
D8, Bronwyn did you like a dinner with logic and the best you could do was to try and put her down like the bully chauvinist you are. Well you failed miserably.
15/09/14 10:57 PM


Farmers daughter, thank you for your logic and common sense. There are a few weird farm animal haters writing on this article aren't there.
21/08/14 11:14 PM


FFS, actually D8 is the real deal when it comes to making a fool of himself. BB is just a wily old con artist.
28/02/14 06:04 AM
D8 gets the gong for most wasted post of the day at 26/2 8.09 pm.
26/02/14 09:25 PM
Bushie, you forget that you break down every now and again and show your true colors with wild rants against the conservatives like Howard, Costello, Abbott and Hockey, Joyce and co. But not against your Labor/Union mates. You claim that we live in a wealthy country which can afford to pay its regulated award rates and over the top conditions and globally unsustainable workers rates of pay. Show me one sentence where you have attacked our protected, regulated, inflated arbitrary award system that is not global market based.
25/02/14 04:52 AM
Here you go again, bushie bill, with your contradictory, "fork tongue propaganda". You argue in favor of your particular sector of the market (Labor, Unions), receiving a hand out (via inflated, regulated awards) and criticise Rob Moore for just trying to balance the ledger.
24/02/14 06:05 AM


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