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Having an australianesque type Fonterra is mission impossible but taking some of their clever ideas is easy. Even creating some of our won is easy - ask Mike Logan about Fresh Milk export. The industry growth issue lies partly with the FIRB and the ACCC for foreign portfolio investment not foreign direct investment (ownership) and the sustainability issue is with the Productivity Commission in regards retail consumer market dominance. There are policy things Canberra could do but they currently choose not to.


Good work and well done. Now to grow those markets and capture new ones and don forget one or two more Board members to beef up (pun intended) the current team before the next major business upswing and new service lines or even upcoming M&A activity.
Also tell us about the Hybrids and their future?
...and don't forget a wee beef station up in NT all ready o go with existing management is looking for a new owner and has exciting multiple revenue streams and new market opportunities.
“It’s just like that period before a wedding..." oh now I get why it is taking so long.....someone got photographed at the bucks night so they had to renegotiate.
As much as I like my meat fresh and not wriggling when I eat it I am not a fan of live animal export even though, in principle, it is a very very old trade.
I do constantly wonder thought why we sink to exporting the most primitive of what we harvest instead of taking it to the next level by adding value through processing and packaging here and then exporting price premiumed goods. I guess the UN and developing nations find this approach distasteful and expensive so we pander to their need to become independent so to provide us with the packaged goods in the future...a poor future ahead.
So if Andrew Robb is negotiating this FTA for Chinese benefit who is negotiating for Australian benefit? Any volunteers? Not much time left to join the fray before we condemn ourselves and future generations to a life of consumerism and serfdom.
We need a restrictive play on the TTP to limit the loss of agriculture export opportunity to the US suppliers, grain and dairy at the greatest risk. We need an expansive play with the RCEP participants to ensure those emerging markets are not dominated by Chinese exports from their own fast growing agricultural industries that we naively foster and help with beef, dairy and aqua being the greatest under threat. Worst case we lose out on the TTP to US exporters and we lose out on the RCEP to China because in both cases we are “too open for business by being up for sale”…
The Minister has a tough one on his hands with these two, RCEP and TTP. They will make the Korean and Chinese FTA's look like child's play. The problem is the US has gate crashed the TTP negotiations to preserve their access and taken a defacto "follow us" sort of lead over it as it claimed it lacked urgency and leadership. Problem is their presence threatens our grain export to those Asian markets in the TTP. Remember ADM / GNC play in 2013 and the comment from the White House after the rejection? Of course it was a pure commercial play as we will get you back in the TTP negotiations.
The listing price is a very full one for the type of business. Good for Huon and good for those existing on the back of the listing. anyone else it will be a bottom drawer one, at least for 3 years anyway. Unless the chairman finds an offshore buyer somewhere. I am surprised they didn't use a project funding approach with off-take.
Brownes Dairy have a perfect escape hatch from the $1/litre milk if they look closely and choose to as do the other smaller operators around the country. The larger operators can't eject it as easily.
Maybe it is time to name the individuals who drive these organisations.
Watch out Murray Goulburn Co-op! I will love watching this after the Productivity Commission "head up their economic..." approach and the ACCC's and Competition Review benign response to the WCB debacle.
If you think of Fonterra Group as a local Australia / New Zealand entity competing on the global stage then you are on a winner, if you hang on to the tired old rope of "...its a kiwi company and we don't back it" you will get eaten by northern hemisphere operators with no regional interest other than cheap raw milk. Take your pick.


*looks at Phillipo Downie sideways* Soooo what makes you so informed at the paddock level and at the trading level??
I am impressed, pity many others don't have the same insight or capacity to see the wheat from the chaff. the way I would not know whether the picture is of wheat, barley or durum, but I do recognise intelligence when I see it.
Sugar has been left out??? Blimey another loony in Canberra must have decided this one. Stupid is, stupid does I suppose.
There is an alternative approach of course but no-one would be interested in it as it would create export opportunity through another country and probably gain better access and be on better trade terms.
But does anyone care? Nope, thought not.
Mr Murray's own confusion is merely a reflection of the entire industry confusion as a result of people like this coming out of the closet about their confusion.
The solution is actually quite simple but its execution is not due to the confusion many have, like the one above.
Monsanto??? Oh great, a name synonymous with being genetically modified and a name vilified in many nations across the globe...unless a 3rd world country seeking to get a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Not sure what is worse, whether it is fracking underneath the rural grounds of our produce or genetically modifying the crop that uses the ground above the fracking...
Stuff it, lets do both coz we can and lets use overseas funds / companies / labour to help us do it. It is all good for the nation I hear so I can safely go back to watching the cricket.


What you do with ma and pa and daisy in your own back paddock is up to you but don't try and commercialise it using a legal loophole and then claim deniability when a child loses their life ... Pasteurization has been around for a long time now, for good reason.
A child under 5 can't tell the difference between drinkable milk and bath milk, so if they are in it they drink it and run the risk of dying to uphold the rights of a very very small group of self-interested alternative life-stylers??? This is a legal loophole that needs to be closed now and those that refuse to comply need to be pursued by the justice system with vigour.
If Joyce was Deputy Prime Minister then for some the most feared words in Australia would be "The Prime Minister is dead". For me, we could do a lot worse.
Vote of confidence? Your right, I did.
I also agree, there is a lot of crap to read through both in article and in blog.
LTF, you are a harsh man bringing such relevance to people's attention, as in, at least, your previous two posts here.
You are not helping the hedge funds, the Board or the executive team in executing upon their intent and for this you will be excised, ostracised and cast to work as a serf for decades to come...
I cant post the same without being emotional and this place lacks intestinal strength to post some of my comments so please go forth and speak of more stupidity more frequently, I'll vote for you.
Learn from me? Ha! Here is what I know "...the older I get the more I realise the less I know...".
It was merely my cheap shots like everyone else's having a bit of light hearted online fun...
Google would be a better teacher than I, but then if they are in the bush their service is probably too slow whilst they wait for their NBN connection.
Dear Bolton Carpenter,
Nope, Argis is right you do believe in pixies and probably the fairy god mother as well.
It has less to do with the Corporations Act 2011 than with Directors responsibilities and the ASX listing rules and the ASX good governance framework.
Compliance to the law, including the Corporations Act 2011 is a subset of their duties not the sole purpose...
*brushes some fairy dust off the shoulder of his jacket and gives him a smile*


He only smokes that which he grows on his acquired farms.
It is of the highest quality and in high demand in other countries. Reserved only for Kings of course so you will just have to wait your royal highness.


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