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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

What ever you reckon Wooly, so western Sydney with daily drive-by shootings and armed house invasions is safer than the tranquil western blue mountains is it, Wooly? More Very Very Wooly Thinking, don't you think Wooly?
18/12/14 06:16 AM
A peaceful loving nation is it, Wooly ? What part of Australia is peaceful? Martin Place where unarmed victims are at the mercy of armed nut jobs or rural Australia where citizens are armed and the nut jobs stay away because there are easier targets in Martin place where the victims go unarmed and vulnerable?
17/12/14 11:44 PM
Yep and how high is your begging bowl, Bill? Quite high I would imagine.
09/12/14 09:56 PM
" woulde" Bill ?
01/12/14 05:17 AM
Your pissing into the wind EH , most city slickers have never been west of the sandstone curtain and would not understand anything about rural life nor would they know a sheep from a cow. Ask anyone in Sydney have they been to the bush and they will say Yep , Wisemans Ferry. What a joke.
27/11/14 02:48 AM
Oh yes there is Bushie , the banking industry.
20/10/14 10:23 PM
I can't believe with the headlines Agrarian Socialism here in bold print that we have not heard one peep from Bushie Bill.
09/07/14 02:58 AM
Go for it Jen . Love it.
26/02/14 02:53 AM

Get Muddy

Bushie has the knives out again but its not for the Christmas turkey.
17/12/14 01:36 AM
I guess that makes the climate change worry warts a religion as well Qlander. They are good at shoving their global warming gospel down peoples throats.
15/08/14 05:30 AM

A matter of opinion

Your asking the impossible from Bill, Tony.
22/12/14 03:35 AM
Al patriotic Australians should boycott ALL halal products. This country was founded on Christian principles , we are NOT a Muslim country .
11/12/14 03:20 AM
Yes its a long slog Daw , but common sense will prevail one day.
Upward trend Nico , over what time scale ? One hundred and fifty years ? The notion that there is an upward trend in temperatures is laughable nonsense and you know it.
Time Nico makes a nonsense of your trend.
19/03/14 12:11 AM
I can just imagine how hard you looked, Nico.
13/03/14 01:51 AM
Forget it Daw , for Nico its a matter of faith that he mistakenly thinks is settled science. Why he has gone down that road when all the evidence is so conflicting to his blinkered view will always be a mystery.
12/03/14 08:53 AM
Still flogging a dead horse Nico.
Believe me its dead.
10/03/14 06:12 AM
Errrr lou , you don't also go under the name of Nico, holisticmick or BG do you ?
I am sure you do.
07/03/14 01:57 AM
Yes Sod and the tiny little warming has been good not bad for the planet and life.
Warmth is good.
More carbon dioxide is good also.
Some brain dead sections of society just don't get these simple facts.
03/03/14 10:48 PM

Out of the shadow

%100 correct LTF and I know Bushie would agree too, don't you Bushie ? Cut all funding to the ABC , they can float or sink on their own can't they Bushie ?
30/11/14 11:31 PM


Is it in the national interest to make fresh food more expensive and out of reach to those who can least afford it Bill ? Only a complete fool would suggest it is.
06/01/15 06:38 AM
I can't believe what I am reading Bill. Hit you your head or something ? There is really hope for you yet.
05/01/15 09:01 PM
That's fine Bridget but we also need to get a camera installed in your house just to keep an eye on you and make sure your not abusing your kids at all and are feeding them properly. After all if you have nothing to hide and are doing the right thing you wont mind will you ?
31/12/14 09:45 PM
If Tony puts the GST on fresh food will Bill take it off if he wins power ? I doubt it.
30/12/14 02:49 AM
Cam my friend old uncle Bill will never give it up. Hate is a powerful emotion. Bill is hooked.
23/12/14 05:53 AM
Does this mean you don't bother talking to yourself in the mirror any more, Bill?
22/12/14 02:42 AM
Your the only boofhead that should bugger off Billy. The sooner the better. Every one here is so sick of your bile.
18/12/14 03:09 AM
Yer right ok that's nice, mine eat lobster .
12/12/14 01:13 AM
Because it's Christmas Bill and even the banks seem to have more compassion than you. You are an empty vessel with no soul Bill. A dead man walking.
11/12/14 09:48 PM
What do you feed them on in Bellevue Hill, Bill?
09/12/14 04:45 AM


So true Fridge , what would they know ? Some of these scientists don't seem to even know that CO2 is a natural part of our atmosphere and a direct plant nutrient . So yes Fridge , your statement would be a question on a lot of peoples minds. What would they know. Little it seems when blindsided by personal ideology or grant money !
27/11/14 04:09 AM
Died in the wool AGW alarmist cult member are you Frosty ? Old BJ knows a thing or two about the weather.
26/05/14 10:14 PM
Only a dullard, Nico, would believe this article.
21/04/14 09:36 PM
Argis, don't waste your time with Nico. You will not win because he has already made his mind up on anything to do with co2 or the climate. You would have a better chance on winning Lotto than getting Nico to concede an inch in his unscientific hogwash.
16/04/14 09:08 PM
Carefull there levies are worse than taxes or you will be accused by bushie dill of handing out your begging bowl.
21/10/14 05:30 AM
Who are the swine and who are not swine Bushie ?
19/08/14 03:28 AM


Not yet they haven't, Bil , and we don't want them to go that far. Rules are meant to be sensible.
06/01/15 01:00 AM
More ramblings from Bloomfield Bill? Have you stolen the key to the computer room from the warden again?
05/01/15 12:09 AM
Dicta, I have been on the land for 57 years, I am a ninth generation farmer.
30/12/14 12:19 AM
Haha didn't you know, Max, that Nico was so sure of his global warming science fiction that he moved to Greenland to try his hand at growing veggies but funnily it all went south and he went broke. Lol, what a crack up.
29/12/14 02:56 AM
Any Greeny organisation in charge of a drone should be considered a serial pest and treated like one with heavy fines with any breach of the law.
29/12/14 02:37 AM
Max, Nico has no logic, if he did he would have disappeared or changed sides years ago.
29/12/14 12:47 AM
Dicta, did you ever get out of primary school? In Secondary school you study history, geology and acquire a little common sense. Your comment explains why the above comments show they have been to secondary school and you did not.
29/12/14 12:43 AM
Bit like yours must be Billy ?
24/12/14 03:00 AM
Enjem and Mlandos, I have made no claim as to whether the above article about Gladstone harbour is correct or incorrect. And you can believe what ever you want about climate change and I can believe what ever I want. The public have woken up to the BS, you people are so gullible.
18/12/14 07:11 PM
Haha read it and weep. Labor. How much more can we take.
23/12/14 07:18 AM


Not think suzanne , we know it.
29/08/14 03:00 AM
Any action that endangers our border security or compromises our producers is a bad move , and this ticks all the boxes.
06/05/14 10:57 PM


More left wing hippie crap !
18/12/14 03:25 AM
This Govt is fast becoming like the last one. Lots of bullet holes in their foot. Why make an enemy of Russia ? Just doing what Washington tells them to do. Bad idea.
10/09/14 12:43 AM
The problem was that the CSIRO had been infiltrated by climate cranks with heads full of fairy dust spreading alarmist bunk and now they are reaping what they sowed.
29/08/14 02:54 AM
I can see your not a bushie , Bill ?
14/08/14 11:58 PM


Yes FFS they are some of Bushie's best attributes.
29/04/14 12:01 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Lol , how did I know I would find you here bushie ? Easy , follow the vitrol. Your so predictable.
03/11/14 01:15 AM
Well Bushie Bill this flies in the face of your cork swinger opinion of country folk. Guess you aren't quite as smart as you thought you were eh ?
11/09/14 07:20 AM
Don't worry VK , the UN has a plan and you probably wont like it.
18/02/14 09:21 PM


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