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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

One final untruth of yours to correct, Frank. You are not safer outside of the cities. The rate of gun homicides is 60 per cent higher in rural areas than in urban areas. (source: Australian Institute of Criminology).
Yes Frank, peace loving. Some facts.
In the US, the rate of gun deaths is 10 people per 100k. In Australia it is 0.83.
0.3% of assaults in NSW used firearms.
Homicide rates in Australia are only 1.2 per 100,000 people, with less than 15% of these resulting from firearms.
Keep your stinkin' NRA and their stinkin' gun loving crap in the USA where it belongs.
See vidence-does-gun-control-work-183 74
David is a shill for the tobacco and gun industries. His shameful comments after the tragedy in Sydney - suggesting everyone should carry concealed weapons - show he is an appalling opportunist. He should move to the USA where he can wallow in handguns and leave Australia to be the peace loving nation that it has always been.
Logic, I can only present the facts; there are premiums for non mulesed wool. You can keep playing the man if you wish and make up silly names.
You completely miss the point about compulsory wool taxes. The wool industry is not a socialist collective and individual growers should not be forced to pay a tax just because the majority of growers are too stupid or apathetic to see they are being conned by AWI. Growers should be free to spend as much or as little as they chose on R&D and marketing of their choice, not forced to pay for a dud like AWI.
Leon, I see where his mouth is but where is his money? When is he presenting a private members bill to parliament to remove the compulsion to pay levies? When he does that I'll believe his words.
David Leyonhjelm, you are very keen to talk about free choice, how about you put your money where your mouth is.
Wool growers have no choice but to pay 2% compulsory tax on all wool sales. How about using your power in parliament to help to free wool growers from unfair taxes like this? How about promoting the idea that wool gowers should be free to contribute or not to whatever R&D organisation they like, rather than being forced to pay the fat and lazy AWI which is stuffed to the rafters with bureaucrats and has wasted hundred of millions of dollars?
David, please do your own research on non mulesed wool rather than swallowing the AWI party line. There are orders in the market for non-mulesed wool and yes they pay a significant premium but most of these sales are private, direct to mills and never go thru auction, so you don't see the premium in auction figures. The other way Australia has lost out is that many overseas companies don't even try to source non mulesed wool from
Australia any more - the orders and premiums go to NZ or South Africa or Argentina.


Professors Dunning and Kruger would have a field day with the mouth breathing deniers commenting here.
What a great idea! We can call the new body the Union of Soviet Socialist Farmers.
Could someone wake up the AWI seat warmers in their plush Sydney offices and ask what went wrong. Aussie wool to China is a $2 billion pa business but there is naff all in this FTA for wool. Again AWI fails the credibility test.
Call me cynical but it looks like some well placed people in China knew some time ago that dairy was going to be in the FTA and have been furiously buying Australian dairy properties in the lead up to the signing.
And Gina Rinehart's powdered milk plant. Just coincidence, isn't it?
Thanks heavens there are still some rational people like Mr McGauchie left in agriculture.
The facts have shown that since the 90's labour productivity has grown consistently while capital productivity has sunk like a stone. So the people who are letting down Ag are not workers (or IR laws) but those running RDC's, Ag businesses and farms, who are failing to invest in new technologies and management practices. Look at AWI as a perfect example. They cut R&D funding to allow more money to advertise pretty women in red dresses.
BB, good on you for hanging in there. The climate change deniers are thick on the ground (and thick in the head) here. Imagine being so stupid that you ask 'how will we have power if the wind doesn't blow' Seriously, are people that dumb?
Oh and as we speak, Southern California Edison are putting out a tender for a 100MW battery storage system.
And in India Minister Goyal is planning 100GW of cumulative solar installs across India by 2022.
Deniers, they gotta deny.
Obviously most of the commenters didnt read the article. Lack of R&D spending is due to the farm groups themselves and their political masters.
As to Richard Colbeck's comments about the new $100 million, what a joke. The money can only go to monopoly RDC's, making all the funding politically tainted. In the wool industry all money must go thru AWI, which has done nothing but destroy wool research in favour of generic promotion for years. Ag Departments, commercial research companies, universities, etc are all cut out.
Every time I think the comments here can't get any stupider along comes another crop of brain dead right wing dills. Scientists are alchemists? Green paint? Using horses? Stop drinking the farm chemicals guys and start reading some science.


Invey and Dribble...two of the dumbest rednecks in Australia. Leave the thinking to the grown-ups and go back to sipping that sheep dip. Paranoid conspiracy theorists with the scientific understanding of gnats. Alan Jones would be proud of you.
Great stuff Rob McCreath. Ignore the moronic climate change deniers posting stupid comments here.

Rural Lifestyle

The implied threat from farmers is that Australian consumers need Australian agriculture and should pay more for it or they will take their bats and balls and go home. Sorry but it is the other way around. If NZ or US or Canada or EU or UK or Asia can land meat, milk, seafood, fruit and veggies in Aus cheaper than Aussie farmers can produce, why should I buy Aussie? Just to prop up farmers who do nothing but bag their customers? Seriously, the kid in this article is 100% correct. Farmers - put on your big girl's panties and deal with it. Or go away.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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