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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

If you are a genuine libertarian David, why have you not ever done as much about labor freedom, the biggest set of freedoms we are denied in this Nation? Why make such a priority of lesser restraints, if they genuinely exist, like marriage equality?
Why do you not attack peoples lack of freedom to offer their labor and services free of regulations which make Australia the grave yard of primary production, processing and services in the World. Until you reset your priorities you are wasting the money Australians pay you every day regardless of your lack of financial contribution.
23/03/15 11:23 PM
Very Wooly Thinking, you obviously don't read David's comments. It was David who raised opposition to the current agricultural levy systems. Please get up to speed.
13/11/14 06:15 AM
I prefer you when you are taking on the types of points you have in this article David. I would like you to go after this point harder. We are all heartily sick of our national policy being driven by the minority fringe dweller radicals in Australia. Giving us the choice to decide what products we want by transparent and honest labeling is the way to go.
While you are at it, give your views on native vegetation, biosecurity and environmental regulations reform another airing please. Nothing seems to be happening.
12/11/14 10:49 PM
I see no evidence so far that David will fight for any reforms of parliamentary hand outs. He will look after number one just as he did to win his seat.
28/01/14 07:16 AM
You don't need to be a farmer to be an expert on agriculture or foreign affairs, trading or governing, or anything else for that matter, Bagheera.
It seems you just need a good old dose of the blind faith in "free trade", "anything goes",
"game without rules" ideology. Not sure where in the world it exists yet, but David and one or two others are besotted with it.
Not all is bad, David at least believes the carbon tax legislation should go.
30/09/13 05:02 AM

Get Muddy

That's all well and good Sam, but, that is not how Doctors deal with you when you have a terminal disease.
Or do you think it would be better to act like this Doctor joke? Doctor - "I have good news and bad news. The good news is you have a fortnight to live. The bad news is I was supposed to call you with that news a week ago".
If you watched ABC Landline last weekend, you would have seen the story of the perfectly normal, well managed farm, in the same family hands for 102 years, with the owner evicted by the banks with zero. Many similar ones are suiciding all the time.
08/04/14 07:09 AM
R, I believe you left a few of Labor/Greens/Independents Govt destructions out. They also destroyed secondary and tertiary industries too. They left the next three generations with so much debt it is as though they had a death wish for our Country for decades to come. I hope we never see their like again and also hope their parties are kept out of Govt for 20 years.
01/04/14 11:41 AM
Simon, if getting unity amongst farmers is such an almost impossible task, trying to include non farming agri-business's is out of the question.
18/03/14 01:41 AM

A matter of opinion

The Plan, Ms Preece, should be to cut out all subsidies to green power schemes and our energy production and delivery costs will fall immediately.
I suspect the green energy schemes will fall too as they are only surviving on grants and subsidies. That is a total disgrace.
15/05/14 09:51 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Taxpayer, you couldn't be more incorrect. Wealth generation in business is when a business grows its balance sheet assets by making profits from sales to those outside the business. For a Nation it is the same. That is, when Australian owned businesses sell goods and services at a profit to those outside Australia. Farming is one of the few Australian owned businesses that does this. In so doing it is bringing in outside money as profits and giving us the capital to grow our balance sheet assets and infrastructure. Most business in Aust is just churning the money we already own.
30/05/14 01:48 PM
Peter, I agree. True wealth creation is when you grow your balance sheet and not just when you grow your turnover. As you say, growing turnover (or GDP) is just turning faster on the spot if that turnover is not making profits on each turn. A family, a business or a nation can make increasing sales while making a loss on them and not adding any growth in overall assets. It is only when you make profits & take in income from outside, at a profit, that the family/Company/Nation grows its assets. We must all get profitable income externally to become richer. Exports are the key to real growth.
20/05/14 11:23 PM
Farming in Australia has been a major success story for our nation. It grew from nothing in the early 1800's to a point in the 1980's/90's, where we had over 100,000 farming families operating cropping and livestock farms. This growth was largely via private citizens risking their own capital, and seeking their own markets, and building their own infrastructure and renting Govt railways and ports at commercial rates. All along, these farmers paid full, regulated costs for inputs and services to prop up labor while taking only low global prices for produce. Today we have only 10,000 farmers!!!
05/04/14 10:14 PM

Bush Matters

Facts can be correct without being relevant PAYG.
By the way, you give away your ideological cover by calling a person "comrade". Pretty childish eh?
16/06/14 07:12 AM

Out of the shadow

Don't know that it is correct to say farming is surging ahead "Farmer", even though there has been little or no new Government intervention of late.
What I see is the demise of a vast number of our once vibrant primary production sectors and associated food processing businesses in Australia. It is almost impossible to find Aussie produce on grocery shelves today. Even the fresh produce items are dwindling and being replaced by imports or simply unavailable. Even the grain industry with above average prices is going down hill in profitability. When prices fall again, hear the death rattle.
23/03/15 11:50 AM


So long as it is educated debate MBH with all the numbers on the table. For the last 20 years at least, one set of numbers has been left off the table. It is the biggest and most damaging set of numbers - that is the Government Regulations burdening agriculture, food processors and small business generally. The biggest component in these regulations is the welfare component of our industrial awards. It is largely this number which s handing our jobs and businesses over seas where they get imports back into Aust without facing he locally debilitating regulations. FTA's don't help.
23/03/15 11:11 PM
Stick to wheat quality Philip D. You only damage your once wonderful reputation when you stray into politics.
14/01/15 09:08 AM
The Chinese market is huge and China has been managing its supply logistics very well in the main for the last 50 years, by using its market dominance to play every exporter against each other. There is no country today and certainly not NZ capable of getting the upper hand over it, despite its huge appetite for consumption. Even FTA's are really no way to get a net benefit out of China. They are very capable of avoiding trade from exporters on a cyclical basis just to stop them getting too big for their boots. Yet not for too long to keep them begging.
05/01/15 09:09 AM
So what we have learned from the Hockey MYEFO is that the Labour/Greens/Palmer/Xenophon Senate financial idiocy and shameful political tactics, have cost Australians an additional eleven thousand million in Government Debt and millions daily in interest costs. How could anyone with half a brain, possibly think that putting Labour back into Government, is even thinkable. Under Labour, there would be no financial discipline at all and we would be totally bankrupt in the first term.
15/12/14 06:16 AM
Yes Samg, I too have traversed the SFO path and once supported the levy systems; and I agree with some of what you say. Things have changed now and the levy system has not. Sadly, I think it needs cancelling now because it has lost its way. I can not see it changing farm gate returns under current conditions.
If it is not doing anything for farm gate returns, why do we need it?
24/06/14 03:42 AM
Who cares if it was partly a political decision. It took more guts to veto ADM takeover of GC than not to.
USA would have to be the biggest politically based interferer in the world and at home. They buy grain from growers above market prices and dump it on US Traders to virtually give away on world markets thereby corruputing global markets. They give US growers taxpayer funded crop insurance and sling billions of $$$ to US Wheat Associates to help promote US wheat on export markets. How hypocritical of US organisations to call us political! Says heaps for the fake free trade in USA.
11/06/14 05:13 AM
Not sure about a merger but eastern states grain industry would be much better off if CBH took over GrainCorp.
15/05/14 11:09 PM
For once I disagree with you Philip Downie. I like you better on wheat quality and marketing matters. Sorry.
14/05/14 11:25 PM
Although the deal for Japan is much better than the deal for Australia, it improves our current position and puts us in a better position than anything Gillard and KRudd ever did for agriculture or Australia for that matter, even if that is a poor yard stick to measure any Govt by.
08/04/14 06:46 AM
Andrew Robb is an old extreme free trade Genghis Khan ideologist from way back.
Have you discussed your statements with the PM and Treasurer Andrew or are you flying a kite here?
Interesting too that in para 5 of this story, Andrew throws in the line that ...."the Australian Wheat Export Industry was deregulated by the previous Labor Administration." Whooa there Andrew, they only deregulated it with your Party's vote! Have the guts at least to be honest and accept the blame fairly and squarely, for your part in the SD demise and don't go crawling to ADM. Represent us and not USA.
03/04/14 04:41 AM


The problems with the likes of you and jacky bb could not be solved by any training program because it was the wrong kind of training that has caused them from a young age. That is training people to be bludgers.
17/11/14 06:39 AM
If ever a private grain trader could be trusted to run grain pools it would be Mark Thiele. I knew him when he was at the AWB and he was the most steady and reliable trader there. I wish him well in the absence of the SD.
16/11/14 09:25 PM
Pretty easy to see that quality of debate on wheat industry policy is not a priority with Deregul8.
13/11/14 06:07 AM
Sooka, what defines a "weaker grower"? How does any system know how to identify let alone find that "weaker grower" so as to increase his share of the sales income? I think your statements are away with the pixies.
12/11/14 09:07 AM
FFS you are spot on. However I get the feeling that if Jacky was to come and work for me he would send me broke if I had to pay him more than third world rates.
12/11/14 09:03 AM
Phil Downie, clearly your comments show just how ignorant some so called "farmers", who post on this site, are, of the true wheat quality issues and their own wheat. It also shows how some people are not prepared to let the truth get in the way of a good story.
16/04/14 11:08 PM
It was exactly that characteristic of finding out what grades and qualities best suited each customer and their products that the AWB excelled at under Single Desk. It was on the back of the AWB's long history of matching our wheat shipments to customer end use, that developed Australian wheat's reputation in the market place. With that loyalty to Australian wheat now gone, we now hear regularly of the demise of that reputation. On current trends our reputation will disappear altogether, because merchants have no primary loyalty to Australian wheat.
09/04/14 07:41 AM
Many a true word spoken in jest grain trader.
19/03/14 08:38 AM
Yes PD I always knew that our wheat varietal quality, and other key quality levels, would be prostituted with the removal of the AWB Single Desk. And we can credit the introduction of the AWB Trading Division for starting the slide in quality standards from the mid 1990's onwards. When they brought in the Traders ex the International Trading Houses, they couldn't help but prostitute our quality and other standards, in an attempt to earn themselves bonuses with little regard for the AWB's long standing reputation for quality and integrity. Short term gain, long term pain will soon be evident.
18/03/14 10:09 PM
You will never get one, let alone an honest one mark2.
18/03/14 12:44 AM


Not only is Barnaby the most forthright MP in Federal Parliament, he is also the most honest and gutsy on behalf of his port folio and his constituents. That is unlike those he has replaced both in his electorate and in the Opposition. I particularly like his explanation of the economy and the need for a harsh budget. Pity his Liberal Colleagues were not as forthright and articulate.
31/12/14 11:16 PM
Philip Downie, your latest comment has just lost you all the respect I had for you over many years.
19/05/14 10:22 PM
There are many many TV and Radio channels which are truly free besides the ABC which is anything but free; (unless you are one of the rusted on socialist Labor Green welfare for believers who think things like health and education and ABC, funded by the hard working taxpayer are actually free). All those commercial channels are far more true to life than the public servant, empire building socialist green ABC and we in the bush have no need for the ABC to be funded by the public purse. Put the money to work to earn some income or pay off some of Labor's debt.
02/12/14 05:14 AM
Rational Ag Policy, what Labor Union do you belong to?
19/02/14 10:53 PM
Victor you sound well meaning. However, you may be looking in the wrong direction. While every industry or football team or whatever always has those at the top and those at the bottom, it is the whole environment for the industry or league that needs studying. For years our agriculture has been becoming more and more efficient. Our farming industry is amongst the worlds most efficient and has been dealing with cost cutting and falling prices and providing cheap food for decades. After that food leaves the farm is what needs looking at. Aust labor costs and regulatory burdens are the problem.
19/02/14 05:33 AM
It is not my problem if your inability to hide your real ideological personality, is so great that it causes you to totally fluff your logic on insurance.
03/02/14 06:17 AM
Not true bushie bill. Insurance by its very nature is a socialist idea. It gathers together many in society to share in the cover of a risk so as each of the insured parties uses the premiums of the others to save them from bearing the full burden of any loss. Whether the insurers make a profit or loss does not alter the socialist nature of insurance cover. People pool a small portion of their asset value with others over time so as to spread the risk across time and other people.
29/01/14 09:34 AM
It should be the ABC bracing for hefty cuts to taxpayer funding. As Sodbuster says, sell it and put the funds towards items of true value to Australians, or use it to cut taxes. We are today inundated with media outlets and news sources. putting my taxes toward another media outlet is a disgrace. Anyway, the ABC has lost almost all credibility over the last 20 years and particularly the last 6 years.
16/04/14 03:54 AM
Ted O'Brien, actually, non business owners can dream also if they want to. They can dream of owning their own business some day and work hard for someone else until they save enough to own their own business or own shares in the business they work for.
05/02/14 12:29 AM
Geronimo, what you are saying is that farmers' hours of work are in excess of the average. I think you will find that all small business owners work far in excess of the hours of the average worker. That just proves how much more output comes from them than from our average worker every year. It also says that such people are making a greater contribution to the economy than the average worker. These are not meant to be critisisms, just facts. The more telling issue for Aust is that output per worker $ in Aust is below that of our major competitors in Asia.
30/01/14 09:57 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Look closer to the coast wtf.
24/01/14 11:53 AM
You are not writing off small farms as irrelevant are you, wtf?. 100 properties, turning off 15-30 cattle per year = up to 3000 head per town. Multiply that by 100 towns and that gives you 300,000 cattle per region. That is enough to keep a couple of large abattoirs going all year round employing 1000 people each. Based on 4 person families, that is a living for 4000 people not to mention the purchases from merchandise stores, supermarkets, schools, medical centres, transport companies, etc etc. And this on top of other job income tax paid.
24/01/14 03:36 AM
Not strictly correct wtf. I left the family farm at a young age and worked in cities for 35 years and then bought a farm out of a small country town 5 hours out of the capital city. In that district are hundreds of people like me doing likewise.
24/01/14 12:35 AM


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