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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

As with any regulation you are deciding who (the neighbour buying or old bloke selling) to favour. Increase restrictions on foreign ownership and you favour the buyer, loosen them and you favour the seller. From my selfish perspective I'm happy with tighter foreign ownership restrictions, but the price of land around me is too high already... I can't borrow even at 6% and make it pay at the asking price (and I know I make more profit per acre on my enterprise than most in my district).
17/04/15 01:00 PM

Get Muddy

Well said Sam. I had a greenie tell me the other day how inefficient meat production is and how farmers should all be growing grain instead of meat. When I countered that some soils and climates are not suitable for anything other than growing grass he had no answer. The fact it's my land is also lost on them. How would they react if I told them how to run their house and household. I will produce what I want, how I want and if they don't like it they don't have to buy it. But it's my land, leave me alone to manage it. I'm the 6th generation on it btw, so I care about it more than they do.
24/03/15 09:43 AM
well done Anthony, the country needs more lads like you.
13/11/14 02:48 PM

A matter of opinion

Nice in theory but when you have a lopsided market it doesn't work so well. farming is riskyy and so teh price of insurance is high for good reason.
05/01/15 10:34 AM
good article Andrew, hit the nail on the head. Look at Aussie beef prices vs the rest of the world and it doesn't make sense. If we could freely export our beef US consumers would be better off as would Aussie producers.
27/03/14 10:27 AM
I agree that it's probably not a great idea to be emitting as much greenhouse gasses as we do, but the world's climate has changed over millions of years, from warmer periods to ice ages and back. 10 years or even 100 years of data in the context of the earth is just noise, not a trend. Have you been to the wimmera in the middle of winter, it can get bloody cold there too!
07/03/14 09:27 AM


surely as a private property right there's a register anyway, just like the land register?
24/11/15 03:30 AM
it's all well and good farmers boycotting the buyers, the problem is what do we do with our stock when we're coming into a dry season and we can't afford to keep them on farm? A better derivatives market for livestock would help us a lot - we sell our stock when they're in the best nick and sell futures when the price suits us, uwinding them when we sell the actual stock. Grain guys have price risk management tools that the rest of us don't.
13/11/14 03:51 PM
To all teh city slickers who post their rants up here - how about you keep you nose out of our business and I won't goto the city and shut down your drug dealers, pubs and other places and activities of ill repute. Leave us alone.
10/11/14 10:33 AM
An additional 23mio people!?!?! No way, that will ruin the country just like Tony Blair did with England. Don't let it happen here!
27/06/14 02:09 PM
It's not just the weather, you take a young bloke and train them in how to operate and maintain heavy machinery, then they go to a mine and tell them they can do basic maintenance on diesel engines and hydraulic systems, can operate various machines and voila they get double their money. Can't say I blame them, I'd do the same, but it's a problem for us.
31/03/14 08:30 AM
Glass Steagall is an act of US Congress, nothing to do with Australia.
21/03/14 01:54 PM
Quite frankly government and insustry bodies are the problem, not the solution. For that very reason I'd much rather have less of both rather than have people call them in to "fix" the market. Drought is just another business risk if agriculture is your industry, something we have to manage. Cut my taxes and red tape and leave me alone to get on with it.
13/02/14 08:47 AM


I've analysed the rainfall going back to the 1850s in my area of southern australia. The long term average is 630mm with a standard deviation of 108mm. The past 10 years have averaged only 560mm, but over the 165 years data I have, the 10 year average has varied from 530mm to 680mm with dry period every 20 years or so. The good news for those of you in southern Aus is that the 10 year average has persisted below the long run average for about 15 years now, so is due to turn back up if past cycles repeat themselves.
20/01/15 02:20 PM
E J - you don't know what you're talking about. Swaps are actually an example of a derivative. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it bad per se. And no the banks went bust because they lent to people who couldn't afford the debt and didn't pay them back, it wasn't trading derivatives that did the harm.
19/03/14 09:08 AM


well said wild turkey.
28/10/14 09:22 AM
Sounds good in theory, perhaps the greens could introduce a bill forcing egyptians and indonesians and the rest of the world to buy chilled beef from Australia... the reality is they don't want to or they'd already be doing it. Stay in Canberra or Sydney or Melbourne or wherever you are and keep your nose out of the bush. Don't ruin my business with your naieve laws, stop making laws and leave us alone.
03/04/14 09:06 AM
Climate change is something that happens over a very very long time, certainly longer than a farmer's career, planning for something that may happen over the next 1,000+ years doesn't make any sense.
04/03/14 12:46 PM


Wilkie - your comments put at risk people's livelihood, you're choking producers to death. Sure it would be great if we could export chilled or frozen meat instead, so get overseas and get about changing the way our customer buys rather than strangling us.
27/08/14 08:56 AM
barker - you're bound to be right with such a sweeping generalisation of all farmers and live exporters... you fool! that there have been a few causes of cruelty (and it's a bit of a stretch for you to say it's routine, it certainly isn't) is a bit like saying there have been a few cases of pedophilia therefore no child should be allowed to go to school where they might be at risk...
20/03/14 11:42 AM
The penalty wasn't harsh enough. What is it with people bringing in crap from outside the country, do they think they can't get Asian food ingredients in Australia?
31/01/14 02:29 PM


well said pete.
07/04/14 09:48 AM
This is te most ridiculous article I've read in a long time. The idea that somehow a different valuation methodology might affect an investors expected return is overly simplistic. Agriculture is a tricky asset for an investor and it's only when the risk and liquidity adjusted returns become compelling that they will put money into it. With the AUD on the back foot and world equity and bond markets yielding better than they have since 2009 I don't see Australian agriculture shaking much money from these investor's pockets for now.
17/03/14 08:58 AM


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