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Sorry Brad, but it's not in my best interests for CBH to be locked into negotiations with AGC. If you had given detail from the start, at least the board would know what they were voting on. How did you expect them to approve it with no detail?
27/03/16 01:21 AM
Pretty sure the Newcastle terminal is in Newcastle....
06/11/15 02:33 AM
Got my rebate early when traders were paying a basis over 200 last harvest.
01/11/15 10:05 AM
ACCC wouldn't like the monopoly aspects, given they already own Viterra in SA.
22/03/15 11:50 PM
Must need your eyes tested, if 85% of members are saying they want to stay a co-op, how can management float it?
02/10/14 04:09 AM
The Bunge investment is good, it will help move the crop faster when the world wants it. But with the state of the roads heading into Bunbury, how long until we see fatality? The WA government needs to force Bunge to invest in the roads if they are going to truck everything through country towns.
23/09/14 12:08 AM
Would have been easy to go ahead given the success of the investment in flour mills in Asia, but it appears the correct decision has been made for CBH shareholders.
06/08/14 02:47 AM
Concerned Shareholder, if my memory serves me correctly, the last lot of "poached" traders all went to the same company that is now defunct after less than 3 years in the market after racking up big losses. Annual reports suggest CBH trading desk has made money 4 out of the last 5 years (it could be more but I stopped checking).
01/05/14 03:55 AM
Time for growers to stop expecting handouts from a company built by a previous generation when all current shareholders have done is deliver grain and sell to the highest bidder.
30/04/14 11:08 PM


For a farmer so excited about deregulation, it is amusing to see you complain about 1 companies prices. You have over 10 buyers to choose from, sell to the highest bid.
12/09/15 05:55 AM
D8, there is no doubt people will support Bunbury but they will not pay $1 more than required to get farmers to switch. You make them sound like a white knight who will pay $10 more, they won't because they want to make as much profit for their shareholders as they can. But if farmers are willing to take the extra $1 and give up optimisation and potential rebates, they are costing themselves money. Not a smart business decision.
13/02/15 09:09 AM
D8 - Can you give us dates on this, been hearing fit for so long. We've known about Bunge for ages, the Chinese mob at Albany fell over, who else has announced anything?
19/11/14 01:03 AM
D8, like the analogy. It would depend on the potential of the block, and whether I was concerned with overcapitalizing my own block at home. It makes sense for me to spread my risk as far as possible , as at some point I will have a drought at home and would prefer other avenues of revenue to cover my fixed costs.
07/08/15 03:01 AM
Good point D8, let's concentrate all of our risk into 1 state in Australia, when grain is a world game. Then we will complain when the next drought comes around that CBH is too concentrated into 1 state in Australia, when grain is a world game.
06/08/15 12:32 AM
I'd like to know where the money from the pool went a couple of years back.
09/03/15 04:20 AM
Ever been to a CBH AGM, D8? Break even is 6mmt, although will be interesting to see the response if Bunge are the only buyer in their own sites vs multiple at CBH. And another reference to Kwinana competition with no facts to back it up.......
06/02/15 07:58 AM
That's not a firm date Consolidated, can you tell me when or are you just hoping?
30/01/15 06:55 AM
Keep hearing about this Kwinana investment and have been told to "watch this space" for years. When is it going to happen Consolidated? Can't imagine too many big companies wanting to start up after 2 massive crops, must be due for a small one soon.
30/01/15 02:11 AM
Insert D8's rant here about CBH crumbling due to competition etc etc
27/11/14 08:44 PM


I think you will find the S&H charges are based around CBH breaking even on a 6mmt crop, a crop that happened not that long ago. In bigger years they will make a profit, but I would prefer a strong co-op than one that will go bust in a poor year.
19/09/14 05:52 AM


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