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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

"Farmers are no different to anyone else when it comes to a liking for other people’s money". Speak for yourself, or are you? I find that as and offensive and uninformed a comment as they come, and like many never took a dollar from anyone. I like other peoples money when I earn it fair and square. I don't hear you making any strong noises with respect to ALP Socialism or LNP middle class Socialism. Yep! you are just like the rest in that ivory tower.
Compulsory levies that do not produce measureable outcomes are just another tax on producers. When we see measurable results from these invisible bodies growers will be happy to pay them, me included. Levy organisations are just gravy train groups in the main. When we have people like the muzzled Ag Minister Joyce in parliament and Op Ag Minister Fitzgibbon who is a non farmer being in opposition I suspect your informed opinions will go no where, but thanks for raising the issue David, now how about flood them with all the other rural issues we face that inhibit our success.

Out of the shadow

Where did Labor make progress on fisheries and forestry in the past 6 years? So what is your solution, what is your "alternative plan". Give us an alternative vision that is viable in two industries beset by environmental and market challenges. As to beef well if we had it the ALP way we would have limited beef exports. Imported wood, imported cars, imported seafood is most everywhere, its hardly an argument! Google "Successful ALP agriculture outcomes" and I rest my case. As far as I am concerned there is no "us" in my farming enterprise, the reality is farmers do ALL the heavy lifting!
"In my view it must begin with a change in our national political culture". Good so at least you recognize you are part of the problem. But bizarrely you are on about how to make rural branches stronger etc, more politics, perpetuating the problem. If you or the coalition wants stronger representation and seats then start supporting farmers with sensible policies. Reports, plans and papers don't help anyone, best you all let us get on with it without creating extra costs and barriers, and my heart and mind like many will never be yours because you just don't get it! Just more Blah! Blah!
Another opinionated scare piece. Joel while you decided not to enhance your career prospects with a university degree being a professional pollie and non farmer, to be fair ALP had 6 years to act and didn't. I see someone who wants to maintain the status quo however its broken. Rural campuses have larger percentages of lower socio-eco students because they are cheaper, yes there is a price point, most of us cant afford the top 8. I would rather my son gets a degree at a rural "teaching" campus than none. Universities are big business, focused on overseas income. So what is your solution?


"Mr Fitzgibbon said... has been contradicted by lack of action on agricultural policy over the past 12 months" How rich coming from you Joel and the ALP who shut down the live trade export based on a TV documentary. Fact is Joel neither you or Barnaby have delivered much at all. Bleating on about foreign ownership is pathetic when neither party cant even monitor urban foreign ownership which isn't rocket science. The only credit earnt is restoring live cattle exports but seriously Joyce claiming credit for a price turnaround on sheep and cattle!! Good grief!


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