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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Having drunk raw milk for many years I can state I am still alive but then we were meticulously clean with our milking and milk was not kept longer than two days because it went off. Perhaps the real problem is that people do not understand that Raw milk does not contain additives and isn't treated to be kept for long periods. On the farm we milk once or twice a day so the milk is kept for very short periods of time.
11/01/15 09:46 PM
I sincerely hope that David never has to suffer the mental trauma that severe droughts cause. Only businesses that rely entirely on farming produce can understand to any extent the affect of Drought. Most farmers do prepare for drought the best way we can but you can only store so much grain and hay. You save money where you can but the emotional toll is the one that is the worst. My physiologist described me depression as being akin to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We spend our lifetime building up flocks only to sell them to slaughter and try to keep the best. Try to feed them through
25/11/14 09:53 PM


I think we need more independents the big supermarkets have gotten too big for their boots. .
19/12/14 10:06 PM
I think the Government needs to get a farmer to draft the FMD legislation again as it is complex and very easy to fall into traps like the one above. Whilst not having the amounts of income and loss in the example I have also found to my detriment that If you invest more money than you can claim as a FMD in one year you cannot claim it the next year without withdrawing the money and reinvesting it. A very time consuming exercise and if bank staff do not fully understand and just reinvest without withdrawing as happenned to me you end up paying tax on money in an FMD.
19/06/12 11:25 PM
If only we had more Barnaby Joyce's in Parliament we might not be in the mess we are. Australia is being taken over by people trying to turn us into something we are not.and foreign countries buying up our assets. Wakeup Australia.
15/03/12 09:39 PM
When corporatiosn and companies eventually own all the farms people will really have to pay because they are only for profit and woudl rather dump goods than sell them at unrealistic prices as farmers are in many cases forced to now. We are at the whim of the big supermarkets and abatoirs who downgrade our product at will but do you see four different grades of lamb in the supermarket or fruit and vegetables marked seconds and much Chepaer of course not. Wakeup Australia before it is too late. Why would anyone want to farm on these terms.
23/02/12 11:02 PM
Outside corporations buying Australian land have made it more expensive and therefore many farmers cannot afford to buy the land when it does come on the market. I was born in 1960 and spent my entire life on farms, why would i want to pass that onto my son. No income security, being told we have a dole bludger mentaility when in drought times we are given a small amount of money to live on . Watching our stock fade away in front of us in drought. Beimg forced to put our sheep into pits and then shoot them becasue they were unsaleable. What a fantastic lifestyle.
23/02/12 10:57 PM


When Australia is owned by overseas investors maybe the Government will notice. We are slowly selling ourselves out. We need to protect our Farmers.
14/12/14 09:34 PM


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