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Perhaps if farmers got a fair price for their goods, they might be in a better position to drought proof themselves. As for the pot calling the kettle black, the Australian Govt has blown (read wasted) billions of dollars on the Collins submarines and the roof insulation scheme (to name but two)...and successive governments have had no problem handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidise car manufacturers making cars no one wanted to buy. If climate change is man made and increasingly severe droughts are the consequence... why shouldn't the farmer be given some form of assistance.
25/11/14 10:16 PM


Sad, that in this day and age of so called infrastructure building, we seem unable to get any sort of support in Aust for a properly funded feasibility study into the practicality of shifting monsoonal waters from the north into the dry interior river systems.
I am involved with a company that has developed and patented a radical new impeller for water pumps that cuts electricity costs by around 50%. China has already reacted by building large pumps to test for their Three Gorges Irrigation Project and India are now discussing a project as well. Meantime, in Aust the silence is deafening
19/03/15 03:11 AM
We spend some $12K a year on food, so a GST would add another $1200. In accepting the need to raise more taxes to pay for the services Australians want, perhaps a better solution might be to raise the GST to 15% or 18 % (whatever is required) and leave food alone.... but this time drop ALL state taxes, levies and stamp duty. I pay well over $6K a year in stamp duty and fire levies on insurance, plus vehicle taxes and LLS levies. There is a massive stamp duty on property purchases. Many current taxes are revenue neutral, meaning they slug the person paying but do zilch for Govt revenue.
31/12/14 12:15 AM
It is called fiscal rape.... which is an art in this country. Think banks for a starter and all airport charges. The petrol companies are some way down the list of worst offenders.
15/01/13 08:41 AM
Interesting the vitriolic, negative diatribe that regularly spews forth out of the hole occupied by 'Bushie Bill', One might be forgiven for thinking rather indicative of a man who has lived a perfect, mistake free life. Show me a man who never made a mistake and I will show you a man who never made anything. .
31/12/12 07:29 PM
Not dissimilar from an assessment report on your wife written by your mother in law.
07/12/12 07:20 PM
Like all things, it is a matter of getting priorities right when spending money. Many would argue that spending the money on a high speed rail network would provide far more benefits to Australia than than the NBN. We already have a reasonably fast wireless and ADSL network that while not ideal... is adequate. On the other hand we move freight and passengers around Australia on a rail system that is little faster than it was in 1950. It would reform the movement and cost of transporting freight and passengers in Australia, makeing our exports more competitive and our tourism more attractive.
05/12/12 08:54 PM
Funny that all the solutions for reducing carbon output involve raising taxes (read benefit to governments) but no one is prepared to debate the real cause of the problem..... namely uncontrolled population growth to the point where it is becoming unsustainable. Perhaps the clowns might consider a child tax.
19/06/12 03:51 AM


Prices falling ?? Must be getting close to harvest time!!!
15/11/12 04:12 AM
What about high alcohol consumption causing an increase in bowel cancer in Australia. We have one of the highest consumption rates in the world and the medical profession continually links the two.
29/04/12 11:15 PM


Simple, build bikes with ABS, traction control, anti rear control, terrain following radar and idiot sensor in the seat cushion (ie stops if the rider goes nuts). We have eliminated see saws and swings in parks and next will be roll over bars on horses, because they kill too. Belt the bejesus out of rock fishermen, because the injury and death statistics are too frightening to comprehend. Finally, the matter of sex... a most dangerous pursuit where more people die from heart attack than any other trivial pursuit. Lets all live in a cave and do nothing until senility pervades...
29/11/12 07:26 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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