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Grain of Truth

Hope u learnt enought that u will be able to realise when a company like awb ltd is ripping off growers that u might do a bit of work and highlight the fact - past tense.
Now i hope u can investigate any shennanigans Cargill might get up to.
09/09/11 02:05 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Spoke to a banker friend last week and he said much the same as David.
They dont realise the chaos and cost to farmers that could be caused by the likes of adm stuffing up -even for one season.
Also, it is not likely the mythical "someone else"will build new ports and/or silos in a short time frame.
GRAINCORP should have been made to divest some export terminals years ago - we should push for ADM to do so if they wanto to get GRAINCORP
02/05/13 10:46 PM


the accc is out of touch (then again maybe it isn't! - more on that later) - in a year where the major processors have gleaned a billion dollars or more in excess margins by underpaying producers; the accc says that there appears to be no competition issues in the beef sector!!!
now perhaps we need to look at the "consumer" part of the accc - having the cheapest beef market (to the producer, not at retail!) in the developed world last year, the accc probably thinks the beef system works well!
perhaps the accc thinks its too hard to ensure competition; we will just focus on the consumer!!
11/02/15 06:33 AM
there is another reason to not allow this takeover - and, that is due to the likelihood that jbs is doing it to gear up the local subsidiary with a loan from the parent company at above market interest rates! This will help ensure they pay little tax in Australia!.
10/02/15 09:59 AM
agforce qld should hang their heads in shame - to my knowledge not one peep out of them against it!!
07/02/15 01:22 AM
Is it true about a media blackout on questioning? Is it that they ban the media from the meetings - if so, Friday in Roma why would agforce agree to such a condition?
25/07/13 11:02 AM
Fiona Nash is to be applauded.
Whilst the takeover is not to be opposed for the sake of it, it it just too risky!
"The Realist" has faith in a code of practice for port access - wel port access is only part of the story for competitors - shipping stem allocations stock swapping etc need to be looked at
10/07/13 12:55 AM
I think this will relive a lot of bad memories for growers - the GGA,( whilst after Ron was there), gave away the golden share for nothing! - It could have stopped this takeover from happening ; and it will not be disastrous all the time, but it will not be without incident or a situation from time to time where Australian growers are exploited!
09/07/13 11:30 AM
there is no regulation (or code of practice) at present by the accc to enable swapping of stocks from depot to depot for graincorps (and henceforth adm) competitors - I believe it happens now at times, but there is no provision for anyone to enforce it! This can put competitors at a big disadvantage!!
04/07/13 09:54 AM
looks good at first glance - but from what i understand they have taken in heaps of tonnes and they state they sell an equal proportion of the grain each month! i.e. the 5 month plan they sell 20% each month.
could be that major buyers in the market may try to take advantage of that formula!
14/01/12 11:00 AM


Mark has it spot on. We do not need to have independent directors to access specialist skill sets.
However, what with the standing proxies and nepotism of the board; there may not be enough attraction of , or election of, these sort of talented people who are in the farming community!
15/09/16 01:17 AM
we as farmers need to resist the push by various influential people and organisations to get better data from farmers about grain stocks and crop production.
It amazes me that GGA has led a big push on this issue as it would be to growers detriment.
Aussie battler - your comments seem a bit harsh but one of the leading grains analysts in the world, Darin Newsom from DTN , has stated that the usda stocks report has been corrupted of recent times.
16/10/15 09:18 AM
The question must be asked that was it morally responsible (it would have been legal) for directors (including the chair) , to vote their proxies for candidates that the majority of thinking members clearly did not want?
Were most of the proxies that were held by the chair and other directors voted at that stage of the meeting after when the strong protest vote was obvious?
Perhaps the chair should vote for stability in the interests of the organisation , which is his role! But, it also should be said that such a protest vote against the incumbents should not be ignored!
01/10/15 03:57 AM
Perhaps the debate is about the wrong issue! We should all be focusing on how all or many of the so called grdc "triumphs" , are stuck in the slow lane (extremely slow), to commercialisation.
How many years has it been since breakthroughs are hailed in frost, drought and salinity tolerance and yet little or nothing! (Rees came and then fizzled!)
21/05/15 08:40 PM
rural press slow off the mark again -not a matter of frost damage in future, but that it has occurred already- will be plenty of damage in qld and north n.s.w.
25/08/13 03:21 AM
anyone tell me how equal and fair access to shipping stems can be guaranteed along with "port access" - I dont think it can and therein lies one of the problems!!
01/07/13 02:50 AM
Not Keith's fault per se but we still do not have access to many of the traits in wheat varieties that GRDC researchers have been spruiking for years and years!
For example, after a variety that has crown rot and nematode resistance or tolerance -no can do ! -just one of those traits at a time - oh well, then yellow spot and crown rot - no can do - stripe rust and yellow spot - same thing etc etc
How many years have we been zero tilling and hence crown rot and yellow spot would have been big priorities?
I have not even mentioned the much spruiked salt tolerance or extreme drought traits!
23/06/13 01:55 AM
seems too elitist now for many growers. Sure it is good to go to the west but it is more about style than substance!!
-and what a bureaucracy of staff with important sounding titles!!
06/10/12 12:12 AM
I have been scanning the land website for some useful information about how the harvest is going in new south wales.
I have seen quite a few good updates from w.a. and even s.a. but the nsw news has been thin on the ground of late. The chief grain correspondent did take time to file an article on how much grain was stored on farm!!
I have heard of big quantities not harvested in nsw which is very disastrous for growers ; but have not seen mention of it in the land and i dont know if it is just a rumour ! - probably spread by those dastardly growers who are storing grain on farm!!
22/12/11 10:40 AM
There is no mention Gregor that Grain Producers Australia has hardly hit the ground running, nor is it bursting with members!!
It could also be argued that in some of the areas graingrowers would have liked to have been more active, that the rest of the grains industry has been proactive in keeping them out.
Really, with respect to grower advocacy they have just decided to crash through with the nff membership, as the rest of the industry has been so busy ignoring them about everything else!!
17/11/11 07:00 AM


Senator O"Sullivan is to be commended. There has been huge issues, which are abating to some degree with the reduction in cattle supply. Jbs has too much market power is one of the main problems; and even now has manipulated shifts and works closings to make sure there is a backlog (sure some of it was needed but not as much as they did).
Saleyards buyers should not collude prior to pens coming up to decide who will bid! How you enforce this is another matter. Soem buyers do need to be able to buy for multiple entities; but with that privilege should come some responsibility.
12/05/16 08:24 AM
Of course Bruce Scott has achieved so much for his constituents!
90% of Maranoa area has terrible mobile phone coverage, and where was Bruce with the Telstra Privatisation? Internet coverage is also very poor!
Most towns that dont have a mine or gasfield nearby are dying.
With respect to gas, it took years before there was any noises from Bruce to stick up for affected landholders!
The Warrego highway was a disgrace and still is in many sections- how many tragic accidents did it take before we have finally seen some action!!
Not a peep from Bruce when drought aid was phased out!
05/12/14 09:23 AM
Reardon and Martin are quite diplomatic but particularly Reardon who should have been elected!
The most relevant point they touched on is that now GGA has oversight of the GRDC. One of the reasons for gaining a share of that oversight advanced by GGA was that it was far more democratic than GPA.
The fact that only 10% of members voted; and also then that members wishes were ignored by the board means that the GGA cannot really honestly now make that claim!
10/10/15 03:10 AM
Yes, years too late but better late than never! Could never understand why Tony Windsor et al though that the nbn was the number one issue for rural people, whereas in reality the phone blackspots was number one for most of us!
Yes, nbn coverage will mean phone and internet, but the nbn is generally not filling in the blackspots!!
09/12/14 09:46 AM
just wondering what was good about Windsor - seem to remember him trying to say that the carbon tax was good for rural Australia; and he was missing in action when his mates banned the live export trade which caused decimation in pastoral areas, and also in the Indonesian beef industry as well!
I was thinking of joining this party until i read the comments about Windsor plus the concluding paragraph. - are they going to be wreckers like Clive Palmer and just smooth the way for a Labor win!
15/03/15 02:18 AM
Finlay is right to want to include small businesses in rural towns and, yes there needs to be much more done for farmers. Shorten and Katter have also made sensible contributions to the issue!
07/11/14 08:00 PM


there must be some mistake - the debate in this article is purile and not factual!
the wea now does not monitor a single desk, nor does it put a floor in the market!
I would also like to remind people that the wea did do a stirling job when the awb was losing its single desk - it saved growers over $100m in break fees which the awb was going to charge.
06/10/12 12:02 AM


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