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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, farmers in this country receive a very small amount in government handouts when compared to what we earn in export dollars. And to argue land values would be cheaper if we didn't receive handouts is also wrong because if we allow more foreign ownership as you say, that will only drive up land values as has been happening.
The handouts farmers get are a very small percentage of what we actually earn in export dollars for this country. It seems logical to give a bit back when faced with such a diabolical situation.
I know of very few farmers who have received drought subsidies and any that is given does flow through to other rural businesses and communities. How about you concentrate your efforts on reducing handouts to our city cousins, oh no you won't do that, there are too many votes to lose in the city.
Sorry David but you have know idea.
David Leyonhjelm and Paul Howes,
The two of you are pathetic with what you think. I manage a farm which runs about 500 cows and makes a profit every year. Australian farms are made up of big and small farms which is good because it gives us diversity and this is achieved with very little in the way of handouts. Perhaps the two of you should do a tour of farms in other parts of the world and you might get a better understanding .

Get Muddy

Australian cattle producers as a whole are doing a great job. The problem is we have to contend with huge off farm costs such as transport and meatworks. The markets we sell our beef into have huge tariffs. American beef producers receive about 40% more for their cattle. The small business operater dosnt have these problems so before you put pen to paper go out and do some proper research.


The point is our roads nead a lot of money put into them and an increase in the fuel tax is the only way to go.
There are serious problems in the bush and most of it is due to low farm commodity prices, most people receive yearly increases in their wage but people on the land don't. We recently purchased some neighbouring land at auction and had to pay 35% more than what I thought would have been a fair price. It is all about staying on the land and setting up the next generation. This is crazy situation but what else do you do, you can sell up and go and do something else but that wouldn't solve the mess. I think we need to be able insure ourselves from poor seasons and poor commodity prices.
The biggest problem we face as farmers is we are not getting paid enough for what we produce. We are produce som of the best food in the world and we get nothing for it. I'm getting sick of politicians and journalists coming up with these solutions and telling us how great a job we do. Big business, unions and politicians are only making it worse and there only looking after there own interests.
This is a good decision made. There are already too many foreign owned monopolies in this country.


Well done Barry.


Where I live the average rainfall hasn't changed in 130 years. If our climate was changing, so to would the rainfall!!!
I would like to know who is the real Bushie Bill. You seem to have a real hatred for people in the bush. You sound as if you've had some sort of education. You think you have all the answers to our problems. And going by all the comments you make on this site, you obviously have plenty of time on your side. I invite you to reveal who you are.
Allowing more foreign investment is stupid. Farm land prices are already too high. In our our area of southern nsw farms are making at least $7000 a cow area a, $5000 would be a realistic figure.
All the recent high recorded temps have come from weather stations where the recordings only go back 40 years or so.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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