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Turnbull is far too left for me. I have voted conservative all my life and if Turnbull was leader I would vote informal. How shallow are these people who say these things like "an alluring silver fox"? That puts him on a par with Rudd as a master silver tongue. Give me Tony Abbott anyday, a genuine bloke, good leader, honest, intelligent, man of the prople, not a slick tongued show pony.
08/08/13 05:23 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

What handouts? We wish! Our incomes have steadily reduced and costs steadily increased over the last 30 years including government costs, so what do we use to pay ANY employees? We employ family for very little remuneration. We cannot reduce costs any further, we are all "coursed" out, we have run out of ideas and money.Things are VERY, VERY bad in inland Aust and it is not all drought, it is mostly financial. We could handle the drought if we had an income prior to the drought but to go into the drought with a falling income for the last 30 years is a disaster.
09/12/14 11:51 PM
Well said David. The industry should give WWF a wide berth, they cannot be trusted.
21/04/14 06:13 AM
Hydatid ..... the very young are getting these diseases, not just the older people. I have children and grand children with behavior causing allergies due to modern foods. I went to boarding school and don't recall one child with a peanut allergy, now peanuts and peanut products are banned in schools due to allergies causing death. Time to face facts.
07/04/14 10:45 PM
I, and many others like me, will never knowingly consume anything that comes from GM crops. We do not know the long term affects on human health. 100 years ago cancer was 1 in 10, it is now 1 in 2. The world is now full of auto immune diseases, allergies, obesity, diabetes etc. What has changed? The food production and processing. Anything with a number against an ingredient in the information panel is a chemical so we are consuming excessive amounts of chemicals. You are what you eat. Why eat GM before we know what it can do? A big NO from me.
06/04/14 11:52 PM
So "ethically raised" pork is the tag given to pigs that can lie on, crush and suffocate their piglets? I would rather have sow stalls any day, much kinder to the piglets. Don't come back with free range as the pigs often eat other sows piglets. Sow stalls are the best way to go. Just shows how these people, with no doubt good intentions, should not become involved in something they nothing about and just run on emotions.
16/03/14 10:59 PM
Please save the rural industry from politicians like David, they do more harm than good. Look at Ludwig and the LE, what next? ADM were found guilty of bribes just after Hockey refused their takeover. We don't want those sort of companies here.
11/03/14 09:53 PM
Jo Bloomfield, I have to tell you this bloke is vet and has won a seat in the Senate after July. God save us all.
12/02/14 04:33 AM
And when hundreds of farmers walk off their land who is going to care for it? Walk off they will,some already have,and they won't be back.You cannot learn farming out of a book so they will take their knowledge with them.David Moore is correct,the problem is that we are being ripped off on price by the multinationals and dear old Ludwig made it worse.We should be getting at least $6 a kilo not less than $2 which is less than we got 30 years ago.You try living on an income equivalent to 30 years ago with today's costs.We care for the land for free and should be valued for that with help.
10/02/14 04:55 AM
Most of the problems with small area farmers having to work off farm is that the price for the commodity has not risen for many years but costs have skyrocketed. No business, big or small can make a profit with that situation. E.G cattle prices: in 1970 it took 12 bullocks to buy a Landcruiser 4X4 ute, now it takes 70 bullocks. 20 years ago sugar was selling at 15 cents per pound, now 16 cents. Dairy farmers were promised utopia with deregulation but were decimated. Wool growers couldn't compete. Unions have wrecked manufacturing, we are not going to let them wreck rural industry.
23/12/13 03:46 AM
  Food plan fantasy 11 Comments 11
The only way a "food plan" or "food bowl" will work is for farmers to make a profit, and at the moment most farmers are going out the back door or just keeping their noses above water while the big supermarkets are laughing all the way to the bank. No profit, no food bowl. People in Australia are paying heavily for their fresh food but the supermarkets are making a huge profit, so something needs to be done urgently.
12/08/13 01:51 AM


The fault lies with the NSW government not with the Abbott government. Greg Hunt could not possibly disapprove the mine as they had met everything that had been asked of them. You can't have your cake and eat it too. I used to like Alan Jones but he runs with the fox and hunts with the hounds, so I have changed my mind.
15/07/15 10:29 PM
I heard a report that Hockey could only do so much as the decision was made by the ACCC and he was limited as to what he could do about it. Don't join the Lib Gov knockers, lobby the ACCC.
06/03/15 10:49 PM
I have read "Battle Lines" but the only income for a government are taxes/levies/charges and the fairest way is a consumption tax levies on everything. I am a farmer but I see no problem with GST on food. Maybe if it was on EVERYTHING it could be a bit less. However Mr Abbott has said there will be no change until after the result of the tax review and the next election and even then a change to the GST has to be an agreement of all the states and that won't happen while there are ALP states involved,as they just wish to be obstructionist. Why discuss this and give the ALP more to twist with lies.
13/01/15 10:15 PM
I am sure the federal government didn't start this debate - the Labor party and the enemies of the Coalition have started it. Abbott has clearly said the GST will not be touched in this term but will be included in the tax review. The GST cannot be changed except by the states and while there are 2 ALP states they will not agree. It is just trouble making.
09/01/15 05:00 AM
Food in Australia is extremely cheap. I am a farmer and I support the GST on food. GST should be on everything, but don't panic, it is up to the states and they won't do it while there are any Labor states.
06/01/15 10:24 PM
Milk is no longer milk. There is a saying that milk is pasteurized and buggerized. When I was a child milk was straight from the cow and tasted much nicer that milk today. I know children who can drink milk which milked from their own cow with no health reaction, but when drinking processed milk the child becomes ill. I never drink the milk processed by the large companies, just from boutique dairies whose milk is not stuffed from over processing and having other items added. Milk should be just that - milk.
18/03/14 02:26 AM
God save us from economists!We do not ask a price for our product,we take the best offer and for many years now we have been getting 1980 prices for our meat.In 1980 I needed 12 bullocks to buy a Land Cruiser, now I need 60 to 70 yet I am expected to be able to make enough to deal with drought? Costs have doubled in the last 6 years but my income is still the same.If I increase my herd it trashes the land,and I am expected to maintain the land in the best condition for the community.What do I get from them for that? Nothing! Not 1 cent and they don't want to help me out in drought?
21/02/14 09:39 PM
Here, here Hayseed.
29/01/14 09:50 PM
Here, here Mrs Mac. I am sure BB is a Labor or green stooge. Certainly not a bushie. What an insult to the wonderful people of the Australian bush.
19/12/13 06:53 AM
Having read quite a few accounts of the last 100 years settlerment in Australia one thing stands out very clearly, politicians of city ilk have made some appalling decisiions that have adversely affected rural industries for many many years. Mr Hockey should listen carefully to those in the industry as all rural industry is struggling in Australia. One example is the dairy industry which was affected enormously and very negatively by the deregulation, and Australia will be lucky to have fresh milk available to consumers in years to come. Be careful it doesn't happen to the wheat industry.
13/11/13 10:44 PM


This article misses the whole point which is that many people are now allergic to wheat and milk. Why? If you are allergic to gluten you would know it isn't a fad or a fashion, it is a very uncomfortable allergy. Is the wheat we use today different to the wheat used 100 years ago? Does the wheat contain something that some people cannot tolerate? Is it GM, has it been developed using something that many humans cannot tolerate? The wheat industry should do some research to try to find out why if they wish to save their industry.
10/07/15 08:19 PM


It is not true that unpastuerised milk is dangerous. I was raised on a grazing property and we drank milk that we milked from our cows for all of our childhood. In towns it was delivered to homes in a billycan until well into the fifties. The most dangerous milk is homogenised as a lot of people develop allergies which seriously affect their health. Milk must be kept cold at all times and its fridge life is short. Don't keep milk in the door of the fridge as it isn't cold enough, keep it in the body of the fridge.This tip was given to me many years ago by a milkman. Don't leave it on the bench.
11/12/14 08:25 PM
And it was more than a bit cold in the USA and Canada this year - the Niagara Falls froze solid and that is a rare occurrence. The climate changes all the time, the truth is that it is normal and not caused by humans.
31/03/14 11:24 PM
Good riddance. The first oath of a parliamentarian should be "do no harm" and he did Australia a lot of harm. As a public servant in Queensland back in the Goss days he did rural Queensland a huge amount of harm. Well rid of, I say.
13/11/13 10:26 PM
A vote for the Greens is a vote for death duties - how will that affect your estate when you pass away? Give me the Nats any day.
23/08/13 12:11 AM


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