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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

People like vegman are determined to take away all animals rights by denying them existence at all.
So Vegman isn't profit oriented. Either he lives in a cave that amazingly has the internet or he is sponging off the government which survives on our profits. What is he doing reading a farming web site?
Finally somebody has called the anti LE for what they are - racists who look down other cultures as inferior to us. Somebody should call out Lyn White for what she caused with the LE ban. I believe that you could attribute 1,000,000 needless stock deaths through the drought from unsaleable stock as well as potentially 500 forced sales/receiverships not to mention the 50 or so suicides.
Couldn't agree more
This happened with the timber industry and now there is no local industry. Certification adds a level of expense that is prohibitive for smaller operators. Larger operations can carry the expense at this point and see it as a way to grind down smaller businesses. However once the Trojan horse is inside the industry there true purpose is revealed - to close the industry. Look at the way that all of our native timber plantations then ended overseas controlled. We will still have our farms - just no market

A matter of opinion

WWF ultimate aim is to convert the world to vegetarianism - this is a quote from their web site
"How do I reduce my food impact on the planet?
Livestock is a hotspot in terms of environmental impact that’s why one of the most effective choices we can make is to reduce our meat and dairy consumption."
And you think there here to help? I don't think so!

Out of the shadow

Joel - The ABC had these cuts long planned. They have no interest in the bush and this was the excuse they were waiting for to complete the Sydney centralisation process. As for Bush Telegraph's demise, it shows just how little you know about the bush. It was broadcast on Radio National which can't be picked up by 90% of the bush because the signal doesn't reach them. Stop trying to pretend that you have empathy with the bush. It is not possible for Labor to be trusted by anybody in the bush so you are wasting your time trying.
Instead of running him down, tell us what you would do if you were minister. The shadow of the "EXPORT PAUSE" will rightly hang over your party for ever. The Labor party can never have the interests of farmers at heart. It was founded by a group of striking pastoral workers and the anti rural platform still exists in their DNA and always will.
This is bit rich coming from a political party that allowed Ludwig to destroy the cattle industry and Carr and Bligh to limit food production by tying up all landholders capacity to develop their land. Don't even mention electricity prices and water buybacks. The Labor party is very happy with Coles and Woolworths because they are supportive of union workforces. Labor hates small business which is what farmers are and despite whatever Joel says Labor can never be the farmers' friend.


Not too many shearers and railway workers left out there to vote for you Bill. I think you will find everybody else has a long memory about how little Labor cares for the bush. John Kerin was the last farmer in cabinet. Ask the wool industry how he went - it has never recovered from Wool industry decisions.
Don;t forget the Ludwigs hate farmers - ask Joe about wide combs.
The sad irony is that the most cockie hating family in Australia is supposed to be looking after the rural industry


Lots of big feel good words that explain nothing. One vote one value looks a bit worrying. All cattle producers in Australia would have one vote and processors each get a vote? Oh and every environmental group each get a vote as well. This is at best a setup if not a trap to destroy the beef producers.
I can't believe you are giving this idiot print space. This is the man who did more to destroy the beef industry than other individual in history. Then he claims CEFC is the answer. Henbury certainly looks a success.
Additional productivity would be nice but the reality is we need fairer prices for the product we already produce. Planting trees for offsets sounds nice but certainly isn't going to provide additional food production.


This theory is flawed. The roos have just been chased away by the dogs from the study area to a different district to flog out somebody else's country. There is limited suppression of the overall kangaroo numbers Australia wide. Dogs don't kill a lot of roos - they are too hard to catch. Flock animals like sheep and cattle are much easier prey as well as providing greater sport.
What are all these vegan trolls doing reading rural based news items. Simple - there aim is to shut down the animal industry by any means possible. I have nothing to fear - they can and watch 24/7 if they want to and would see nothing but hard work, care and respect for all our stock. On the other hand lets put a 24 hour watch on their private lives just in case they are abusing their children, stealing from their employers, cheating on their spouses or anything else illegal. Why not make random surveillance mandatory for everybody - not just farmers.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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