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Get Muddy

Excellent article and sums up the reality, however sad for some farmers, but in the end its a business, its very much about risk management. Likewise in the city there are over leveraged home mortgage holders, small business owners who have leveraged the business using family homes as collateral. Thanks for putting it in perspective.
15/12/14 09:33 PM

Out of the shadow

"For 18 months now Australian agriculture – with all its potential and opportunity – has been without government policy or guidance". That's great news and as long as incompetent governments, political parties and career politicians like yourself and most others with absolutely no rural experience stay out of agricultural business, the better it is. In general we are all fed up with meaningless white papers and reports anyway and publishing another will not make any difference. It's ironic that agriculture is surging ahead without that guidance and policy! Perhaps that's the way to go!
22/03/15 09:23 PM
A bit of leadership from government would go a long way! Good grief coming from you Joel that's about as hypocritical as it gets. Pray tell, what did the ALP achieve in 6 years? Not much! Agriculture would do much better if all your ignorant pollies stop dabbling in what must feel like hobby farming to you lot and allow us farmers get on with it. Your shallow assessment shows just how much you don't really know. Fact is our biggest challenge is State and Federal parliaments. If it was a viable investment super funds would invest.
08/02/15 09:30 PM


Get over it, what a piddling sum of money $5000 is, Australians get charged more than that for marrying a foreigner and applying for a visa to keep them here, so stop the overreaction, this is lunch money and won't even make anyone blink, shock the market? do you think? You could do what most intelligent countries do and make it part of the purchase contract process with full ID vetting, visa vetting, money source vetting and so on (10 minutes to do that). Only Australia makes a meal of something so simple, and the FIRB hasn't done anything ever and this covers their own ineptitude to date.
25/02/15 09:17 PM
This is easy, ask each group for mushies, onions and mangoes to do a detailed cost benefit analysis, detailed financial management report etc and PROVE what they actually do has benefited each industry. No blah blah, meaningful numbers and if it comes out that the levy resulted in reasonable improvements in product for all growers (I never hear from anyone by way of info or output from any of the levy recipients) or the levy shows cost effective marketing that increases sales so that levy payers are getting value for money. I suspect not much.
23/07/14 10:23 PM


Good grief, if you are stuck on this then how effective as a coherent alternative are you going to be. The message is already being drowned out with noise. Change the word country to Rural and get on with it or sink into the sunset like so many others. That would be a shame!
19/01/15 09:29 PM
"A child under 5 can't tell the difference between drinkable milk and bath milk" BUT the parents can ... when are parents going to be held accountable for care and feeding of their kids.
15/12/14 09:25 PM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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