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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Rob, just go to 4 Corners.
28/10/15 05:05 AM
There is not an inevitable shortage of food. The world already produces enough food for 12 billion people. A rise in food wastage is what's inevitable. Not addressing food wastage will compromise "the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".
05/02/15 01:15 PM
New definition of insanity: choosing to be a primary producer whilst thinking that you're something else.
09/12/14 11:09 PM
And yet there is $3.2 billion sitting in farm deposits.
25/11/14 11:48 PM
No one has the right to farm. People have the choice to farm. That they have the choice is the privilege.
16/10/14 01:42 AM
Italians just purchased a famous wool property but no foreign hysteria on that one?!!
09/07/14 06:48 AM
Farmers have been groomed as consumers of inputs. That is the bottom line of this issue.
06/06/14 06:29 AM
It is well-researched and documented that organic is the fasting growing consumer category in the world and represents one of the brightest and profitable opportunities for Australian food producers.
04/06/14 07:30 AM
ADM is regularly at the top of the Most Admired Food Companies, as rated by Fortune magazine each year.
14/03/14 03:28 AM
Within a generation, eastern grain growers will realise how far back they have set their industry compared to the rest of world. Reasons given by grain growers on Sunday's Landline for opposing ADM are totally confusing to any reasonably thinking business person observing Australia's grain industry.
10/03/14 08:22 AM

Get Muddy

Why do people keep saying that agriculture in Australia is unprofitable, yet farmers are sitting on $3.6 billion in farm management deposit tax havens?
18/12/14 05:56 AM
Thanks Qlander. As an observation, I think many enterprises have outgrown the local accountant and the local bank manager. Industry consolidation means these very large businesses are in dire need of high levels of financial governance and not getting it/seeking it.
16/12/14 11:58 PM
Poor financial literacy is THE biggest issue in the bush right now - as it has been for some time.
16/12/14 02:49 AM
No worries Sam. Thanks Rash. Appreciate the response. Just asking the question - which was hard to do. Not pointing a finger at the Terbutt family. I just got a shock. The article painted such a gloomy picture about the position of the business and soon after also starting a new business (I know first hand how much this can drain any spare money) and heading into another drought, I was just surprised to read about boarding school. Looks like the new biz really took-off early 00s for which the Terbutts should be commended. And Rash has provided some interesting statistics.
20/05/14 11:25 PM
There is a high school 20 minutes down the road in Warialda. It's a fair question and people are interested to know. Sam has used strong words to describe a succession of "crippling" situations for the property. So it may help others to know how they managed to send their kids to boarding school at the same time.
20/05/14 03:19 AM
This is where the average city-slicker is getting confused about the 'plight' of farmers. The words used in this article paint such a gloomy picture about farming. Oh, but they sent three kids to boarding school!
19/05/14 10:55 PM
It's what our industry has always done and has become a master at. That is, the manufacture of doom, gloom and outrage. Productivity is high in that regard. If people are serious about change, they need to get off their butts, walk out their farm gate and get further down their industry. Stop abdicating responsibility to the old boys club of failed farmers in tweed that have a chip on their shoulder about everyone and everything ad infinitum.
07/04/14 11:51 PM
So Rob why do you keep doing it? No one is forcing you to farm and accept the situation you spend countless hours telling us about. I'd much rather read about someone that bit-the-bullet and took a new direction - or figure it out and get on with it. Everyone is under pressure.
18/03/14 05:30 AM
But on the flip-side Pepper, the face of the industry must be presented to Governments, export markets etc as a unified value chain. This is where other countries get it totally right and we get it totally wrong. Appreciate peoples' different 'reason for being' but segmenting our value chain (collective interest) into adversarial units is a killer. Momentum from a national collective interest is what we need. Australia has too many participants who simply don't understand the industry they are in.
18/03/14 02:53 AM
Our industry has not been immune to the phenomenon that has swept across Australia. That is, short-termism and sense of entitlement. People whose standard of living and net worth has increased through the hard work of others, can become strange beasts. There is no future vision. It is all about defending one's position - a culture that is evident right throughout these comment forums.
17/03/14 11:50 PM

A matter of opinion

If Maggie Beer can get pinged for false advertising then so should Telstra.
15/10/14 09:59 PM
Agri-politics is heavily guarded by people who have made a substantial living clipping-the-ticket on this industry. It's been a honey pot for them. There are many flashy vehicles in this industry that should technically have Government number plates.
17/04/14 06:29 AM
Salaries should be linked to levels of membership. No one should be funded or consulted by Government unless 50% or higher representation of industry sector. If advocacy is your thing then boot-strap it like any other small business until you've got the numbers. Can't just walk in on a 6-figure salary and start making lists of projects to look busy. After leaving, should not be allowed in politics for 5 years.
13/03/14 02:59 AM
Are you serious?!! Hoping for rain is not a business plan.
30/01/14 10:39 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Agreed Hilda. So why do we keep providing assistance to people who are trying to farm in arid and semi arid environments i.e. keep them out there with a business model that doesn't work?
19/08/15 12:18 AM
Hilda, are you confirming that farming in many parts of Australia is financially not viable and therefore people should be provided assistance to continue to stay out there?
17/08/15 11:30 PM
There is a continuing lack of financial literacy and acumen in the bush for many operators.
20/04/15 12:08 AM

Bush Matters

Deregulation did not spawn supply chain oligarchs. Farmers did when they sold-off the supply chains they owned.
13/06/14 12:37 AM

Out of the shadow

If there is no money in farming, who owns the $4.6 billion sitting idle and tax-free in FMDs?
10/08/15 07:47 AM
Food is not cheap in Australia. We are one of the most expensive places in the world to shop - not just for food. Do your research.
01/07/14 11:45 PM


Spoken like a true foreign invader AussieBattler. At least foreign investors are willing to pay for the rights to own someone else's land.
11/11/15 02:03 AM
I'm ashamed when Australians whinge and squabble over their sense-of-entitlement to land, without acknowledging the original families and people that were kicked off it by their forefathers. It's seriously embarrassing.
09/11/15 06:25 AM
Always remember you have your farm because your forefathers didn't have to follow any rules at all.
09/11/15 02:30 AM
No taxation - as in the several billion dollars of farmers money sitting in FMDs untaxed?! Who's dodging tax?
03/11/15 09:38 PM
How on earth so many agricultural retailers are still operating I'll never know.
17/09/15 10:51 PM
How are the activities of these diligent investors associated with the act of being a squatter?!
14/07/15 02:56 AM
Avondale, which Australians are you referring to - the first?! Land ownership rights is a precarious platform for agriculture.
09/07/15 04:46 AM
People who did not inherit a farm need jobs.
08/07/15 08:15 AM
"Aussie farms for Aussie families" Sounds like a slogan straight out of 1950s Australian agriculture. Needless-to-say that is where most of the industry thinking is still at - the 50s.
17/06/15 03:39 AM
Let's not paint it a different colour. Farmers think like farmers because that's all they want to be - a farmer. But without the compromises of choosing to be a farmer.
20/05/15 06:11 AM


Not sure why GGL is wasting time and money doing this. Haven't they heard of the National Variety Trials?
04/11/15 02:19 AM
Who appointed the position - the members?
03/11/15 03:19 AM
If that's what farmers under 35 know about pricing grain, then most will go broke.
30/10/15 12:12 AM
Now add hail, rain and high winds.
21/10/15 11:47 AM
Jock, there was no loss of equity. Only a change in ownership of equity when farmers willingly sold the industry infrastructure they owned. Happy to take the money and then complain of suffering??
02/10/15 09:08 AM
Germany has just announced a total ban on GM crops, the fifteenth EU country to do so, plus also recently Russia and many others. Why is market development for high quality non-GM not a focus for South Australian grain producers or their representatives?
02/10/15 07:23 AM
Just read the petition. It's too general. Just words. Instead of "the benefits to a farming system are" it should say "the economic benefits to a farming system are" and then clearly state what the economic gains are for a typical grain producer in South Australia. Better weed control means farmers are saving how much? More production means farmers are earning an extra what? Increased competitiveness increases profitability by how much?
02/10/15 01:39 AM
WTF makes a good point. Why aren't South Australian grain producers and their representative lobbyists hopping-mad they aren't getting a premium, instead of using it as the reason why they need to grow more non-premium crops?!!
30/09/15 10:22 PM
Always interesting to see on what activities grain lobby groups decide their members' money can be best spent.
29/09/15 01:24 PM
Newbroom, if you don't produce profitably you'll go down the gurgler.
03/08/15 11:46 PM


Seriously?! That's what we call a Young Farmer Challenge?! How-about we test them on some other 'tasks' such as: 1.) Developing a strategy 2.) Writing a business plan 3.) Analyzing a balance sheet 4.) Writing a bank proposal. 5.) Pitching to investors.
25/08/15 08:07 AM
Worst reporting I've seen by 60 Minutes in a long time.
13/04/15 08:57 AM
The faceless men of the levy gravy boat and their consultants are under threat. Look out. AAG has 45 members. Would love to know the combined salary bill of those 45 member groups and combined operating costs. The overlap and duplication of effort across these 45 groups (at least) would be staggering.
20/08/14 11:28 PM
As soon as I saw the 1950's headline "fair go for farmers" I couldn't be bothered reading it.
08/07/15 12:23 AM
Why is South Australia not achieving a market premium for its non-GM canola?
22/04/15 02:12 AM
Hayseed, information / statistics regarding FMDs is on the DAFF web site. The figure is now $3.6 billion. Interestingly, if the Government wants to complain about a revenue hole in the national budget, then perhaps it can investigate and tell us who owns the $3.6 billion sitting in Australia's biggest Government-endorsed tax haven. Or perhaps 4 Corners will.
11/12/14 03:08 AM
So Rob, who owns the $1.5 billion in FMDs in NSW & QLD if we exclude all the livestock producers? Grain growers say they have no money. Cane growers say they have no money. Cotton growers say they have no money. Vegetable growers say they have no money. Fruit growers say they have no money. So who owns the $1.5 billion spare cash??
10/12/14 02:56 AM
Good point Morrgo. Some of the money sitting in FMDs could be used to build state-of-the-art meat processing and export facilities, for the growers by the growers.
10/12/14 01:06 AM
Well yes of course as always the devil is in the detail and good luck anyone getting hold of that. Instinct (and a fair bit of experience) tells me there is something very fishy going on with FMDs. But if I'm proven wrong and someone is able to demonstrate that individual Australian farmers are indeed sitting on a cool $3.2 billion in spare cash (keeping in mind the ATO criteria for FMDs is actually quite restrictive by definition) then I will obligingly eat humble pie. FMDs need to be investigated.
08/12/14 02:56 AM
I'd like to see a map showing by postcode who owns the $3.2 billion sitting in FMDs.
08/12/14 01:07 AM


What's the price of Australian beef in the US compared to local?
28/10/15 05:01 AM
Australia's agricultural retailers do exactly the same to their suppliers. Squeeze squeeze squeeze. Where's the enquiry?!
06/06/14 03:06 AM


There are now many agricultural consultants facilitating the flow of foreign money targeted at the very businesses they advise.
28/09/15 08:27 AM
The Farmer, is it a bargain or a more realistic price? In reference to the article, the actual "serious concern" is why someone paid so much in the first place.
20/10/14 07:17 AM
Some farmers are now forced to sell to the highest bidder because they were the highest bidder when they bought it.
15/07/14 03:33 AM
Hunter, why do you say the AUD is on the back foot?
19/03/14 12:35 AM

Rural Lifestyle

What a totally ridiculous question for the online poll. How about, do waiters own millions of dollars in assets?
07/10/14 10:52 PM


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