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Grain of Truth

One of the most ridiculous data collections (or it would be if the outcome was not so serious) is the GM canola auditing that has taken place in WA this season. The promised 'random audits' turned out ot be on a voluntary basis with volunteers being visited possibly just once during the season. The audit, to measure the level of 'compliance' will be written up in a report. You have to be kidding! Since when does an audit rely on volunteers, and who would put their hand up to be audited if they weren't complying! What a total waste of $200,000 of taxpayers' money! It will prove only one thing...that farmers who volunteer for auditing comply. What about the vast majority that did not can their (non)compliance be measured and what are the repercussions of their behaviours?
17/11/10 07:05 AM
R See 1...where have you been? GM cotton was exempted last year in WA, but oddly not one NW farmer has chosen to grow much for the demand to 'have choice' and here's one for dickytiger...last year there was a stall on a price for GM canola over east as they were having problems getting buyers...non GM canola ended up with a price premium in the end as this was the grain of choice for most of the grain buyers.
29/01/10 03:41 AM
Diamond, if there was transparent labelling of ALL GM derived foods (including products from GM fed animals) then consumers could decide...but at the moment labelling favours GM producers and we have no say.
In the US it was SEVEN YEARS before consumers even knew that they were eating GM foods!
And EJ, you really are showing your ignorance by suggesting that the lack of two headed people means that GM foods must be safe!
If you look at GM feeding studies, including those done by Monsanto, you will realise that side effects, such as stomach lesions, liver and kidney problems, and allergic reactions, will evolve slowly and not overnight, as do the diseases associated with smoking.
If one cigarette collapsed your lung would you continue to smoke?
Lack of labelling results in lack of traceability and no one is monitoring GM food consumption anyway so unless you are referring to some new long term, in depth, generational study on the effects of GM food on humans then stop making such random, groundless statements.
24/04/08 12:57 PM

Canberra Comment

What is our end game? If your 'old mate' wasn’t so self absorbed with his mobile speaker and microphone as he marched with us he could have asked. If he hadn't left early he would have heard from a wide range of speakers including farmers (conventional, organic and biodynamic) who are very concerned that they may lose their ability to grow and market GM-free food because of GM contamination. He would have heard about the demand for farmer protection legislation and transparent GM labelling, the importance of seed saving, seed sovereignty and biodiversity. Your ‘old mate’ only had to ask.
14/10/13 10:45 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

This is a useful page of tables to compare different standards u/Hungryforinfo/Free-range-egg-an d-chicken-guide/tabid/113/Default .aspx
08/07/15 02:00 AM
Fictitious economic benefits abounding yet again! Funny how a recent report examining the top 25% successful farmers from the Eastern Wheatbelt of WA showed they had one thing in common...they all chose to be GM-free! We have yet to see any independent reports on any economic benefits of GMOs and these industry driven fantasies don't count.
13/01/14 01:53 AM
Hydatid, vertical gene shifting may be possible and successful in nature, but not horizontal gene transfer. Huge difference in outcomes. Also David's blase description of swapping genes (really? mouse genes in pigs???) I wonder what generational testing was done to show the safety of this experiment, if any? We have moved on from Crick's law of genetics, and the central dogma of one gene equals one protein is history, didn't you realise David?
16/12/13 07:15 AM
  GM crop Luddism 28 Comments 28
Helen, I may have missed your point but where has it been said that canola is organic? Are you trying to blur the issue with this comment? I'm also confused as to which organic activists are the hypocrites and when did they accept canola as organic?
19/11/13 05:07 AM


Merge Labor with Libs and Nats...what would be the point of that? As you say, Boris, PGA and WAFF are out of step with the rest of the world when it come to accepting GMOs, the Labor party does not go along with that, and will seek to change WA's GM stance when it wins election. As Mick Murray has clarified elsewhere, both groups are virtually shooting them selves in the foot over this commitment to a failing industry...why repeal the Bill and drag the rest of the state down with them?
30/06/16 02:31 AM
One of the fastest growing sectors in the US Food Market is for GM-free labelled foods. Sales have soared and are continuing to increase as the savvy consumer is targeting quality and health over price. I'd love to see more of them here too.
28/06/16 12:07 AM
And when they've sorted out this problem let's move onto GM labelling. We are being left behind the global movement with 'non-GMO' labelling being the biggest food mover in the USA and with Germany's 'Ohne GenTechnik' gaining huge support it looks like GM-free will be in greater demand. Ignore it all you like, but markets as well as consumers are demanding to know what is in our food as well as where it comes from.
08/07/15 02:08 AM
As they say 'the devil is in the detail' but one specific detail is missing here - the ISDS or investor state dispute settlement. It enables foreign investors from TPP countries to sue governments if they behave in a way to harm their 'potential future profits'. As Philip Morris is suing over plain cigarette packaging so Monsanto could sue over any future hindrances such as rejection of GM patents, or GM labelling. All will be seen as anti-trade and harmful.
Let's get it clear, this is not a trade agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries but 600 US corporate advisors to multinationals.
21/03/15 06:05 AM
What is it with this Patrick Moore/ Greenpeace fixation ? He was not 'co-founder' and by the time the first commercial GM crop was in the ground he had long left the group as this was 28 years ago...long before the phrase 'substantial equivalence' was coined; before the surge of 'superweeds'; before the release of Monsanto's rBGH; before the problems with 'coexistence'; and eight years before the advent of the Flavr Savr tomato. Moore had left Greenpeace over a decade before the opposition to GMOs led to wide scale supermarket rejection and transparent GM labelling in the EU. Get a grip!
23/12/14 04:51 PM
Far out! That must give the PGA single figures now?
20/12/14 06:16 AM
What a load of rubbish! "insertion, deletion, or altering of existing genes of interest, might even be deemed as non-genetically modified" Changing the genetic blueprint of an organism with transgenics or cisgenics is not natural! This is clearly more GM Industry PR at work.
14/08/14 10:02 AM
Thanks Farm Weekly for airing this secret deal that will have far-reaching controls on our lives. The Agricultural chapter is being led by ex-Monsanto lobbyist Islam Siddique, and from the leaked details we have learnt that GM labelling will be illegal, as will any opposition to GM crops and foods. All will be seen as "anti-free trade practices" whether by individuals, states or country. Signing up to this agreement will lock in the Investor State Dispute Settlement where countries will be sued by industries for loss of potential, not actual, profits. There will be no right to appeal. Insane!
10/12/13 04:03 PM
During question time Dr Manners dismissed the idea of GM DNA remaining in processed oils, and thus not needing GM labelling. Yet this study, from 1997, shows that it can not only be detected, but the crop variety can be determined. 10.1007%2Fs002170050250
22/10/13 05:18 AM
Dear Angry Australian, which Australian event involving the Greens setting fire to a GM crops are you referring to?
08/08/13 09:04 AM


Planted hectares increased, yet seed sales have fallen by 10% in WA according to Monsanto's Tony May. The answer to this puzzle is that GM users are seeding at lower densities. Mr May also cites $80 additional seed costs and $59 price penalties as a factor in the sales drop.
18/07/16 01:30 AM
Today's West Australian has a story saying that GM canola seed sales have fallen by 10%. If that has reached saturation point (as suggested by Monsanto MD Tony May) this only includes about 20% of canola growers, but this repeal Bill will affect all farmers, including organics. Not fair to pander to the minority.
15/07/16 02:20 AM
The vote was won on numbers alone, and certainly not on the content or quality contained in the speeches of the Liberals, Nationals and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLCs which (fortunately) is available for all to read in Hansard. No wonder the motion to send the Bill to Committee was voted down...they know they would be exposed as lacking in fact and depth of argument.
13/07/16 05:25 AM
Interesting that non-GM canola has an open market, and enjoying up to $70 per tonne over GM which seems to be struggling this season. Can it be that the predictions of the WA Parliamentary Liberal Party paper on 'GM Technology for Plants in Agriculture' that non-GM premiums would not only be unlikely, but the EU would be softening in its acceptance of GMOs have been proved wrong?
15/10/15 12:37 PM
And this is why WA Ag and Food Minister Ken Baston wants to repeal the GM Crops Free Areas Act 2003? To grow GM cotton for a market in which there is an overabundance? /wa/a/30123349/cotton-a-case-for- gm-law-reform/ He's dreamin'....
17/12/15 07:00 AM
Sean Whitten - there has never been a study to show that GMOs are safe for us to eat. The closest was a study done in the UK to test the hypothesis that GM DNA would break down in the gut and not survive digestion. This one simple study showed that the GM DNA did in fact survive and transferred to gut bacteria. How GMOs interact with other species is well recorded by independent science and shows adverse and worrying results.
06/12/15 11:38 PM
Hick from the Sticks. Don't believe all the hype you read. GM canola is about 20% in WA and that is Industry figures so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. And yes, the rest (about 80% non-GM) can expect a $63 a tonne premium. Meanwhile Victoria and NSW, which have been growing GM canola for longer than WA, have seen their GM cropping areas reducing over the last year or two. About 8% of Australia's canola is GM I believe.
10/09/15 01:45 PM
Hick from the Sticks thanks for acknowledging that there have been no tests on us and GM foods. We know that we have been unknowingly eating GM-derived foods for the best part of 20 years, including GM-fed animals which is why we have been calling for proper labelling to give us a choice. No chance of that here in Oz! It's good to see that the EU is now doing that for GM-fed animals via the German label 'ohne gentechnik'. The EU is also testing for GM contamination levels in imported animal feed, which is why WA's non-GM is in demand there, and getting $63 premium (today's FW)
10/09/15 12:06 AM
And Mr Nozzle's comments shows just how far the illusion has reached. Such a statement has no scientific basis as there have never been any studies on the health and safety on humans from consuming GM food.
09/09/15 05:03 AM
Anyone wondering how a GMO puppet like Entine can be given so much oxygen need only read Steven Druker's book 'Altered Genes, Twisted Truths' to realise that the GM juggernaut has been backed by the US Government for decades based on spurious 'science' creating an illusion of safety which never existed. As one witness said 'It's molecular politics, not molecular biology'.
08/09/15 11:33 PM


Thanks John, No I didn't know that. Any idea why in 2006 it was decided to disallow this practice and that of mulching?
15/08/16 04:35 AM
Cotton isn't eaten? This will come as a surprise Philip Downie but more than half the GM cotton plant ends up in the food chain (60-65%) as trash for animal feed and seeds for 'vegetable' oil. All unlabelled of course, which is one reason why GM has found some success in Australia, and why the GM Industry ( represented by Ms Fitzgerald for many years) is now pushing for a removal of state GM moratoriums, GM labelling (as pathetic as it is in Australia) and to ensure that the new generation of GMOs are not even categorised as such. 'Social Licence' appears to be keeping us in the dark.
12/08/16 12:42 AM
There's nothing sustainable about GMOs. Being able to save seeds is a fundamental part of sustainable, farming, along with the ability to develop your own seeds and have seed sovereignty. I wonder if PG Economics have factored in the loss of roughly $1 billion due to glyphosate resistant weed infestation in the US alone? As for feeding the world, GMOs with their weed and pest problems, higher overheads, public resistance and impoverishment of subsistence farmers will never achieve this goal.
05/10/15 01:22 PM
The lowest yields were in Spain? Isn't that the only GM-growing country in the EU at the moment?
04/10/15 05:16 AM
“.. if the science is fairly clear that something is safe, to make it mandatory to label that something for GM, or anything else, gives an almost government imprimatur that there is something potentially unsafe about it,” he said. So why have any food content labels, if it is all 'safe'? Perhaps because we the consumer wants to know what we are eating and how it was made? Take free-range eggs? Are caged eggs more unhealthy? It's about having a choice in how our food is produced. If people believe that one food source is healthier than another then allow them that choice.
25/07/16 12:28 AM
This article is a joke. The Bill that has passed through the US Reps is a Bill to prevent people from knowing what is in their food, not an enabler, as Colin Bettles should know full well if he has been following this process. The idea is to replace a meaningful label such as 'This product contains GM ingredients' with a QR code which only iPhone users will be able to access. This will then take you to the producers website, where you will have to search to see if GMOs have been used in its production. That is why it is known as the DARK Act...Denying Americans the Right to Know.
25/07/16 12:20 AM
"Australia’s cotton industry is the most water-efficient and highest-yielding in the world" Is this suggesting that the GM cotton has been engineered to be 'water -efficient'? I thought this was a trait taken from non-GM varieties? I also thought drought tolerant crops were still in the pipeline??
13/01/16 05:11 AM
It is time that the media started asking for scientific proof when people say that GM foods are safe. There have never been any safety studies on GM food and human consumption. To state that they are safe for us to eat has no scientific basis.
And Bill should take a closer look at Canada where there is a high demand for non-GM canola this year with growers ramping up production.
03/06/13 05:00 AM
Neither the Nationals nor Liberals want the Organic sector to grow what it wants as they see GM contamination as not only inevitable but non-problematic. The Organic Industry will collapse under another Barnett/Redman term.
24/02/13 01:55 PM
So Didda what is really going on with GMOs globally that the '36 EU countries' is a GM lie? What are the real stats on GMOs?
07/01/16 11:16 PM


Let's hope that they don't drop the fact that they have recently partnered with Bayer CropScience to 'benefit Australian vegetable growers". With the EU moving away from GM crops and a strengthening of GM labelling any Biotech influence will not be seen as a bonus to International markets. This joint venture between Ausveg and Bayer should be a concern to all.
28/12/09 06:45 AM took the words out of my mouth! Why don't they collaborate with consumers...we'll be able to tell them that we want our veggies fresh and safe without inbred chemicals. While the GM industry hides behind the pathetic labelling laws designed to protect them the consumer will continue to be voiceless in this debate. Bring in transparent labelling and let's see how successful these products are.
25/06/09 02:48 AM


Where in this story does it say that the birds were from a 'free range' farm, apart from the picture which suggests it. 400,000 birds seems quite a large number to be freely ranging? Just curious.
16/10/13 04:43 AM


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