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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

For once I am in furious agreement with David! Nobody has ever got into bed with WWF and not been screwed and this will be no different. I have been strongly opposed to this since the very first time I had involvement with this concept and have expressed my views to FBA right from the start. This will only end in tears because the industry has got into bed with a two headed snake!
31/03/14 02:44 PM
It was the record of ADM that was the problem...not the investment itself. They are corporate grubs and we don't need that type of business investing here. We dodged a bullet by knocking them back. Grincorp should look for better corporate citizens to invest in their business as we do not need all the grief that ADM would have brought!
09/03/14 07:58 PM
Good luck going to a bank to borrow money to by a farm at the moment sale or no fire sale. Costs up by more than 150% over the last six years and bank valuations on properties cut by more than 45%. Can anyone see the obvious here? I will spell it out for those who don't get it....the banks walked when we needed them most and deliberately pushed over businesses that they should have managed through the pinch. They deliberately pushed over hundreds of viable businesses because they panicked when that clown Ludwig did what he did!
10/02/14 11:46 AM
Well your clearly not a farmer Bushie Bill or you wouldn't keep spewing out the bile all the time!
28/01/14 08:45 AM
typical economic rationalist BS, David. I have met many like you over the years and the last thing on your mind is the future of rural communities and the whole structure of these communities that is under threat from clowns like Paul Howes and their contribution to unsustainable costs that are sinking agriculture in this country. Do something constructive in your time in the senate and fix that crap, but I won't hold my breath! The live export ban was an idiotic government decision that did more to sink the grazing industry than any other. Government has a moral obligation to rectify that!
23/12/13 02:50 AM
I don't always find myself in agreement with David but he is spot on with this article. I am a Northern cattle producer and am also one of those who are going down the gurgler thanks to the most incompetent government in my lifetime, and also a government whose policy setting were an abomination. From what I know of the Indonesian interest in Northern properties, they are recapitalising the businesses and keeping the existing management structures in place. This is a joint venture arrangement as far as I can see and one that should be encouraged. Those properties are gone without Indonesia
30/09/13 05:14 AM

Get Muddy

If you were to go onto any property in Northern Australia today you would find that the majority of staff are female and it has been that way for a few years now. They are conscientious and look after stock and gear better than most young men do and are a pleasure to work with I find
28/01/14 08:33 AM
After having read through the tweets I see nothing that I don't here at every meeting I go to or the discussions that I have at the pub after! Peak bodies failed their constituents long ago and the only effective one that I have had anything to do with is the NT Cattleman's Association which has 95 % membership! I wonder why they are so strongly supported. Most peaks are completely disconnected from their roots hence the appallingly small membership. In Queensland's Gulf Country the cattleman have formed their own association out of sheer frustration and have achieved more than Agforce could.
03/12/13 02:48 AM

Bush Matters

Barry is absolutely on the money in this article. We should sweep the agri-political scene clean as well and start with a clean slate.
25/12/14 10:31 AM
Barry, I admire your passion to do something about this diabolical position we find ourselves in. A hard reality is that once an animal leaves our farm gate we are at the mercy of processors, wholesalers and retailers who can and do screw us with impunity by collusion, price manipulation and outright bastardry and our pathetic agripoliticians sit idly by and let it happen. The inescapable fact is the processors in this country control our industry and our industry bodies and until that is fixed we will always be at their mercy. The debt levels are now so unsustainable we are doomed.
21/08/14 06:32 PM
Thank god for Barry. I can't believe the arrogance of the banking sector paddling the lie that there is no rural debt crisis in Australia. The beef industry in Northern Australia is collapsing and at the first sign of green shoots there will be hundreds of them pushed over by the banks! If Barry can't give Canberra a wake up then none of them deserve to be there!
11/07/14 05:20 AM


RWH....there are plenty of viable businesses that have been pushed over because then banks wanted to clean all the smaller ag businesses off their books. They were only interested in the big players. It is disgusting what they did and the way they did it. They kept knocking down the valuations on the properties and demanding more and more debt reduction until eventually the businesses folded. Many had never missed a payment up until then. No other bank will pick them up because they all collude. It is the unwritten rule and it is grubby and disgusting.
11/06/15 12:18 PM
For every one of those producers, Beef man, there are now two who never did anything like that. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make it go away, you know. It could be your turn next!
21/12/14 12:18 PM
What an appalling, ill-informed bunch of cretins we have on here!! My blood boils reading this nonsense from people who would never have had a blister in their life! Hundreds of farm businesses destroyed, families torn apart, suicides and the worst response to a government decision ever by the banking sector! It is an open and shut case that will be settled out of court because it is indefensible! All advice from the bureaucrats was ignored for a political strategy that destroyed peoples lives for gods sake!! It will never give me my property and family back though.
30/10/14 02:43 PM
The bureaucracy is what has stifled innovation in this country for decades! It is refreshing that they are NOT controlling the agenda this time around and we will be all the better for it.
26/10/14 01:49 AM
What a disappointing damp squid of a result!! I despair for my fellow distressed producers!!
24/09/14 07:42 AM
I can say with absolute certainty that Steven Munchenberg speaks with a forked tongue! A royal commission is long overdue into the behavior of banks and receivers in this country!
27/08/14 09:47 AM
Nick...where do you get the 700,000 hectares of clearing per year figure from? There is bugga all clearing going on in rural Australia because we are all too broke to do it, even if we could! There is a bit of blade ploughing and re planting regrowth country but most just use Grasslan flown on as it is far cheaper on their regrowth. I think your figure is bogus.
28/07/14 12:51 AM
I have seen documents that state the department are charging some of their services out at $700 per hour! Nice work if you can get it but clearly an extreme case of gouging an industry that can't fight back! Disgusting!
10/07/14 10:24 AM
Unless Australian Agriculture can vertically integrate the future is bleak. Blood sucking parasites like Coles and Woolworths and a noncompetitive meat processing sector that is making record profits at out expense will eventually send us all to the wall. We need a new paradigm in Ag and we need to get the banks out of our lives and develop alternative funding models and financial products that are more suited to Ag than what we currently have.
11/05/14 09:37 AM
The world is our oyster in Ag if we take the blinkers off. Go for a walk down Collins Street in Melbourne ...building after building has business signs above doorways with an English name and below it is the name in mandarin. There are billions of dollars from Asia looking for a home and we are too dopey to package the deals in a manner that is attractive to and Asian investor! Where has all our innovation gone to in this country? Has our parasitic banking system with their fatally flawed Ag lending products driven us into the ground and all we are trying to do is survive?
05/05/14 05:25 AM


Despite all the narky comments about Barnaby over the past year my assessment is that he has had a pretty good year.
31/12/14 03:45 AM
I have a news flash for you JC....the banks have already pulled the plug on Agriculture. Good luck getting them to finance you.
14/12/14 11:36 PM
Reading your comments is my weekly horror movie Bushie Bill!!
02/11/14 12:50 PM
Tiger might have to give up the smokes and cut back on his grog like the rest of us!
22/05/14 11:27 PM
Treat them the same as clay targets!
22/03/14 11:06 PM
Lets look at some statistics here...fixed costs up by more than 60% and some of the variable costs up by up 280% over the past five years but returns down by about 18% from memory. On top of that the natural disasters and live export ban which completely removed any management flexibility. All our market competitors are subsidised and our cost structures are out of control. Our competitors can process cattle for between $50 - $150 per head and it costs us $300. That sounds like a pretty compelling argument for government intervention to e unless they don't want farmers any more.
15/01/14 10:28 PM can you justify people who have never missed a payment in their life being pushed over by means of a rigged valuation?? You have seriously missed the point mate and must have no conscience to support that sort of behavior!
21/02/14 11:10 AM
What is happening to the people in this article is happening the length and breadth of this land in Agriculture. Standard bank tactic to divest themselves of all rural loans is to send in a valuer acting under their instruction to smash your assert value. It is happening to thousands of farming families right across Australia. There are people and organisations outside of the peak bodies that have been lobbying on this issue for a couple of years and they are getting traction with the Abbott government. The Peaks have been worse than useless!
20/02/14 12:03 PM
The hypocrisy of the man just staggers me. More than any other person in the Diabolical Gillard government, he almost single handed destroyed the beef industry with his live export ban. I was part of a group that consistently lobbied Ludwig with proposals aimed at righting this great wrong and he constantly refused to meet with us until he was dragged kicking and screaming to the table! He made promises he never intended to keep and nothing ever eventuated. This man has no credibility at all.
08/02/14 09:15 PM
My god you are a tosser Bushie Bill and your hatred is palpable. A very wise man once told me that if you can't say something nice, then say nothing. I look forward to your silence!
03/12/13 12:42 AM


What absolute garbage 100% vegan! You must be from another planet if you think the world can produce that much crop!
06/05/14 01:05 AM


What an ignorant comment chelseaf! The banks and their receivers are a cancer in this country and they absolutely destroy any equity that is left in any business they get their hooks into! The first government that has the stones to take them on over this issue will have my vote! There are hundreds of horror stories about receivership's.
28/04/14 02:47 PM
We should never be afraid of foreign investment. They will always go for a JV if we do our homework and market ourselves because they don't have the management expertise that we have in managing Australian conditions. It is a win win.
21/04/14 08:37 AM
I agree with you argis and it is a fair effort to beat Bushie Bill! I find it amusing that a couple of old left wing union dinosaurs spend so much time commenting on articles in Rural Press!
27/02/14 10:37 AM


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