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On the contrary Brence , as readers realise , it's you that is incapable of a meaningful discussion of climate change. And on this basis futher dialogue with you would be a complete waste of our time.
12/01/15 11:15 PM
Your making things up again, Brence.
12/01/15 02:21 AM
Still playing silly mind games Brence ?
12/01/15 12:52 AM
Your making things up again Brence.
11/01/15 10:14 PM


Since around 1980 we have had an increase of around 11% of plant life in arid areas thanks largely to the aerial fertilization from atmospheric carbon dioxide. The increase in the earth's atmosphere of carbon dioxide is the best thing that has ever happened and is helping crop growers around the world with better yields. 3/06/arid-regions-of-the-world-ar e-11-greener-thanks-to-co2/#more- 28713
17/03/15 05:46 AM
Which idiot ever thought these ugly monoliths for the climate change religion were a good idea? We are going backwards in technology, RIP the Australian economy and our standard of living if we have to rely on stupid windmills for electricity.
26/01/15 10:29 AM
Do Ben Cubby and Peter Hannam have shares in a solar panel company?
These two serial warmists seem to come out with never ending fairy tales of global doom about the climate. Just about all of it is pure fantasy.
07/01/15 04:27 AM
And who will we dump them for BB ? The ALP/Greens ?
One would seriously hope Australia does not go down that track again for a very long time.
06/01/15 10:35 PM
And some more unfortunate truths.
http://www.accuweathe rix/are-global-cold-records-overt aking-warm/24662335
06/01/15 08:39 PM
And the record cold weather in the USA is just a figment of our imagination.
http://www.accuw -cold-midwest-east-next-week/3995 8655
06/01/15 08:28 PM
This article is just more AGW climate alarmist drivel from a serial offender that lurks the corridors of Fairfax.
06/01/15 08:09 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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