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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Firstly there are the undemocratic orgs dispersing the levies then they get the empires they have funded to write how great they are doing blah, blah but there are no boots on the ground looking at what has been achieved for the grower. Not the value adder not the customer the grower. Grower money spent on marketing, where there are multiple processors is of no use to the grower. The marketer has no control over anything, waste of time, actually worse than a waste of time, can quite easily damage our reputation promising things they can't deliver.
I think he writes under D8.
It is not the levies but how they are spent and the accountability and transparency around that expenditure. If producers pay then producers say we have more connectivity than ever shouldn't be too hard. I think a lot of these people have no idea and fear that will be exposed by hard questions. BB agree totally processors rip us off and we help them sell, double dipping.
See you support the LNP David seems they are anti science, how does that fit? I wouldn't trust a multi national to tell the truth if it got in the way of profit, who knows if there aren't more silent springs out there but you wont look.
"Better access to export markets" is rubbish and seems to be some line a 20 yr old PR flunky has come up with, we have always had access to markets. If as expected ADM can make money on their 3 Billion investment without lowering farmer returns and investing more in infrastructure, what the hell have Alison and her team been doing?

Get Muddy

Jacky that is because most of them are looking to get a seat in one parliament or another, as I said before you don't bite the hand that is going to feed you. Matt you have little respect for one of the major issues affecting farmers now and into the future that is climate change until you can do that you do not really represent farmers. Yes carbon tax is a cost but so are droughts and floods and while we will get the bozos saying we have always had these it not about that, it about severity and frequency.

Burrs under my saddle

D8 first you talk about farming being profitable than you say they have their hand out for assistance make up your mind.

Bush Matters

Processors "incentive is to reduce the livestock cost rather than focus on ways to value add and increase their margins and sale price" that is not correct they want to do both and use levy money to achieve the second part. Processors should not be involved in spending growers levies they are not providing any money or payback on what they achieve. MLA and CCA have been a disaster farm gate prices have stagnated for 40 yrs, what have they done? Barnaby can share his thoughts but it is his actions that will speak and he has none and no idea how to fix this.


Tony will not be amused.
Its not about meeting the level of tax, it is how the profit is obtained ie transfer pricing as happens with other multinationals having excessive write off and deductions, excessive loan interest etc.
I do blame Hockey, he blocked the sale of Graincorp and he probably had the same lack of advise. Never a Nat. when you need them, too hard was it Barney.
Why don't you whack them with a wet lettuce leaf while your at it Joe. You wont be around for the review, so that is a nothing encumbrance.
So if Dan is going to be the "voice of agriculture" what does he think Barnaby has been? Dan wanted GST on fresh food - great mind there.
There is very little competition in the market place and if JBS gets its way, even less. Even now you have one person buying for multiple end users. How does that work with competition? Time the ACCC had a long look at beef marketing all the way through.
This is the guy who pilloried farmers when the was at Coles and defended their actions, which have now been found to be appalling. One of his highlights governance, wouldn't know the meaning of the word. NFF you have totally lost the plot.
So they tax you if you don't take out private health and they tax you if you do? Is that how it goes? Dan Tehan only knows about living off the public purse.
Keith, there is no one left with any idea of how to address these issues. In fact it a secret shambles with people going through motions whilst getting paid.
Noosa sounds like a scientist, not. I wonder how the cheques will keep coming now fossil fuels are so cheap, they will have to make cuts somewhere.


So wealthy merchants absorb their costs? I would suggest they not only factor in their costs but a fairly large return as well. So the grower gets paid what the market pays less costs and merchant profit. Is that better than just having costs removed and the rest going to the grower?
Rasor, I suppose you think copying what was done under AWB initiative? Plus done much better since they knew the wheat quality in detail and the customer requirements and they could deliver. Three important things the merchants have no hope of achieving.
To those criticising Jock you probably don't understand what he is on about. This report is rubbish and not even on the same planet as that done by AWB. On top of that it is growers money not being well spent. He is also right in that there is limited if any possibility that customers can get what they want as no one ids able to source what is needed they don't have any control. So you may complain but please lets look at getting industry good functions right and they are a world away from that at the moment.
This report is for states, totally useless for anything because people buy from port zones, varieties are released in different zones, though why they are released in the current way is based on statistical nonsense. So the more you look the more you see as wasted grower money. No information is better than wrong information.
If you look at how the samples were compiled it is pretty useless. It is not from samples from the receival sites it therefore does not represent the varietal make up of the grade, the proteins have been adjusted so does not represent the state grade anyway.
Buyers want to know at least the mean protein content of the grade in the state, they don't get it from this. Most don't want the end product they use the other data which they know how it works.
Brad, they have always done just-in-time only now there is more, so more of doing what they did before. Yes they need dryers and aeration that comes with higher moisture at harvest and condensation. What I don't get is why does AEGIC spend GRDC money on this and what is its relevance? It is like comparing apples and oranges and how much did this cost? When you are storing one grade it is cheap to build storage.
Vancouver has a port with capacity for multiple terminals, their issue is they have limited rail access ie. one major line and trucking is impossible so they have to develop rail. They have a winter of -40C so insects are not a problem for on farm storage and they have done this for a very long time, not a recent issue. I spent 6 weeks in Canada looking at their system in 1984 nothing here adds to what was happening then? You have to wonder! They have fewer classes and one class makes up probably 80%+. Why bother, they have advantages we HAD advantages like dry, white, clean, flexibility.
Your real name unhappy!!! I thought not.
AEGIC came form WA Dept Ag no where else. national what have they actually done stuff all. Lot of expenses on visiting Indonesia, major WA export market. Unhappy, get over your issues.
All in WA, have you had a look at how much money GRDC are spending in WA, AEGIC. Get a grip.


Well Tim, if that is your real name, I hope you are right for your sake otherwise you may be the one compared to those people. Fortunately having a flat earth and what went around what didn't alter anything because it was ignorance.
How much is the tax deductions for industry lobby groups costing us, like mining?
Keep going Greg, along with the independents until you find a researcher to give you the answer you want. You call yourself a scientist yeah right. Now we have Alan Jones running the country. Now they can do high class work which tells you what about the work they have already been paid for, rubbish!
Makka I would suggest they have no clue and their model is broken but it allows them an excuse when things don't work out. Do MLA do a survey of actual herd numbers at say end June, they could do it with the survey of how many you sold for the year (now there's and idea for a bright young person to follow through on design a pamphlet only cost 1 mill!!!)and get a realistic number. Better than the guess clap trap they come out with now.
So Barny made it rain, that is what improved cattle prices, pull the other one. What about the grass fed levy, stuff all. As I have said before the Nats could hold the balance of power in most parliaments but they can't bring themselves to go it alone and thus get rolled by the city Libs all the time.
The Nats are just tokens for the Libs to trot out but they aren't taken seriously by the urban elite Libs who are indebted to big business. So the country looses either way.
Looks like the "wheels" might be falling off.
Guess what, the $2.5 billion comes from tax revenue and is given to polluters with no strings attached, your great big tax at work. So less for anything else just coming in the back door.
Posted a comment on Beef Central and got a reply from Mark. More in depth.
Wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Nats to go against their mates the Libs. If they had any sense they would leave the coalition and negotiate at every election for their voters, about the only chance they have of getting a fair go.


All those companies make and sell to the consumer. They all have control of their product until it is finished, farmers do not. It is not farmers who are selling to the world it is those that are processing their produce that are selling to the world. It may come from Australia but it is sold by a multi national company. How do you brand that? One stuff up and your brand is trashed so control is everything in branding.
How long did it take before anyone looked? Talk about earning their money the easy way what do all these people do in Canberra have to be lead by the nose, no initiative. In the meantime businesses go broke, get on the front foot or employ people who can.
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Somehow overseas growers can get away with all sorts of things not allowed here and that is just plain BS, level the playing field. More testing of incoming product (which is so low it's a disgrace), more action to stop dumping. When the duopoly have to start paying for this they may change their tune about local produce.


But we really need a wind farm commissioner!
Its good to see we have so many "experts" and you know what the definition of that is?
"A greater level of sophistication" what a joke the processors level is screw the farmer and take as much profit as you can. Then when supply is tight talk about relationships expecting farmers to again take less so the processors can survive, looks a bit one sided don't you think. Maybe the processors should have paid a bit more so feed could be provided and then we wouldn't have this roller coaster. The money is there just look at world prices. Processors the industries worst enemy, profit, profit, profit.


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