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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The biggest effect of free market capitalism is agriculture worldwide is declining terms of trade over forty years and transition of wealth from the rural to urban communities. Collectivism does not amount to communism, it amounts to survival.
Better to be collective than collusive which is what our plutocrat Australian politicians amount to. Why is it that a growing proportion of the Australia population are voting for the least repugnant representative, purely and simply they have ignored their responsibility.
16/09/14 09:25 PM
While I agree that the Nats have long abused and forgotten their roots. The assertion that every thing is fixed by the free hand of the market is codswallop.
The worst of the declining terms of trade for farming has taken place under the neo-liberal policies of the past three decades. No significant social investment back into regional Australia culminating with the current budget.
As to the agglomeration by the multinationals it is toxic and working against humanity with no care for a future.
I suggest the writer takes his own advice an gets down off his high horse and talk to farmers.
08/06/14 11:16 PM
This guy, (Leyonhjelm) is an oxygen thief who would have us all behave like lemmings.
Satified to tear down solutions to the inevitable decline of mineral oil. In rural and regional Australia we are exposed to significant hardship in oil decline. More strings to the bow the better.
27/06/12 09:58 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Well put Pete.
Australian Federal governments are hooked on short term gains. Family farms and small business are the soft underbelly wearing the cost of a short sighted public service milking economic efficiency for all it is worth.
The sad thing is that NFF and SFO's have fallen hook line and sinker playing follow the leader. As a farmer in NSW I am concerned about 40 years of declining terms of trade.
It is as though the political class are slaves to the corruption of the multinationals.
My reality is that the music will stop and Australians will be the ones without a chair.
01/09/15 09:35 PM
Jock, you have got to be kidding. Your faith in the Wombats and the value of the post DPM is staggering.
Read the following for an understanding of irony and moral bankrupcy: .au/news/truss-me-im-a-politician /2717891/
The nationals are just passengers at a train wreck and the blind faith of the electorate is tantamount to having stockholm syndrome.
14/08/15 10:35 PM
Bull crap, Jock! The Nationals are the cast of Dumb and Dumber, if they stepped out of the coalition they would be relevant and/or at least credible regional advocates.
The brutal numbers game is that they are pretending to be regional and are in reality wolves in sheep's clothing.
Queensland dropped the pretence when they became the LNP, if Barnaby and he National mates had integrity they would do the same.
08/06/15 09:47 PM
Lucky country? Pete's last paragraph is the most important because it points to the incompetence of our politicians to take care of the most important business, sustainability.
Agriculture might be a big business, the issue is that the farm gate is in trouble and burying the head in the sand will hurt all Australians.
We are already seeing the cracks emerging as the domestic agriculture industry succumb to poor trade deals in an environment of corrupt international trading terms.
Australian farmers allow us all to specialise and gives our children access to education, health and security.
19/04/15 10:20 PM
wow, angry this is what I think is known as a dissonant argument. Pete is getting off his backside and calling to account the Canberra Chardy drinkers who must be well satisfied with your welded on vote for the status quo.
13/01/15 02:33 AM
The Nationals have for too long taken for granted the rural vote and the community of rural and regional Australia continues to pay the price. Pete's right if we are marginal the attention paid to the nation's economic driver, agriculture, would be more than cursory. The duopoly would be seriously interested.
The politicians have rested on the laurels of a past vision defiled by what serves as the current poor regional representation by the National Party.
09/01/15 09:49 PM
If the genius critics play the man and not the issues, we are doomed. So get of your high horse and discuss and deal with the issue.
The spin doctors for four decades have sold FTA as Australian ag's saviour and they continue to offer a pain in the gut for the farm gate.
In forty years all i can see is declining terms of trade.
If technology was the solution some of the wealthiest countries in the world could do without us because the consumption problem pointed out in the editorial would not be an issue. Except those wealth countries need FTA's to continue the affordable consumption.
02/10/14 09:29 PM
As Pete has stated the elephant in the room has been ignored by successive governments, with tragic circumstances, It has been long foreseeable from within rural and regional communities that the stress will breakout with consequences. Sadly NSW Macquarie St representatives are to busy keeping the dirty dealing coming to light than showing statesman like leadership. Regional communities deserve better from the Liberal lap dogs, the Nationals. Who take for granted the loyalty of the rural community.
09/08/14 08:00 AM
Well said Pete. To often I see a short sighted and often ill informed self appointed expert yelling about what is wrong and bereft of any clue to a solution. Often the critique by the fence sitters is measured against a personal moral that has no bearing to the responsibility or complexity of the role.
The rural industries reap what they sow in continuing to be fractured and focused on differences rather than the greater good. If farmers want a top down dictate keep on keeping on.
13/06/14 10:44 PM
Pete has an overdue lesson for a series of incompetent Australian government hell bent on stealing the future of our children. Twenty years of neo-liberal economic policy relies on a never ending consumption of natural resources in a finite world. Hardly reasonable or smart for a so called enlightened 'first world' country.
18/05/14 10:36 AM


the trilateral statement is about sharing the best information on plant genetics between the signatories. Certainly advantageous to not have to replicate years of research in three places to get the same results for wheat growers. Given the plethora of issues facing the farmgate it might be a good idea to share information that is helpful. To focus on GM seem to my mind to be throwing the baby out with the bath water especially if you consider that fact that a GM wheat variety is yet to be commercialised.
06/06/14 10:12 PM
The truth is Graingrowers ltd bought representative rights from a financially strapped NFF. A late decision after NSW farmers and WAFF failed garner support from the other SFO's.
GPA has mostly at the expense of individuals directors been going about the business of grassroots grain representation. This dispite cheap shot most industry peanuts who are out to muddy the waters with personal agendas and vitriole.
Sadly most armchair experts have no idea what is at stake, and are content to heckle from the cheap seats with character assassinations.
We deserve better and it is GPA.
05/07/12 08:47 PM
Maybe graingrowers/farmers would be better off focused on the role of the reprepresentation we need.
SFO's and key stakeholder representatives met late 2011 and nutted out points of convergence to sort out this mess.
Too many precious ego's continue to undermine national representation, through personal vitriolic attacks. Time stop playing the person and deal with the issue.
Farmers are cosidered jokes and irrelevant in Canberra.
07/06/12 11:12 PM


Not much made on Anthony's history as a lobbyist for the coal mine Shenhua Watermark or the swag of Nationals who have jumped out of politics into the open arms of the multinational miners which is set to continue. Helen has it right 'missing in action' in regional Australia. It is ironic that Anthony thinks that the Nationals can be Independent in the COALition. The Nationals have long been the Wolf in Sheep clothing.
09/09/15 08:45 AM
Bilby is right, the Country Alliance should beware of what they wish for.This will be seen for what it is, a poor attempt by the Country Alliance to muddy the water on what is not an issue. The timing of Mr Danieli's actions shows a poorly hidden agenda. Which goes to show how out of touch with Country Australia Mr Daneili is.
20/01/15 06:52 AM
All hot air Barnaby, there is a saying that comes to mind, doth protest too much and loudly. Barnaby has not crossed the floor since he was tamed by a ministerial appointment that has only one claim to fame. that is the drought package that he was brought kicking into.
In his electorate they are asking Barnaby who? MP missing, please return.
After 100 years it might be kind to put the old dog down.
15/01/15 08:23 PM
Australian politicians have been adamant in trade negotiations for 40 years that agriculture will be the big beneficiaries. I suspect the big beneficiaries are politicians themselves.
Australia is a small fish in a big pool of sharks.
My grandfather had an old saying 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves'. This translates as, do the small things right. By his own admission Mr Robb has said this is complex agreement, and given the track record of Australian politicians I see the irony of trusting him or his mates (left or right) to get this right.
19/04/15 09:50 PM


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