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Well the sceptics are here already; what is your modelling showing? When you accept the Science will plan B save the planet? What have you to gain from denying Science? "Please Explain".
Cutting Government spending will never "improve the economy" there is nothing wrong with the economy; other than the relentless talk-down by the Federal LNP; figure that Government debt is 12% whilst Private debt is 100% GDP (1.8Trillion Dollars); get rid of the Howard middle class welfare Tax cuts (from mineral boom one) to start with.
Clearly the comments haven't understood the tenet of the interviewee; Shift tax onto those with the ability to pay through a means test for "Private Education and Health". Those that see it as and advantage (broadening the GST base) will see much reduced farm gate prices for real food if it is implemented AND your cost of living will rise. Then again; when wasn't it the "Liberal way to make you pay".
Is it any wonder; the parlous state of Agriculture in Australia in an era of Climate Change?
Considering the average enterprise is down $225,000 on the last ten years due to the high AUD // courtesy Mining - something we failed to Tax properly for our benefit by Howard first time and whiteanted by the LNP in the MRRT legislation.
Ever eaten food Bushie Bill? If you have then you should be glad mugs like fred turn up every day to grow it for a loss.
Missing the point, the undercurrent in Dick Smith's ad' is that Australian produce sells for a song, farm gate prices have never been proportionally lower and off-take greed never larger.
Ultimately the corporate system will destroy the landscape in Australia, the farms with it and the only highlight is Dick Smith showing us why and to wake up Australia.
Yes he sold to Woolworths he is an astute business man, given the right tools under Dick Smith Australian farmers // graziers would make a living.


Well Melbournite, you may well miss Barnaby, however our area was cohesive and progressive under Labor and didn't know it; reason why is that the large scale wind farm to be built here would have tipped over a million into the small community per year and drought proofed ageing graziers' - the Liberals made sure it ended by destroying all confidence in the Sector - appalling, community is now in free fall - opportunity lost, climate heating by the day.
Time to wake up.
As a firefighter our Brigade really needs quality broadband at the base for coordination of incidents so members can be briefed and the community updated as required from the RFS COP.
As expected the LNP have deliberately set out to destroy what was a superb plan for Australia by connecting 2020 technology to 1920 technology IE FTTP // Fibre Optic to rotting Copper cable what a farce and a waste of Labor's visionary NBN not the LNP's - Nearly Broadband Notwork.
Social impacts need to be addressed in Wind Farm planning and moves are occurring to include nearby landholders in the revenue stream, where THIS has happened; tensions disappear, headaches abate and piles recede (all those IWT related diseases according to the anti Wind Farm movement.
Lets see a wider picture, with Farmers' the most to lose if they continue to deny all Science and Wind Farms.
Former Country Party leader Tim Fischer said in an ABC interview last week that Farming was under serious threat from climate chaos from CO2 emissions, fix this or perish - the coming famine.
I am a sceptic, can't help thinking anthropogenic climate denial exponents have an interest in Coal and CSG exploration or mining. Consider for a moment what that does to farmland, scenic views, our atmosphere and YOUR health.
Like it or not the facts are in on the Howard Gun Laws, they do work. Gun laws are one of the memorable highlights of that Government along with three Wars and a shiny new Tax, a Tax which was denied just before an election - great era - NOT. You'd think that they would have been out for the Farmer, but it was Labor that tripled the Tax Free Threshold to $18,200 - makes you think doesn't it!


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