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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Not sure I agree or even understand it all.....but less public servants and less government entities and less taxes and fewer barriers to successfully running a business and less money spent on telling us what we should do or think is always a good thing
30/04/15 11:21 PM
That's right....Keep these foreigners out!
But who is a foreigner? Is it a 7th generation?, permanent resident?, dual citizen?, someone from Melbourne?....what about if that nice young Aussie couple borrowed money from a foreigner (silent majority investor)? how about all you folks in debt to RaboBank? I can see the headlines now "bloody Dutch takeover".
25/02/15 02:07 AM
Well John Newton....I'm a diabetic and GM saved me !!!
04/02/15 09:50 PM
Harry....for hundreds of years we had a life expectancy of less than 60....5 out of 10 children born would not have seen their 18th birthday and childbirth was the greatest cause of mortality amongst women....keep dreaming of the good old days, old son!
12/01/15 03:23 AM
Seems like the best solution is to get a goat for the backyard......oh bugger! they are all busy blogging on this site!
12/01/15 01:57 AM
mark2.....the dirt I own is mine, not yours or anybody else' can do what you like with yours (keep it, sell it, eat it - I don't care) but don't tell me how or where or with whom I should do business including, if I choose, selling that dirt to who I want !!
10/12/14 05:58 AM
Argis...I think its you who need to take better care.....http://www.oxforddiction ology
21/10/14 09:55 PM
JT...its called a Tautology...look it up
16/10/14 10:16 PM
JT...what are the "one shore" nations ?
16/10/14 02:21 AM
The parallel with the Baker or Tattooist is valid up to a point....the Government and environmental imposts that Farmers suffer means that they need to be treated differently...or do they? the LDP website and it effectively says that farmers should not have to put up with all this crap as well...if they are freed from that then I agree...treat them no differently than the Kebab shop owner !
15/10/14 02:06 AM

A matter of opinion

I've got a son in his 20's...he and his mates love it...and they don't even particularly like cricket. Its about the Icon...not the cricket player! I would fully expect MLA to have done its market research !
09/01/15 05:24 AM
Core issue....ever wondered why Canadian Pension funds seem to have an insatiable appetite for Aussie Ag investments? ....Liquidity and Defined Benefit. Most Canadian funds have much lower liquidity requirements because they are based on Def Ben schemes - much longer horizons than the typical aussie Accumulation Fund (where holders must get their money within 30 days). Australia wont ever go back to Def Ben but we could relax the APRA standards....worth looking at Joe Hockey and David Murray !!!
21/03/14 06:28 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Well done is indeed about probabilities....and thank god you never once used the term "deniers"....just another quasi religious term that diminishes the science.
Man is smart enough to adapt although not without losses, but the other great unknown are the "threshold" events - trigger points regarding natural phenomena (Winds, currents etc) that cause rapid change.....time to start building some nuclear power plants, hopefully in my backyard !!
11/02/15 03:55 AM
Pete don't need to establish a political you will do is occasionally get a senate seat that gives you a bit of power once in a blue moon...any reps seat will be lost in the wash of Lib/Lab. Why don't you convince maybe 50% of the population of Rural and Regional Aust to give you $20 a year to establish a lobby group (like the NRA in USA)...that would give you about $40 mill of grunt that no govt can ignore...trouble is that you can't even get Cockys (those with the most vested interest) to do it...let alone town folk
11/01/15 11:50 PM

Out of the shadow

Angry Australian....the sheep (wool) industry destroyed didn't need any help from John Kerin
22/10/14 02:20 AM


Yes they paid kickbacks....not necessarily a sin in that part of the world but that wasn't the problem....the issue is that they lied through their teeth when asked if they did it....that's perjury and that's the problem !!
14/10/15 12:59 AM
Bush Bird....most Australian people couldn't give a rats ...!
02/10/15 12:38 AM
Inspired choice !!
23/09/15 10:41 PM
Jock....Shouldn't voting be by size of levy contribution ?
R&D levies are there to benefit commercial entities called farms and in any commercial arrangement the biggest contributors get the larger voice !!
13/07/15 02:48 AM
I truly mean this as a compliment to Mr Allison...."Lazarus" !!
21/05/15 11:07 PM
Some of the best farmers I know are farm managers....some of the best farms I've been on are owned by corporate or city entities....some of the best and most internationally competitive agricultural industries owe their success to corporate investment (Almonds and Cotton come to mind).....populist lowest common denominator politics methinks!
10/03/15 09:49 PM ask "how could NFF employ him?" and then you answer your own question...."because they were ultimately successful".....nothing wrong with professional guns for hire is they are competent and do the job asked of them
20/01/15 10:16 PM
Seems to me that putting a GST on food and health is the best way of making sure we still milk the Boomers when they retire!
12/01/15 03:26 AM
Hey Jock...what's wrong with a Corporate?.....I've worked for Corporates before and they are some of the most professional farm managers I've ever come across !!
07/12/14 09:20 PM
Jen....both do....and more goes to towns and cities because they have more people and pay more taxes...there are many less farmers and as a group they pay far less tax
04/12/14 12:07 AM


What about GM Cotton John Newton ???
11/08/15 11:38 PM
I've lived in was horrible!
27/05/15 10:25 PM
Griddy....What articles ?....other than fringe us the peer reviewed articles from reputable Scientific Institutions that talk about this....otherwise you are just talking rubbish !
02/10/14 11:47 PM are obviously not a Diabetic !!
12/06/14 12:52 AM


Is it any wonder we have trouble getting city kids to make careers out of Ag....or to get a young Super finds manager to invest in the bush.?
This is all about branding....sent the dogs home and heavily fine this idiot by all means....but lets not carry on with language more suited to a B&S ball
17/05/15 11:04 PM
Laughable... You assume too much... Never said taxpayers money should be used ... And yes we can do something.
I argue for advanced Nuclear technology... Backed by lower carbon alternatives such as shale and coal seam gas.... Just don't build crappy Nuc power stations on seismic faults next to coastal flood plains subject to Tsunamis
01/04/14 11:47 PM
Folks !!...its not a UN conspiracy, or a new world order, or a cunning Greenie trick, or for that matter the "Illuminati" or the Knights is the consensus view from the overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the world.
It is simply this: 1.climate is getting hotter over the long term....certain. 2.major contributor is greenhouse gas...almost certain. 3. Human activity has contributed significantly...more likely than not. 4.Warming will accelerate with significant downside consequences...a good chance. 5.We will do something about it...fat chance
01/04/14 04:46 AM
Angry Aussie....just so you know Barnaby doesn't get to choose....Secs are appointed by the PM's office....if Barnaby got to choose he probably would have kept the bloke before this one.
13/03/15 05:37 AM
I wonder if Rural Press were charging by the character to comment whether any of you would be here tomorrow ...BB leave them alone...they are supposed to be ganging up on Barnaby - not you !!
16/09/14 04:41 AM


Well that was one hell of a failure of MIS's....wouldn't want to make the same mistake again !!!
29/09/14 11:11 PM


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