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Grain of Truth

I have not seen GPA argue anywhere that growers should supply on farm grain stocks. The only thing I have seen suggsts that aggregated grain stocks in bulk handling systems be published for all to see. ASX wheat futures contracts are executed in this system and bulk handlers have access to inside information about these stocks positions.
Jed you are being obtuse about GPA, it argued a position backed by SA, NSW, Qld, Vic and some of WA grower reps. GPA was the only body actually making sense of the issue in spite of the lies from PGA.
01/04/13 12:09 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Ag is a special case. We borrow our natural resources from future generations and most farmers understand they are stewards of the land trying to leave it more productive than they took it on. In David's reality we are fools for trying to run our farm for the future and we should mine it for today's profit with no accounting for long term impact of forcing farmers to ignore their moral and social obligations to the next generation. Shame on Rural Press for publishing this kind if sensational garbage. I for one am sick of self absorbed upstart.
13/02/14 10:47 AM
Yet again this author displays his ignorance and arrogance patronising farmers.
NEWSFLASH - the primary and greatest beneficiaries of improved agricultural productivity are consumers.
The federal government says it is committed to consumers having access to safe affordable food. Consumers demand it and seem to think it is a right. They do not want to pay. Meanwhile farmers are always expected to operate in an ever higher cost base with declining or at best static income.
Frankly it is disgusting that economic rationalists keep suggesting farmers should just do better.
12/03/13 09:27 PM

Get Muddy

NFF has sold farmers out and unashamedly and doggedly pursues agendas of undermining support to agriculture and especially farmers. In October NFF bragged that they had helped achieve the one of the lowest levels of support for farmers in the world. They boasted this was good for us. What a joke. NFF is the fracture in agriculture. Unfortunately NFF is run by it members who are not farmers. It is no longer a farmers's federation and it is time it was held to account for the fraud it commits by claiming to be the voice of farmers.
25/11/13 10:37 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Someone prepared to call major party bullying for what it is. Good work.
24/01/15 12:32 AM

Bush Matters

Well stuff me, I thought Government was supposed to serve the whole country not just the people who voted for one Party.
24/01/15 12:27 AM


Coles and Woolies are not the only problem. Graincorp and JBS are just as dangerous and too powerful in their respective sectors.
02/02/15 09:49 PM
The problem is that the lazy arrogant culture also emanates from Canberra at the front line of the problem. Most producers are just too busy surviving to address the global issues. DAFF sits and lauds our future, but actively undermines it by the very attitude this article espouses. This cultural problem is increasingly post farm gate in a sector that is insulated to some extent from poor farm returns with no strong incentive to reform.
Great to see someone else call the problem.
04/12/13 09:49 PM
John Snooke's comments are absolute rubbish. PGA has lost it's way on grains issues under the current grains leadership group. They are driven by an ideological fervour that is irrational and frankly dangerous. The fact is that private control of essential infrastructure that was paid for by and large by growers is not in the best interests of growers or the nation. The reality is that there is a national interest to keep farmers farming and selling off essential infrastructure to private interests undermines this outcome. There is plenty of other opportunity for synergetic investment.
02/12/13 09:44 PM
Shucks Rob. Where were you for the bush when you backed a thecarbon tax that effectively cripples our transport sector that the entire decentralised and unurbanised regional communities rely on? Where were you when you sided with Joe Ludwig on abolishing WEA? Where were you when you installed an ALP Government that shut down live exports on a social media whim?
Please do yourself a favour and don't patronise us and suggest we need to do more. We elected you and pay you well to work for us in Canberra. You need to do more. Too little too late methinks.
11/04/13 09:58 PM
John Williams is a crackpot. WEA has had no authority to address port access and ACCC by their own admission has been unable.
Look at what Glencore can bring to the table in SA? Nearly 60% market share in wheat and over 80 in canola. That my crackpot friend is a monopoly and needs to be managed.
There is no commercial incentive for private companies to maximise returns to growers and the only way for farmers to get better returns is through increased competition, which is not happening under bulk handling monopolies.
Keep a statutory oversight capacity. Brett is absolutely right!
21/10/12 08:09 PM
How arrogant we all are to presume to know everything about this complex issue. I understand the reaction to the shocking footage, but it is clear that the footage was the exception not the rule. People are prosecuted for animal cruelty in Australia too you know. The Govt has been working with industry over many years to improve the Indo conditions with great success, but no one ever suggested the job was finished. I agree the footage was appalling, but it is not the standard. The govt has reacted to public outrage and opinion about an issue they generally do not have all the facts about.
15/06/11 11:35 PM


Well I feel so much better! Emerald pools will not underperform to advertised expectation as much as first thought. Get real, the problem is that these products are habitually oversold on estimated returns with no recourse or accountability when they underperform. No other financial service can get away with this, why should growers be forced to tolerate it.
25/04/13 02:41 AM
Which part of do it ourselves or the Government will do it for us does Mr Snooke not understand?
Yet again PGA will misinform and mislead the debate on short term agendas.
15/04/13 11:17 PM
Allison the wrecker!
This man has no concern or regard for growers and has no business running GGL or directing it to interfere in the legitimate function of real agripolitical groups.
The GGL Board is a disgrace for allowing this maniac to run the organisation this way and mindlessly undermine the pursuit of a meaningful political outcome for wheat growers.
Blunder on!
19/10/12 10:11 AM
I was speaking to and Indonesian miller a few weeks ago and he had increased his milling capacity dramatically in recent years. He used to buy 100% Australian wheat, but due to concerns about product integrity since single desk he was now using about 10% US wheat and that would increase on the basis that he was losing confidence in Australian quality. He agreed that the problem was not in what growers are producing. He said the exporters will cut corners on cargo integrity on short term profit taking and as price pressure increases it is inevitable in an unregulated supply environment.
16/08/12 10:37 PM
There ar two issues here, maintaining the quality of exports to meet end users requirements. The second is about how we ensure that exporters actually comply with a standard of practice that does the first. It is essential that there is a regulator that has the power to prevent non compliant exporters from further damaging the reputation of Australian wheat in the market. The US spends over 200 million doing this and Canada spends over 80 million to assure the end users of quality. It is essential that Australia has a sensible ongoing regulatory framework that protects our market access.
01/06/12 10:32 AM


Jock, your assertions are ridiculous as always. You clearly don't understand how the GRDC Board is selected and as usual you fill in the gaps in your understanding with complete fabrications.
There is an old saying that it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
Perhaps it is time to leave off the keyboard, all doubt is gone now.
11/05/16 04:40 AM
It doesn't matter how much you talk it up, if you are going to go broke farming people will leave and never return. Gross regional profits may be rising but the net farm profits are not. We are past the time for toothless reform from glib optimists.
11/09/14 10:36 PM
So the Country Alliance lacked the gumption to stand up to Nationals four years ago and as soon as someone does have the courage they want to cash in on it and pretend they are the same. If you look at the ACA web site it says We believe in the right to recreational activities such as camping, fishing, boating, 4x4, prospecting and shooting. Farmers are an afterthought at best. Doesn't sound like the Country Party to me. Changing the ACA name won't make it a Country Party and will only hurt the real effort to create one.
20/01/15 03:56 AM
Just how out of touch with regional Australia is Joe Ludwig, not to mention the ALP?
Minister, you have treated regional Australia with contempt throughout your notorious oversight of agriculture.
I don't want another twenty billion spent on NBN. I need every cent spent on real infrastructure like better roads, ports and rail. Regional Australia does not need 100Mbps virtuality it needs 1000 tonnes per hour realities.
Our economy is borne out of real businesses with real products that need to get to real customers in other countries as well as our own. NBN does virtually nothing for that.
11/04/13 05:30 AM


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