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Its you that needs to get better informed Brence. Your CAGW belief system is discredited and bankrupt and has zero credibility but the only one that does not seem to realise it is you.
09/02/15 12:37 AM
Jeffito , stop claiming you have science and climate scientists on your side, you don't. You cranks are the ones cherry picking and distorting facts to support your dangerous man-made global warming faith. Your nothing but a doomsday cult.
08/02/15 10:59 PM
You won't create a better world, Jeffito, you will just kill us all. But maybe that's the plan, eh?
03/02/15 10:01 PM
Very nasty and distasteful, Jeffito. Why do you have to bring religion into the debate? It just proves you can't use science in the debate because you have none so you have to have a poke at people's private beliefs. That's grubby and just typical of your side of the debate.
02/02/15 10:34 PM


Does that mean you won't talk to yourself any more Nico? "A silly denialist to whom evidence and rationality are meaningless."
04/02/15 12:25 AM
Nico, you have no idea what your talking about. You have no idea if it will cool or warm, when it will start or when it will finish. And for some STRANGE reason you think a little warming is worse than cooling. It defies logic why you would think that. Please Nico, post some photos here and show us your arctic hideaway with the healthy greenhouse you have. I can't wait to see it.
03/02/15 11:12 PM
Stable, Nico? Was the period of the little ice age that put us all in a deep freeze for several hundred years your idea of stable? I think I would rather the 0.7deg C warming we have had since then, thanks very much. You obviously have little idea what a stable climate is. Perhaps you think we would all be better off if we returned to the frozen times of an ice age with freezing temperatures, famine and starvation. I think I know who is getting their info from denialist blogs, Nico, any guesses who that might be, Nico?
02/02/15 01:50 AM
Your partly right Harry. The carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere is making earth's biosphere GROW as carbon dioxide is the gas of life and all plants thrive on it.
27/01/15 09:59 PM
Increased energy retention? what from John?
27/01/15 09:50 PM
Global warming is good, do any of you silly people think that warm is bad and cold is good? Could someone please tell what the problem with our climate is because I can't see one. Any one with a brain knows that living in a cold climate is bad for your health and living in a warm climate is good for you. Nico, MB and Susan where does all the life proliferate on planet earth, at the poles where its cold or at the equator where its hot? As we all know its at the equator where its hot and only an idiot would suggest otherwise. I know the world is full of idiots, though.
26/01/15 09:51 AM


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