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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, to be fair you're one of the better cross-benchers in the Senate, but please focus on real freedoms and reforms that matter to your constituency. I fear all you’ll achieve in the name of “liberty” is introduction of the Greens’ social engineering lunacy, and giving non-reciprocated favours to China which will only help and encourage the very anti-freedom Chinese Communist Party.
26/03/15 04:17 AM
David presents only a half-baked counterfactual position. A truly counter position would be thousands of independent supermarkets, each largely supplied by two behemoth producers which controlled the logistics and distribution. The supermarkets would be told "take it or leave it" while the regulators and politicians sat around being "lobbied" by the big two. I suggest that in these circumstances, the supermarkets would be complaining, David would be telling them to be grateful for the logistical efficiencies, and it they don't like it they can just sell out and buy shares.
05/05/14 05:16 AM
Advice to Paul Howes - Step away from your cosy little AWU / Labor self-help society and stand on your own two feet for a few years before making proclamations about the most self-reliant and resilient people in the country. Advice to David Leyonhjelm - Don't praise silly comments from people like Howes, it only makes you look foolish.
02/01/14 03:17 AM
Maybe a gesture of goodwill is owed to the Indonesians after the previous government’s incompetence and arrogance. However, selling them Australian land is inappropriate. Would the Indonesian government, under ANY circumstance, allow the Australian government to purchase a correspondingly large tract of Indonesian land? The answer is surely no. Private investment, be it from Indonesia, the US or any other country is reasonable, but only when it’s genuinely private investment and only if equivalent rights and goodwill are genuinely reciprocated.
30/09/13 11:52 AM


Abbott & co were respected by many. They were unpopular in the polls because they actually took concrete steps to have the country live within its means - reducing handouts and cutting gravy trains always promotes a backlash. That and the fact he was personally socially conservative - a hanging offence to the ABC & Fairfax elite who would criticise him for anything. He did make mistakes and had weaknesses, but what has his highly praised successor achieved? Seems to just waffle on about innovation and charm mainly non-coalition voters with hints of his 'progressive' credentials.
04/01/16 10:03 AM
Talk about carbon pricing is cheap for UK politicians - their country's lifeblood "industries", if you can call them such, are banking and financial services.
24/07/15 12:49 PM
James, yes I do eat meat. I'm not involved in live-ex but support it as it’s an important market for Australian farming areas that have been doing it tough for years. From a humanitarian perspective, it's the most efficient way of providing the benefits of affordable meat to many, mostly poor, Indonesians. I urge everyone to examine the complete picture and acknowledge there are positives to the industry. Apologies for the tone of my previous post; I just felt you were attacking someone who is probably a decent and honest farmer, understandably upset his family’s livelihood is being threatened
10/11/14 11:12 PM
James, calm down. I don't think you need academic journals published by the intelligentsia at the UN to tell you that cutting off the supply of affordable animal protein to poor Indonesian villagers is a welfare issue in and of itself. Are you a vegetarian? Your arguments seem to suggest that's what you're pushing.
10/11/14 02:33 AM
Given the politics of the international grain trade, I'm not against the concept of a single desk. But nobody should be defending what these greedy scoundrels did.
09/10/14 07:04 AM
The elite of the Chinese Communist Party simply don't believe in level playing fields and fair competition. They believe in insider deals, special rules for the connected and coercive state control for the rest. This is not a criticism of the Chinese people at large, but of their leaders, many of whom are corrupt, and their system of government.
15/04/14 04:38 AM
State owned enterprises and their subsidiaries have easier and cheaper access to credit. This distorts the market to the detriment of private business. That is just one of a long list of reasons SOE investment, no matter what country it’s from, is undesirable.
12/04/14 02:45 PM
The Chinese Communist Party doesn't grant proper ownership rights to its own citizens, let alone to foreigners. So far Tony Abbott has done a reasonable job looking after Australia's interests; I hope he doesn't mess it up with this one.
09/04/14 09:29 AM
I don’t think anyone is arguing FMDs should be excluded from net-debt assessments, so what’s the big conspiracy? Not all farms are in drought, not all farms are in debt, and FMDs ARE being drawn down as intended. It seems like some people are just fanning the flames of the city-country divide – not helpful – Australians pull together in times of crisis.
26/03/14 03:10 PM
China is 50 times more populous than Australia. It’s also led by Communist princelings who think nothing of cynically subverting the entire economy for their own personal benefit. We used to fight wars against such people. How about we get a bit of backbone, stand up for our principles, and only give them special favours when and if they reform and act like a normal country.
17/03/14 01:10 PM


Meanwhile... as the wrath of the rising oceans and the fires of the warming planet punish the non-believing infidels for not paying the carbon tax, the High Priest of the believers, the mighty Al Gore, and his celebrity disciples live lives of tranquillity, in CO2 spewing mansions big enough to accommodate entire villages in luxurious opulence...
03/02/15 02:23 AM
I think "computer model" and "could" are the operative words in this article. Now, everyone brace for another 10 pages of vitriolic comments from our sorely divided population on this over-hyped topic.
01/02/15 09:13 PM


If alternative energy can stand on its own two feet and meet the same standards as other energy, that's fine. The reality is it's massively subsidised by direct handouts from taxpayers and further protected by legislation that effectively forces you and me to buy it at inflated prices. Plus they get a free pass for many planning procedures. The vested interests behind alternative energy have one of the fiercest lobby groups in Australia and I thank the Abbott government for standing up to them on behalf of ordinary people. Very little of this technology is developed in Australia by the way.
21/06/15 04:18 AM
The level of self-indulgence among highly privileged students and academics is reaching astounding levels. Academia has lost much of its authority as a result, and risks being viewed by the general public as just a club of self-interested elites.
12/05/15 03:29 AM
Territory Paul makes a valid point. Just how sophisticated where the climate measuring facilities in, say, the Tirari Desert 103 years ago?
20/01/14 04:36 PM
Gough certainly wasn't much of an economic manager, and he introduced some so-called reforms that I and many others don’t agree with. However, he was a patriotic Australian, who served his country in the Air Force before entering Politics, was from all accounts a decent family man and a well-meaning and kind human being. He also possessed about 1000 times the personality and charisma of the current ALP crop. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Gough Whitlam.
29/10/14 11:33 AM
Arguably the first truly responsible budget since the early Howard years.
22/05/14 04:42 AM
Get tough on drug pushers, motorcycle gangs and other organised crime. They are the problem. Give gun rights back to law abiding people.
28/10/14 05:48 AM
Some of the anti-export comments here are bewildering. The fundamental reason behind support for the industry is that live export is an efficient, and sometimes the only, means of providing affordable meat to millions of people. Pointing out that Australia has higher standards of welfare governance relative to other countries is just stating a fact. To suggest people who recognise the industry's legitimacy are somehow devoid of morals is offensive.
04/04/14 07:39 AM
Australia has some of the best live export processes in the world. If Australia is forced out, animal welfare will go backward as other countries fill the gap.
03/04/14 11:33 AM


If Australia, an exporter with some of the highest standards, removes itself from this trade, countries with demonstrably lower standards will quickly fill the void, and welfare in aggregate will deteriorate. That is a fact. Efforts to improve animal welfare - here, in-transit, and at destinations should be supported - and those efforts should be informed by science, facts, statistics and rationality, not the fashionable opinions of an urban elite increasingly detached from this country’s agricultural roots.
31/05/18 03:27 AM
A question for everyone calling for an outright ban - How do you propose that A) affordable access to animal protein (which we all take for granted) to the generally poor importing countries is maintained, and B) The relatively poor (by Australian standards) rural communities that supply are supported?
29/03/15 06:53 AM


The underlying value of any asset must be dictated by reasonably anticipated future returns. It can be difficult to assess what those future returns will be, but the fundamental principle remains and is absolutely inescapable. You’d expect estate agents like the one quoted to be off with the fairies, but traditionally you could expect banks to err on the side of conservatism. Bankers have been too willing in recent times to roll the dice knowing they’ll get away with it long enough to get their bonuses and cash in their options.
17/03/14 12:54 PM

Rural Lifestyle

This is no surprise. Farm life gives teenagers the opportunity to mature through doing real work alongside adults.
24/10/14 12:24 PM


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