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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Because there is a lot more money to be made out of mining and the profits allow the big mining companies to keep all the greenies, animal libbers and other whingers at bay through the courts. Not much money in agriculture and if we want to produce our own food, let alone supply Asia, in fifty years time, we need to have a plan. If you don't plan, you plan to fail, David.
27/04/14 10:54 PM
It is truly wonderful to see these Free range hens free to roam with 19,999 other happy little hens in their happy hectare. But wait a minute, these hens should not be denied sex. A happy hen must have her natural desires satisfied. I hope Coles management is not a misogynist lot. How many roosters will become the free love standard in our free range hen utopia ? What a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive - especially when you are trying to deceive 20 million customers.
06/03/13 10:50 PM


Why are world sugar prices chronically low? Oversupply, perhaps. It is not mandatory to grow sugar, so if another crop or product gives a better return, how about giving it a go instead of whinging all the time.
17/11/14 10:13 PM
John Newton, please spare us the lecture about IPCC. It is a body of rent seekers whose future relies on alarmist predictions to keep the money flowing. You don't need to be a 'climate scientist' to discover the reality of climate change - just read history and see what has happened in the past. We've been there before and the world didn't end.
11/11/14 10:12 PM
The Greens should have been included in this for they could have appointed King Canute as he has experience when it comes to controlling natural phenomena.
29/10/14 10:23 PM
Spare me the tears on the wind turbines. Yes, it's great when the wind blows, but wind is unpredictable and what happens when it doesn't blow? The base load coal fired power station cannot just ramp up at a moments notice (it is scaled back under max output to accommodate the lovely green power) so a gas turbine has to fire up with more expensive power. Who pays? The Mums and Dads on their power bills, that's who.
15/09/14 10:36 PM
When is the press going to stop its deliberate misrepresentation on 'greenhouse gas emissions'? Carbon dioxide, the climate change villain, is a colourless, ordourless gas so the nasty looking photograph accompanying this article is an emotive attempt to prejudice readers' views in the debate. The photo shows what would appear to be mainly steam as well as carbon and other particulates that should, by law, be removed as they can be harmful. CO2, on the other and, is not harmful, but essential to life on earth. Try a few facts for a change.
09/07/14 11:13 PM
Down, down, down! How low will Coles stoop? My Wesfarmers shares are on the market.
01/07/14 11:25 PM
ADM has a rather dodgy corporate past so why would we want to give them a dominant position in Australia's grain industry? International business is not necessarily full of nice guys.
11/06/14 01:12 AM
Perhaps Clive Palmer could be guest speaker.
20/02/14 11:29 PM
Is it not ironic that Australia's "expert" on drought policy is from Canberra where there has not been a drought since it became the National Capital. If things get a bit dry just raise taxes or fuel excise or a carbon tax (even though they put up overheads) and help send farmers to the wall.
17/02/14 11:06 PM
Manufacturing is being slaughtered by the likes of Fairwork Australia and Labor lawyers infiltrating our courts. Do these guys want a job or not?
06/01/14 10:57 PM


Yes, it could, but how much would global wheat production fall if we get cooling like that experienced six or seven hundred years ago.We would have people starving. How many are going to starve as a result of a 1C rise in temp? Answer, none, because other crops will benefit from the warmer temps. It is time to stop this waste of money into a comuter modelled problem, based on bulldust.
01/02/15 10:10 PM
Serelini should use computer modelling as in AGW. That will prove it conclusively.
24/06/14 11:29 PM
They could try an alternative source of protein known as BEEF.
13/04/14 11:01 PM


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