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Awb, should never have's down hill ever since,and the numbers show it.

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Hell, it's a miracle I am alive ! I was brought up on raw milk, and what's worse, farm killed meat. Just how we have made it know one knows, it must be the bugs in both ! I am nearly 70, rarely been sick, so it's working ok for me.
Just watching all the TV shows on people trecking Asia, I have never seen a shortage of food.its everywhere, the vendors barrows in streets are loaded, food hanging from trellises ,just loaded, I also notice lush pastures ,plenty of water, so with our rainfall falling 60 percent in our area in the last 50 years, me thinks, Asia, May we'll be the food bowl of Australia !
How does DAvid earn his living ? Charging farmers I suppose. Cut him back to $20 day, and see if he squeals. Remember, the man with the cheque book, sings the tune.
Had a piggery for 60years, pigs in crates much less stress, managed cold and hot weather much better, piglets rarely got sick,growth all the way, outside pigs got itch, colds, we just lost too many. Then I saw the light, let other countries provide cheap products, much easier for me .
This is now before the courts, I would think no comment at the moment would be the order of the day.
Another matter, in wa you still pay rates on land you cannot farm or use.......not smart farming......plant tree what ever, but you the owner maintain control, it's your land.
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WA. Is reeling,huge farm debts, no rain in June. In most grain areas,July forecast is grim, wa farmers will need a handout, and that's for food.just wonder now, will it rain again ........
Gee have things changed for the worse, it's now, more than ever before, dog eats dog !
Hearing about the $25000 loan, there's only one group to prosper, it's the advisers, with there head in the trough, bet they take the biggest bite. What a trade, farming the farmer, and always getting 2t without rain. sack them all and you will be much better off.
Bad news for farmers, rural co, will have in wa, CRT,farm shop, farm works,and elders if all goes ahead.all these where competitors, now Ravensdown are out of chemicals, god help the farmers. Pity all the workers in the different stores, long term employment, not looking good,I'd say.

Get Muddy

Would be really great if we could get interest rates at the same rate as our city cousins around the 6 percent rate, not the 14/18 percent rate many farmers are paying. Many ,many city people have no idea farmers are subsidising there cheap home loans . No one wants sympathy just a fair go .
The main thing is Sam, don't talk with your mouthful .
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Hey, don't give up hope on country churches, ours was going down,then, a couple of elders called barbecue, and 40 turned up, now we have combined services and its Great, and the best part, young families are attending, we just need to lead and encourage.
How do you switch farmers from neg to pos, it's not rocket science. Pay them the money they deserve,it's that simple. Everyone's making money except the farmer. Everyone is farming the farmer, with great results, wheat goes out of our town at 280$ t and comes back as cereals @8000$ t. Just give farmers a fair go.

Burrs under my saddle

No Pete, we are not owed a living, we need payment for products to go up just like your wages, prices received today, like wheat, not much better than 30years ago. And compare costs in those 30years. Imagine if workers received the same money as 30 years ago. My wage driving trucks back then was $30 day, let alone an hour. So, we just need ,cost of production,plus some. However governments around the world like farmers to be cheap food producers ,and that has always been and will continue.

Bush Matters

Free market, I have been providing sheep to midland and now Muchea sale yards for over 50years and the prices have been an absolute joke, so the response from the young farmers now is call in the carriers, result, prices rising nearly 70 percent. People are still buying meat, they have to realize we have an odd price rise in 50years.I have no sympathy for the wholesales as if they had paid a fair price all along, the sheep numbers would still be here. You do get tired of providing cheap product .


Someone's telling porkies, but not sure who ! It was published a few months ago farm debt was in WA, $2.5mil. So thought the average of half a mil, maybe a bit low.
Well done Michael, us of wa who planted saltbush many years ago are now reaping the rewards. It's all you had many knockers , like us who said, they won't grow, can't grow whatever, and that made us plant more. ! We all watched your approach and acted,well done ,and derserved,
Seem to notice, farmers who want CBH cashed up, haven't been around that long, the farmers who established it, and built up the asset, got two dollars, and the young ones who are in debt would love to cash out, on someone else's work.....seems fair to me..... Not!
Would like to know what criteria the bank is using. Will they look after the organic farmers, or will they look after chemical farming ,which seems to be the rage at the moment and.removall of many thousands of trees from our landscape I suppose time will tell. One thing you do notice driving around the land does not look healthy.
Yeah, it always come to be, these think tank experts are always fat cats on huge salaries, why not tax the unemployed then for not working, there always seems to be plenty of beer and smoke money from the ones I see?
Why don't the animal libbers, catch a plane ,go to the Middle East and tell the importers how to run there business. If if we do stop ,they will still do what they do, you need to stand up, be counted and do what you preach.
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Yeah, I will remember him! And cannot forget him, while he was in I paid a cool 26 percent interest. Helping young farmers they told me !
I agree with Clarkie, plenty of money out there in farming, BUT, only old money, and with farmers who started farming with a silver spoon.there are many more not doing well, drought, frosts, interest rates, bank fees you name it.we have the lowest interest rates on record but there's plenty of farmers still paying over 10.5 percent, on loans ( and they are low risk )
I have a real issue in waving a young farmer we had debts,and just worked until we paid them off , went with out plenty of things we would have liked , but worked by the rule, if you cant pay for it, don't buy the height of our debt the bank was charging us 26% interest,so it was very difficult. On the other hand we had friends who had everything they wanted in farming, and we watched them gradually go broke, are we then meant to be sorry for them, don't think so.but the part I am not happy with, the bank wiped their debt.In my case they screwed us to the floorboards
WA, not going good on landcare , many farmers are bulldozing trees so they can "steer straight "
The art of straight line seeding has gone, the new farmers would rather read a book. However this plan of seeding land forever will come to an end as the land will respond to abuse. We can see it clearly now, farms looking crap, production dropping, wait another 25 years, and you will really see the curse of greed.


Notice the comment, country needs a good spell, dead right. Noonargh people had the country looking good, and in the last 50 years of hammering it, most farms look crap with yearly production decline.
Wish farmers would go back to basics and start looking after the land, any mug can see the no till method cannot be sustained, we need clover back into the system, giving the land a break and not this continual chemical can tell by looking at vast areas of Wheatbelt WA things are not right, just consider litres of chemical applied over 100 years, compared to rainfall, that's worth thinking about too !.
Re the change in rainfall, climate change, or whatever you want to call it, in the central Wheatbelt in WA, rainfall has dropped 50 percent ,not from the 1930's but from the 1960's. Rain was never an issue, opening rains always ( in old terms ) 350 / 400 pts over 3 to 4 days, nice and steady. Now, 5mm, five days later, 4mm, then 2mm, taking forever to wet the soil. Now this year may be interesting, no rain since last October, and using an excavator we dug to 24 ft, powder dry to the bottom, may I suggest if it continues like this, a huge amount of Wa will not go in this year.
How could you go back to pools when Emerald failed to deliver ?
Wa, wheels falling of over here too, terrible august, crops throwing tillers daily. When you drive past, many look ok.but walk the walk and look closely , thinning out, colour not good. We need rain quick.
Plenty of money in that study Mug, similar. To a study someone did a couple of years ago, they even wrote " we need to become even more efficient and grow crop without water ' . Yeah right. It was written by some clown with plenty of degrees , but limited common sence.
I have been farming over 50 years in the west and I am seeing a much different landscape. Because cropping of paddocks fence to fence with no break, declining rainfall, high rates of chemicals, the soils, mainly the lighter, are not looking well. The new methods are certainly ok for production, but not forever, the land will, and does react. Some lighter paddocks here are going back to pre clover days, prone to blowing, and filling your boots with sand as you walk through them, and they run no livestock.
Silo' s on your own farm, that's the answer, trade when you want to trade, buyers pick up, no handling charges, all good.
Don't worry, marshes theory will be better, it's only a matter of time. Baxters theory like PGA , short term money, long term pain. It certainly takes away your right to farm.
This is news many farmers will not want to hear. When we talk under $300t , with costs at around $70t to get wheat to port, there's not much cream left. Seem to remember being told free trade would be much better for all with the demise of AWB, now I'm starting to think our grandfathers knew exactly what they were doing. Wonder if the grain traders are making more ? Farmers with any debt may well find the future very difficult.


I wish some would live in the real world. What comes to my paper and tv everyday is that someone has been stabbed. More stabbings than anything, what's next, banning knifes .?
Where do we order from ? Sounds great
To close the service would be the worst thing that could happen. I have been an agent for a company for nearly 25 years and have seen many highs and many lows.the pressure family's are under when rain dosnt fall is huge,and many time have spent hours with clients , just talking and given them support, and guiding them to get help from like groups. But sadly 3 clients were lost, and since that time,I am now well aware what to look for, and to listen to them.I really fear if support is lost as the alternative is not good. It's another case of we are in the front line and understand the most.
Isn't it amazing re the $5 fee the people have to pay to see a doc. The ones I hear complaining appear to be big drinkers and smokers, just drop a carton off a week, much better, for all.
So Paul thinks big farmers and corporates are the way to go. We have had three lots set up not far from us in the last 20 years, and purely by looking over the fence, if we farmed like they do, we would had lost our farm many years ago. The workers are paid big $$$$, but they really don't care if the crop grows or not . Earning per hectare would be less than half of family farmers around them , so Paul, theory s. real good but not reality.
  Drier season ahead 12 Comments 12
Any news on WA forecast ?
Nothing to do with what we do at ground level, it's the millions of lts of aviation fuel burning from the planes going around the world 24/7, that effecting the ozone, Big time
Some years ago, a farmer from Coomberdale, a small town just north of Moora in WA, named Rodger Tonkin, realised the value horses and sheep dogs had done for Moora and surrounding districts in establishing farming. So he asked families who had a long history of horses and dogs to contribute $250 for a life size horse and dog monument near the shire office in Moora. He was overwhelmed with the the response and it stands today as a huge tourist attraction with a citation of the history of horses and sheep dogs. Rodger has now passed on, and we thank him for his foresight.
So it's ok to eat veggies is it, I'm not keen on cutting the head of a lettuce, imagine the pain, let alone pull out a carrot. ! Re sow stalls, when we had pigs the pigs were far happier inside, nice ,warm, and clean.outside, extreme heat and cold, took much longer to grow, wasn't good, but then, we have experimented both ways, what would we know.? Some people have had no farming experience, but seem to know everything, well done.
Watch out farmers, Bill Shorton will lead the labor party.he sunk Gillard, then Rudd , and one thing he won't support is farmers, keeping all the old crew in is great for the libs.


It started with pigs, and has slowly moved throu all industries, if you have a business doing well watch out or sell out, the system is taking out Australian farmers in there droves, in the pig game 600 producers in wa went to the wall, to produce meat at the time cost $2.53 kg, then they started dumping meat at Fremantle for $1.75. It doesn't matter how efficient. You are, you will never beat cheap imports. It's called free trade, but its only one way, but that's what governments food for the people.
Here goes another wa industry,1. At a time this government is allowing our children not to be employed.
Study! What garbage. Makes people feel good. Veggie game going to china, the government simply does not want Australian agriculture, of any sort. Farmers of all groups going broke big time. As long as the sun comes up in the morning, you will never compete against a subsidised product. They want free trade, lets make it both ways,send me a LandCruiser for $4000.
That's great, Rachael, being young and vibrant will give a great image to our kids,a great choice. Might make me eat more too !
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Purchased some peas the other day,in country home then noticed...product of china.they were binned.would not even give to the chooks, next time will check if its Australian, if not no/buy.
Yeah, free trade works real well. Australian farmers get nothing, pay huge costs, importers get paid to import,let's make it even.....iron ore 130 bucks a tonne,hilux uses, sorry, $ 50,000 a tonne, seems fair to me !


We have no dogs and bait all the time, if you don't huge losses as we are in a area of total cropping and those farmers do nothing. Plovers have come back in big numbers since we started baiting again and it's all good.
Quite everdent Lee has no idea what he or she is talking about.never farmed I suppose, ranting on pretending to know everything, probably hasn't even been on a stock truck, let a lone a stock ship. One thing we should all do is don't talk with your mouth full if you have no idea what you are talking about.
I really wish the activists would go overseas and stop the barbaric cruelty to women and children we hear about daily on radio and see nightly on TV. People getting tied up and shot and beaten to death is more than I have ever seen anywhere, yet I never hear the group stand up for human rights.there preference is beyond me. Regarding the cruel shearers , you have the vision, ban them for life from there livelyhood, give them a massive fine and get them out of the industry. If I see anything I regard as cruel in my shed, your gone if's no but's.


Any chance of a contact no
Capital gains, wait till the tax man reads this one, I did similar and they love it !
Just buy sheep, best weed manager since sliced bread.
Ploughs have been around for thousands of years in some countries, yet in areas of wa the country looks dreadful after a few years of chemical farming.
It's a winner if its cheap, and cheaper to use, if not forget money in growing anything in Australia ,it's cheaper to import......sad, but, true.
Funny that people want to go straight to the manufacturer . Someone I know wanted a small tractor of a certain well known brand, price in Perth $39,990. Brought direct overseas for ( delPerth ) for $10,000. It's seems the powers that be tell farmers what they get for produce, and now tell them what they will pay for machinery . Is that free trade, what a root if it is, or is it plain greed.
It's a pity machinery prices are so high compared to low and uncertain grain don't know when to jump ,
The single desk,that's what our fore farmers fortfore, we dumb farmers ,let the powers that be take away the single desk. Just stand back and look what's happened. Another layer of marketers in the middle man position, taking at least $10t for what, selling your grain.a no sweat job, done in seconds on a computer....easy cash..nothing is better for farmers,we without doubt are the losers big time. I can assure you our forefathers where not as dumb as us.period.
Hey, nothing in the world's free! when I buy something I ask what the extra is worth, then ask for that amount to come off the purchase price....and guess what presto. nothing's free, just a promotion which we pay for!


Unhappy cocky, you don't have to be in rural action to understand credit creation. anyone with nous knows the trick, even good bankers will tell you that, the ratio used to be 19 to 1 , some time ago, would love to know the ratio now
One of the major banks advertise we are here to help your business ! Don't think so, it should be we are here to screw your business ! Our bank, on the business loan, if you have credit up to $1mil pay you a whopping 0.01 , and when you use the overdraft charge, 10.13 percent, that's on no risk, 100 percent equity , that's really helping.
I don't blame farmers selling one bit to overseas buyers, the highest buyer would get my farm, as no one has been looking after me,it's been damm hard work. However, I would not despair, in WA, several of these sales have been done and then within 3 years it's all back on the market. The reasons, they didn't make enough profit for the shareholders. The last one here I heard thought they could return 22 those set up's come and go, while the family farm is the backbone of agriculture in Australia ,always has been, and always will be.
its good to see at last some pollies taking notice, in wa our land is getting bought up, and guess what, the production of grain is getting sent back to the homeland to feed themselves. smart move, but it needs to be controlled.

Rural Lifestyle

Nothing would please me more to machinery dealers take $200,000 of the price of a header, let's get competitive again, My plan now is to buy houses now, they outlast headers ,and make real money as years go by.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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