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Burrs under my saddle

What we don't want are more parties like the Bushie Bill party.
12/01/15 08:52 PM


Reading your posts are even funnier, Bill.
02/02/15 12:44 AM
Bushie Bill from now on will be known as Baldrick Bill. If you google Baldrick you can see many pictures of him.
27/01/15 11:04 PM
How dare you insult my sheep, argis.
26/01/15 10:19 AM
Meryl, I would be happy for RARA to stop paying taxes that support Bushie.
12/01/15 02:38 AM
Your a storm in a tea cup Bushie.
07/01/15 05:40 AM


I would say with a well educated guess that Nico and Jeffito are one in the same person. What do you think Nico/Jeffito?
Editor's note: Nico and Jeffito are not the same person.
04/02/15 12:20 AM


Your running out of people to talk to, Nico. What will you do then? Don't worry I am sure Baldrick Bill will talk with you.
04/02/15 04:01 AM
Silly Susan, it's very worrying that you cannot accept the science that the warming stopped 20 years back! Silly Susan, it's also worrying you cannot accept the science that the warming we had till then was normal and GOOD. Silly Susan, it's even more worrying that you think that maybe cooling is better than warming. Silly Susan.
02/02/15 10:54 PM
You have no idea what you are on about, Susan, the warming during the last century which has now stopped was mild, normal and beneficial. What is your problem?
02/02/15 10:20 PM
No, your factually wrong, Susan. The earth has been cooling since the Holocene climate optimum some 9000 to 5000 years ago. So stop posting silly alarmist global warming rubbish from denialist blogs. Try to stick with real science and known history. That way we won't call you Silly Susan.
02/02/15 05:35 AM is a denialist website that promotes the alarmist agenda Nico.
29/01/15 07:18 AM
hahahaha OH NICO your catastrophe obsessed assertions about the climate get more hysterical and ridiculous by the day. Time Bigfoot made you walk the plank don't you think ?
29/01/15 12:02 AM
Yes Max and the scam will not only rip billions of dollars from us it will deprive millions of people from cheap and available electricity. Hence in effect making their life harder and so they die earlier in life. The AGW scam if let run its course could cost more lives than all the wars combined. This scam needs to be stopped now. The AGW scam with its insane ideas of zero carbon emissions has the capacity to plunder, enslave and decimate the human race.
27/01/15 10:27 PM
I have met few people that could twist the facts and write spin like you, Nico.
27/01/15 04:45 AM
Looking at the news ATM I would say New York has sure missed out on all that global warming. They are about to get their worst winter storm EVER. world/north-america/winter-storm- juno-crippling-and-potentially-hi storic-blizzard-set-to-hit-us-eas t-coast/story-fnh81jut-1227197627 313
26/01/15 09:35 PM
26/01/15 10:44 AM


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