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Burrs under my saddle

" Australia's future is not threatened by muslims, differing sex persuasions, asians, asylum seekers, migrants...." Some might beg to differ on a couple of these Pete, and you forgot to add man made global warming to the list.
12/09/15 10:34 PM


Nico knows this of course Max but will never admit it as he then loses all credibility ( not that he ever had any).
13/10/15 02:18 AM
You can be assured Nico that we have not failed to check on your misleading assertions.
12/10/15 11:03 PM
Holy Moly yes we all need to seethelight and you may be correct about the billions so I have a lot more work to do yet in educating the dumbed down sheeple about the world of make believe they live in.
13/11/14 04:41 AM
And the reality is that It is Bill Shorten and Christine Milne who have the flat earth views and either or both would send us back to the 1800s and broke if they were still in power. We just had an election and the people of Australia clearly rejected the climate alarmist flat earth views of the past ALP/Greens coalition who are under some wild delusion we are in a climate emergency and we installed a much more sensible person called Tony who has at least some idea that the only climate emergency we were in was the one going on in Gillards/Rudds/Shortens and Milnes misguided imagination.
13/11/14 01:10 AM
Er bentshed , I am not a scientist but isn't CO2 heavier than air and there for sinks , not rises ?
12/11/14 12:38 AM
In 20 odd years it has not warmed at all Peter, despite the fact that we have put out vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in that time. I would say the theory is dead , wouldn't you ?
11/11/14 10:12 PM


Itz just about a waste of time trying to show these people anything BP. Their ears are waxed shut and their eyes are sown shut. They are not interested in the truth , you might as well be talking to a brick wall.
22/10/15 09:43 PM
We can't change the weather, but we can change the crops we grow !
21/10/15 09:10 PM
And Jeffito, I wonder how many of the people pushing the AGW agenda are atheists and communists?
02/02/15 10:25 PM
Where do they come up with this stuff from? They would really have something to worry about if the world was cooling instead of being nice and warm. That may very well happen yet, and then we are in real trouble.
02/02/15 05:24 AM


The best front war I have seen to date is a Sako 270 wsm.
21/10/15 08:11 AM
Yes Donut and the CFMEU are going to remember the name Dyson Heydon for a long long time. If I ever had a son I would name him Dyson.
07/10/15 05:08 AM
Yes jacky we will be burning coal in a hundred years, why wouldn't we be ?
22/09/15 04:00 AM
Still got you head in the clouds Hmick. I will take coal any day over windmills and mirrors. The young nationals have the brains to want to move into the next century not go back to a lifestyle of the past century.
18/09/15 12:09 AM
Now we are all going to see how far to the loony left Tophat is compared to TA. If Tophat goes down the climate change garden of Green gnomes path to serve his overseas masters then we are headed back to fairyland like under the last Labor Govt with a price on carbon, its just a matter of time. So we know from the start that when Tophat talks about a new way to manage our economy it means he will send whats left of it in reverse with an economic cancer called an Emissions Trading Scheme. This will most certainly be the last nail in our coffin, and Tophat will have achieved Labor's dream. RIP.
14/09/15 11:09 PM
And Turncoat will win. Hello Paris with an ETS on the table. The only bright point, Turnbull will beat Shorten at the next election and Australia will be saved from another destructive and disastrous Labor Govt.
14/09/15 06:54 AM
Nice and warm, beautiful eh. I will take West Roebuck any day over Thredbo Top Station. Just love it.
18/09/15 06:15 AM
Mis-information Nico ? Informed people have now worked out who is pushing the mis-information. The mis-informed still push the alarmist hype.
16/09/15 05:55 AM
No wait there's more. Another climate myth slain.
https://stevengoddard.wordpr ned-hundreds-of-miles-of-ice-the- last-three-years/
10/09/15 11:57 PM
Looks like another of the climate myths just fell. /2015/09/10/something-awfully-wro ng-with-global-warming-science-an d-predictions-4-year-global-cyclo ne-energy-at-45-year-low/#sthash. pOWTGE8t.dpbs
10/09/15 11:51 PM


How many are hurt with horses every year, will we have to put a roll bar on them to ? Bubble wrap is the answer, bubble wrap everything, it will lesson the impact for sure.
25/09/15 07:21 AM
Boris, that's what is happening in Australia today. The bureaucrats/govt have taken over and try to micro manage every aspect of the country and our lives. From stupid bike laws to stupid gun laws to stupid climate laws, the list and the stupidity continues on.
21/09/15 11:52 PM


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