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A matter of opinion

Why is it you can't explain it to us Nico ?
05/01/15 12:53 AM
Your assertions are merely assertions also Nico unless your alleged evidence , regardless of who it comes from , is correct. And it clearly isn't. And as has been pointed out in the past , you can't even answer the most basic of questions concerning your AGW faith so why should we listen to you at all.
02/01/15 03:23 AM
Goodluck telling Nico , Invey. He is in denial.
02/01/15 03:14 AM
What are my assertions Nico ? They are not assertions. They are fact. There has been about a 0.7 deg C warming over the last 150 years since the end of the little ice age. Nothing unusual , and totally beneficial. Fact. There has been about a 100ppmv increase in the atmospheric rate of carbon dioxide , nothing unusual and highly beneficial. These two things may or may not be connected. They have both been highly beneficial to life on earth. Fact. Only a crank would suggest otherwise.
31/12/14 04:44 AM
" Changes we are now causing " pffff, your imagination is running away with you again Nico. The changes that have happened in the last 150 years with the climate have all been good and I doubt we caused any of it. Your imagining a problem that has clearly been a benefit.
31/12/14 03:23 AM
We need to get over the fact that the climate changes all the time, some changes are slow some are quick, its not caused by humans burning a little coal, and you just have to adapt to whatever earth throws at you.
30/12/14 10:31 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Err excuse me Nico but Max's question is far from silly. A cooling of the temperature would be far deadlier and worse than a warming and I doubt there is any argument about that.
04/03/15 04:52 AM
Well Nico , now is your moment in history. Which is better , to live on a warm planet or to live on a cold planet ?
23/02/15 12:15 AM
If we all believed the global warming drivel the north and south pole and Greenland would be ice free by now and the pacific ocean would be lapping the bottom of the Sydney harbour bridge by now. BUT the reality in the REAL world is the exact opposite , Antarctica has more ice than ever , North America is now part of the Arctic with record snow and cold , sea level rise is going no where , we have not all fried and died from global warming and good old atmospheric CO2 just continues to make earths plants grow and grow better by the day.The AGW scam is purely political , smart people know this.
22/02/15 11:24 PM
Well, Action, that is what I have been trying to tell you all along. Have you now seen the light and crossed over from the dark side?
19/02/15 04:40 AM
MIA , missing in ACTION. No where to be seen. Not a word.
18/02/15 05:45 AM
Well let me ask you a question, Action, since your such a clever little fella, what is the likely outcome of an increasing CO2 rate starting from an 1880 rate of about 280ppmv in the earth's atmosphere on the vast majority of its plant life?
18/02/15 01:01 AM
Well ( in ) action I guess its pointless having a conversation with a shinning example of why your side lost the debate many years ago and why people just think your a bunch of self obsessed dishonest cranks to be laughed at. But by all means ( in ) action keep up your daily flog as we all need a laugh.
17/02/15 10:38 PM
Thank you for pointing that out Makka, I stand to make nothing , I am just a retired farmer with an interest in scientific truth and I hate corruption and liars. And as anyone with half a brain would know there are billions of dollars at stake with the AGW scam . After all it is the world's biggest scientific fraud.
17/02/15 05:46 AM
Well action , that would depend on who is telling the truth and who you want to trust. LOL. And with all the lies being told by the climate communists that choice is easy. LOL. But I know there are always a few gullible fools who will believe the lies , any guesses who that might be action ? LOL.
17/02/15 05:19 AM
Tim , please , lets leave the romantics out of it.
16/02/15 07:01 AM


Even Vlad Putin knows that global warming is a fraud. /2015/10/29/russias-putin-says-gl obal-warming-is-a-fraud/
29/10/15 10:07 PM
Lol, still pushing the same old misinformation Nico ? Keep up the good work Ted.
20/10/15 12:03 AM
Not much has changed since your overseas days, Nico. Still Ignorant.
20/01/15 04:49 AM
And if you read my post again Nico and Regress you will notice I said the CSIRO were worshipping the AGW religion of the IPCC . I did not say they should not be doing scientific climate research. The IPCCs AGW religion is NOT science .
06/01/15 11:40 PM
A good reason to get rid of compulsory preferential voting Nico.
06/01/15 06:34 AM
These cuts are long over due as the CSIRO were wasting their budget worshiping the IPCCs religion of AGW instead of doing agricultural research.
05/01/15 08:52 PM tlantic-hurricane-season-spares-u -ninth-running-222219999.html
27/11/14 05:30 AM
Nico your reading strait out of the IPCC book of climate horrors and really are starting to let your imagination run away with you.
Fossil fuel burning has at no stage ever been proven to be responsible for extreme climate change. And any of the late 20th century warming ( which has now come to an abrupt halt ) regardless of the cause has been extremely good for humans and life on earth as we do much better in a nice warm climate than in those horrible cold periods like ice ages.
23/11/14 10:52 PM
Get realistic Nico , the climate always changes and will continue to change. Do you think it will stop changing and we will have a goldilocks climate when we stop burning coal ?
21/11/14 05:14 AM
Yes Nico natural events have causes too. I did not say they didn't. But that is where we go in completely different directions. To be so narrow minded to believe that the AGW theory is and could be the ONLY cause is why you will never win the debate Nico. People are a little better informed than you might care to believe and some of us have many many years of reading , research and study behind us. There is far more to climate change than just an increase from 300ppmv to 400ppmv of CO2 and whatever its mildly nice and beneficial but insignificant effects are on the climate.
20/11/14 05:26 AM


It seems the climate has been good for crop production, an 8pc increase. This is the opposite of what the agw / climate mafia are telling us will happen. Wake up Australia.
09/09/15 12:04 AM
Here's some more bad news for the church of latter day warmists.
http://edition.cnn. com/2015/02/16/us/winter-weather/ index.html
17/02/15 01:01 AM
I just love this guy. 02/what-if-climate-change-doubter s-are-right/
16/02/15 08:49 PM
Why do I get the feeling global warming is not happening.
http://www.dailyma ing-cold-air-follows-latest-New-E ngland-snowstorm.html
16/02/15 08:21 PM
He who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past.
I do not think George Orwell had climate scientists in mind when he wrote 1984 but he was pretty much spot on with the temperature records.
16/02/15 04:11 AM
But wait there's more, /2015/02/10/the-frigid-winters-of -global-warming-uncompromising-co ld-conditions-that-may-be-recalle d-for-generations/#sthash.dA6q0M8 i.dpbs
16/02/15 04:05 AM
And this /02/15/joe-bastardi-schools-micha el-mann-on-how-to-read-a-weather- chart-heavy-snow-is-because-its-c old/#sthash.hFGAjWch.dpbs
16/02/15 03:58 AM
Global what? g/no-global-warming-doesnt-lead-m ore-snow-boston#ysCWx5:y0o
16/02/15 02:59 AM
YES James but old testament style climate change is always going on somewhere or other in the world some good some bad , and is it being directly caused by the atmospheric CO2 rate . Well informed intelligent people know there is little to no connection and that CO2 is good for the environment.
15/02/15 10:49 PM
I know the truth is big dent in your pride Nico but you have to realise you can't just lie about the temperature data to suit your discredited cause and think you can get away with it. The world is seeing through the global warming hype for what it really is, a totally manufactured (non) problem.
09/02/15 04:57 AM


@GBK you gottabekidding . The reef is in no danger from power generation from burning coal . You sound like you have been drinking to much of the man-made climate change kool-aid. Many things could upset the reef, a minute amount of atmospheric plant food ( CO2 ) will not.
11/11/15 02:02 AM
So now these fruitcakes are trying to hold the counties ecconomy to ransom on a non-existent problem. The entire human race could stop burning coal today and the only loser would be earths plant life.
09/11/15 07:28 AM
How do you know Bill Pounder has an overt political agenda Nico ? What is it ?
Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.
08/11/15 09:43 PM
The simple fact you want censorship for this site Nico tells us everything .
05/11/15 11:23 PM
Censor and silence all those who disagree with the scam you mean Nico ? Yes that is the way this nut-job belief system operates as they don't want any opposition to expose them and their lies along with the financial and scientific scam they are pushing. Nico's words should be evidence enough to all that he is not interested in the truth , just his own view. Does anyone need anymore evidence that the cagw adherents are a bunch of very dangerous idiologically driven cranks that will let no one stand in their way. All must yield to them including free speech and independent thought.
03/11/15 05:49 AM
The world is full of gullible people Chad, most are to stupid or to lazy to do even the smallest amount of research to see they are being conned by a very slick marketing and propaganda campaign.
02/11/15 10:51 PM
Pocock has had his head in to many scrums.
27/10/15 06:46 AM
Your hypocricy is astounding Nico.
23/09/15 03:05 AM
Please try to concentrate Nico, weather and climate are the same thing , just on differing time scales, I understand that. All your idiotic opinions that you write here point to a deteriorating climate due to a very narrow minded view of science that day to day evidence does not support. This would explain why science is now going backwards. You should try to get your science from the real world and not negative and alarmist sites. Crop production is improving in part because of improving not deteriorating weather and climate. This is the opposite of what should be happening according to you.
22/09/15 03:06 AM
Absolute crap Nico, If its a forecast about the weather and an improved crop outlook then we are talking about the climates future and that makes your future climate views at odds with reality Nico.
22/09/15 12:41 AM


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