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Perhaps John Newton we should ponder 1) the similarity of all genes, human and others - all comprised of the same 4 chemicals 2) plants and others have thousands of genes that are identical with ours - thus you have say thousands of watermelon genes and you are still okay. 3) induced mutagenesis involves seed treatment with chemicals and radiation (radioactive cobalt etc ) 4) those treatments have significant effects on the plant DNA and the metabolite levels - much greater than with GM . 5) no health safety checks done with the mutagenics. If one knocks GM one has to knock mutagenesis
30/04/15 01:24 AM
The Carman experiment was conducted by Verity Farms (Iowa) using their commercial piggery that produces non-GMO pig meat. It reports that at slaughter 57% of the non-GMO pigs had pneumonia, 27% had heart, liver or spleen abnormalities, 12% had pericarditis or pleuritis and 38% had stomach ulcers. Further 13% of the pigs in the study died. Hence in no way would I eat non-GMO meat from that farm or consider that the results from that study applied to humans. The publication of this study is detrimental to the reputation of the journal which does not have a robust refereeing system
26/06/13 12:43 AM


Hilda Hereford , just who is saying " that man can control the climate irrespective of the cause of climate change" .
24/06/15 02:10 AM
Bigfoot , do you really expect readers to take any notice of what you write? You go on again that there has been no warming in the last 20 years. Clearly, you can't find the energy to find out what information there is on warming in the literature. As has been pointed out here before, sea level has been rising at a faster rate over the last 20yr which is a clear indicator that the globe is still warming. Please put some effort into getting your facts right.
03/06/15 03:16 PM
Bigfoot, it is noteworthy that you now agree that the globe is still warming . You would now like to know what is the rate of this warming . No reader is going for you to spend the time working out a rate value or alternatively finding one in the literature. You are going to have to do it for yourself – your effort would be rewarding given your genuine interest in the matter.
03/06/15 02:22 AM
Your statement Bigfoot that "there has been NO global warming in the last 20 years" is incorrect. The situation is that the rate of warming of surface air has declined but the rate of warming of the oceans has increased . Overall there is an increase in global warmth as shown by sea level increases. Over the past 20 years the rate of sea level rise has been increasing at a faster rate than before . The current scenario has occurred before . Between c.1940 and c.1970 air temp. varied little but sea level continued to rise - however that situation was not permanent.
02/06/15 09:10 AM
Gumtree and others - time for me to sign off. As long as you continue to consider that the overwhelming majority of practising climate scientists are charlatans, it is not possible to have meaningful dialogue with you. And Gumtree, if you genuinely want to know the level of warming in recent times you could make contact with CSIRO scientists - that should not be too hard for you.
04/02/15 01:39 AM
Gumtree & FB - you are unable to comprehend that I am only interested here in the science involved which does not support your contention that the globe has stopped warming. You are denying the rising sea level data which are abundantly clear. You just go on concluding that global warming has stopped, a conclusion you base on the current pause is global air temperature rise The situation now is that proportionately more heat is going into the oceans than into the air. To understand this google "Ocean depths heating steadily despite global warming ‘pause’.
03/02/15 11:02 AM
FB and Gum Tree, everyone knows that great climatic changes have occurred through past geological ages. You should have understood that i was writing in the context of recent times - say the last 100 years. Over that time the globe has warmed and the warming is continuing - this cannot be disputed. However you seem unable to accept this and it is worrying that some people are unable to accept facts. Am I correct in assuming that you are unable to write in these columns that you believe the above warming is occurring. What is causing the warming is, of course, a separate matter.
02/02/15 08:32 AM
Bill, Gumtree, Daw and Old Crow - as I posted earlier I just wanted to make the point here that global warming was continuing. I did not need or want to get involved in the matter of long term possibilities re. climate. From your posts it is clear that you don't understand that most of the increase in global CO2 is anthropogenic CO2 in origin - that amount can be worked out from the level of radioactive C (viz C13) present. Are you able to accept that the globe is still warming and make a statement to that effect here? I worry that you are just unable to do that.
02/02/15 12:28 AM
hi Max - FB and yourself just won't acknowledge the existence of those sea level figures let alone think about them . In this context the sea level values are not values made up by scientists . Given the enormous interest in those levels to shipping vast amounts of data on these have been collected and are available.. If you want to be seen as having any credibility you need to stop dodging the sea level issue in your posts - but we know you will not do that - it would be beyond you .
26/01/15 03:45 AM
hi Max - You will recall that my earlier post gave the reference " Sea-level Rise " CSIRO & ACECRC " to show the changes (increases) in sea level over the last c.130 years . Now you write asking when the sea level data are going to be available . I just don't understand your approach . If you won't look for info you cannot be considered as well informed . Perhaps you are like FB who clearly won't think about the sea level rises. Most thinking people would consider the close relation between increase in air CO2 level and increases in sea level.
26/01/15 01:18 AM


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