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Burrs under my saddle

I think this is what you may be looking for Max. /2015/02/category-five-storms-are nt-what-they-used-to-be/
24/02/15 12:19 AM
Nico please supply with EVIDENCE and assertions are not evidence, that the 0.7 deg C warming we have had in the last 150 years has in any way been bad ?
23/02/15 02:36 AM
Honestly, Pete, you have been watching far too much climate porn.
10/02/15 09:27 PM


The heading should be
" Cold shock ahead because of dormant sun "
Our Govt is preparing for the wrong thing. /opinion/qed/2015/02/inherit-wind -much-else/
05/02/15 11:22 AM
And tell me Brence are we supposed to send the whole world's economy broke all on a theory? The facts and figures are there to see Brence if you choose to look, the CAGW theory belongs with the flat earth theory, the sky is falling theory, the end of the world tomorrow theory, little green men from mars theory, your theory is a load of closed minded, wildly exaggerated crap. And most intelligent people realised this many years ago.
05/02/15 03:57 AM
Yes I have looked at the NSW Govt climate change website Nico and I must say its just a clone of IPCC policy. Its full of science fiction , half truths , total fabrications and outright false information. I am shocked at the deceit and I really wonder who is pulling the strings and what the political agenda is when they have to resort to such factually false information by Mike Bairds Govt. But his birthday is April 1st so perhaps its all a joke eh ?
05/02/15 02:28 AM


Yes Tim the Chinese are preparing for the future. That's why they are opening a new coal fired power station about every two weeks. And I may be wrong but I believe they have more coal than us. Yep you're right, they are not burying their heads in the sand.
11/06/15 10:44 PM
Chinese tourists coming here would be laughing their heads off at these things. The western world has really lost its way. Did they ever really think these were the future of power generation ? No wonder we are going backwards. Now if it was 1915 I could maybe understand it , but in 2015 I can't .
11/06/15 06:41 AM
Only a mental hermit would believe the climate change scare stories from burning fossil fuels. Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide does nothing more than make your veggies grow better. These so called leaders of the free world must want to see us all starve.
11/06/15 05:43 AM
Well said, Gumtree. Not to many of the faithful global warming loons protecting the faith here today. I would say Rasmuncher has gone the way of Susan and Jeffito. Back to kindi.
11/02/15 02:29 AM
Hahahahahaha Laughable rubbish, Nico.
10/02/15 08:41 AM
Clean up the atmosphere of what Rasmuncher? Surely you don't mean clean up the carbon dioxide? So you want to take away the air that plants breath do you Rasmuncher? Then all the plants will die and then all the other life would die, that would be very dumb wouldn't it ? Then again I am getting used to very dumb comments here from the CAGW climate dummies.
09/02/15 10:00 PM
I think Billy might be right, Nico, temperatures have been going down for 8000 years since the Holocene climate optimum , the tiny rise last century was just a little blip on a downward trend. Unless of course you can prove otherwise the long term trend is down not up as you keep stating and is well accepted history.
06/02/15 03:28 AM
What's wrong with warming temperatures Nico, I am no expert but I would have thought they would be far more preferable than cooling temperatures. I mean its not like they have warmed much, under 1 deg C I believe in the last 150 years, and I could not even imagine would have happened if in the last 150 years it had cooled 1deg C, I think we would be in real trouble trying to grow food if that had of happened so I don't really understand your concern. A warm world is far better than a cold world is it not? Cold is a real killer and did you really think the temps would always be stationary?
05/02/15 12:23 AM


The Dept of Ag must be insane. Are they all on drugs ?
16/02/15 10:45 PM


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