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And clearly your probably a bit of a dill, Brence.
05/02/15 05:24 AM
What heat shock? Man made global warming is a total con and a scam to lighten your wallet through carbon taxes. Wake up people.
05/02/15 05:13 AM


Its not me that is ignoring the temperature data, Nico, it's you. You make a big song and dance about a half a degree of warming over the last 150 years and then try to tell us all its the end of the world when in fact the warming is good, and you wonder why no one takes you seriously. Are you seriously going to try to tell us that cooling is better ? You should not get your information from denialist blogs Nico and use your brain and commonsense just for once. I know this is a challenge for you. Can you tell us what the benefits of living in a cold climate are?
09/02/15 03:02 AM
Believe me, Nico, I do know what I am talking about and I am quite up to date with my reading. My science teacher would be proud that I understand real science and history and not sucked in by the science fiction that the CAGW people peddle.
06/02/15 01:57 AM
Temperatures have been trending down for 7000 years ever since we came out of the last ice age and back into another ice age we will go. Anyone stupid enough to believe the man made global warming crap deserves to be scammed. Its really hard to believe how gullible people are. Idiots here that crap on day after day about man made global warming and CO2 being a pollutant are either in on the scam or just totally DUMB!
05/02/15 05:22 AM


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