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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

JT thank goodness Leyonhjelm will be in the Parliament next year.Aust. needs as many as like minded as it can get to do the likes of you in.
07/10/13 11:35 PM
  Duelling duopolies 12 Comments 12
And so what would you propose as an alternative John Newton - a meeting of the seller and buyer scrambling around in the dust or mud of an idyllic farmers market whilst being serenaded by a dreadlocked guitar strumming busker. Give me the sparkling sweeping fresh floor of the supermarkets with their great diversity of proucts any time.
01/09/13 11:46 PM
Part of the WA based reactionary group the Muntagin Alliance argument lamenting no apparent opportunity for kids to inherit the farm so therefore need a subsidy to carry on.Dismiss the emotional claptrat and ask what right have farmers to demand the taxpayer underwrite his family farm succession plans.
27/08/13 03:46 AM
This logic escapes the likes of Heffernan and Nash so consumed by their conspiracy theory xenophobia.Follow their insolent boorish behaviour to ADM during recent Senate committee hearings.Designed to insult and discourage.
08/07/13 12:13 AM
Brilliant. David, your summation is absolutely correct.
29/04/13 10:24 PM

A matter of opinion

ecnerwal,instead of throwing alarm and fear mongering about -explain exactly what you mean by your assertions.Theres no monopoly in USA .Doesnt have to be- plenty of players big and small.Open your eyes-Aust. has a plethora of exporters .Grain Corp (ADM)is and wont be the only one.What is this fiasco that shareholders are caught in.What sort of planning and foresight -explain yourself.What damage to shareholders - me thinks they are happy- but please illustrate the damage.What mess.Seems pretty straight forward to me.More hollow thinking consumed with prejudice.
16/08/13 10:46 AM
Dead right Dicktiger.The xenophobic and the woolly headed do not understand that this is completely a matter for the shareholders of Grain Corp and no one else. Not even those Nat. and Lib. politicians and farmers still thinking in the 1930s. They havent got a clue as to what private property means. Always looking for some centrally planned intervention.
16/08/13 05:09 AM
Quagmire of regulation is a consequence of meddling politicians and beaurecrats.Bad debt is the direct responsibility of those who incurred it.Nobody forced anybody to incur the debt.It should not be dumped onto others.
28/06/13 02:43 AM

Burrs under my saddle

As usual this former Katter disciple is long on talk but short on solution.Not withstanding his derision of many in the business of agriculture who see it as a business,Mr Mailler is still advocating agrarian socialism, the bane of farming for generations.His attempt to disguise his real disposition fails the test of scrutiny. Things are crook on the farm so cast around for someone to rescue me.
03/05/14 12:15 AM


Should producers voluntarily associate or should it be mandated that they do so. Now which idea would jock support.
04/08/15 11:41 PM
Didn't take long for the flat earthers to emerge this morning. Ho Hum.
14/07/15 11:26 PM
How relevant is Wagga to a WA grain grower levy payer. Shuffling the deck chairs around whilst disgracefully ignoring the fundamental issue. What value does the levy payer and the Australian taxpayer derive from the current grain research system. A system 30 years old, highly politicized, often self serving and has never been the subject of independent review. The GRDC is the last refuge of wheat grower agri political influence.
11/07/15 01:56 AM
Most WA grain levy payers wouldn't have a clue who GPA or GGL are- despite their respective arrogant efforts to claim us.
09/07/15 12:56 AM
Poor old Jock. Irrational as usual, obsessed to the point of futility.
17/06/15 11:38 PM
Such a story certainly reveals the crackpots. Nobody is "forced " to incur debt. Debt is the product of voluntary application, a bank assessing risk and if appropriate the applicant is successful. Imagine the condemnation if banks rejected applications. The so called debt problem blame is wrongly laid at the feet of the banks and then relief is sought from someone else, usually the taxpayers. Accept your individual responsibilities.
07/04/15 10:45 PM
Sanctimonious nonsense from Barnaby Joyce.With him at the helm every crackpot idea was always going to be encouraged for submission to the White Paper. Take a hint from Truss- " the Govt. would make sure that the White Paper has ideas able to be implemented"- that is after the crackpot ideas have been eliminated.
31/03/15 11:51 PM
From this we could be excused for believing that banks have forced farmers to borrow money.Quite the opposite. Borrowers apply for the money, banks assess then lend accordingly. Accept your responsibility and dont shift your losses onto others. Oh isnt that agrarian socialism.
19/03/15 11:06 PM
Says a lot about Barnaby if Munro endorses him.
11/02/15 11:02 PM
Typically superficial and simplistic. The WA wheatbelt covers a vast area from north to south to east with much variation of seasons and yield within it (including the past 2 years). Despite Dale Parks silly summation there are more farms for sale, as Roger Crook says, than ever before including some large aggregations from all over the wheatbelt. And every one of those farm businesses sold will shortly be in receipt of a $2 cheque from CBH . And the mob continues to howl about " value " in the co op.
30/01/15 07:38 AM


John Anderson is dead right.
12/08/15 01:36 AM
So now it's bees. Global warming proponents will grasp at anything to perpetuate this fraud.
23/07/15 11:05 PM
Cloning the old Grains Council. That closed shop of thinking and another vehicle for centralised thinking. The tyranny of the majority to follow. Claiming to represent all grain producers of Aust. when most have elected not to belong to any organisation, especially GPA and various SFO's. And of course Barnaby wants it because it will give him moral authority to re regulate in some form. And i bet individual growers around Aust. won't get a say. Back to the bad old days.
18/06/15 10:14 PM
Quick, send Jock as Australia's formal emissary to advise the Brazilian govt on marketing systems. Hopefully they will accept his advice , change their view and adopt a single desk system. We need to minimise their competitive capacity.
09/06/15 09:18 AM
He is on this planet Munro.But you are half way to Pluto.
23/03/15 05:38 AM
Furthermore with this forthcoming election with candidates desperately trying to differentiate themselves whilst grovelling under the co op banner nothing will change. After listening to their advocacy the thing will be riven with populism and further dumbed down.
10/02/15 11:57 PM
Watch out for the raving co op disciples spitting bile at the PGA for daring to suggest CBH be corporatised, something that a grower elected board proposed in 2000 with a 60% approval from 9000 odd shareholders but falling short of the 75% required. The bitter infighting on the board is not about differences over structure but more about personality and personal aspiration. You get that when you're a political organisation.
10/02/15 11:43 PM
The term " climate change" has been appropriated by the scaremongering warmists as a means to divert attention from the highly challengeable "global warming" terminology. No jeffito, it's NOT climate change. Sensible farmers know it as cyclical seasonal variation with random time frames. And so we adapt.The PIERD ACT, which governs GRDC, requires a proportion of research into so called " climate change" or other related environmental programs. Levy payers should examine whether this is a good use of their compulsorily acquired funds.
20/01/15 03:10 AM
But Munro will ventilate that the answer is a return to the iconic- single desk selling and a new utopia.
24/06/15 10:43 PM
Have patience GA. It's on it's way. Get ready for the next round of investment and competition in the grains logistic sector in WA. The resident service provider is busy eating itself from board level down. Ill prepared for competition and denying real equity this mob on the board will eventually have a special place in history. With current value continuing to be eroded and when it's TIME to do something it will be cents in the dollar for remaining shareholders.
30/01/15 07:56 AM


Lets try again. Munro's boring unhinged prejudices are on display again.
12/08/15 08:23 AM
What delusional insulting rubbish from Milne and this mob. Hugging trees is only the facade to suck the feel good brigade in. We wouldn't see any of them in Parliament if we didn't have an upper house.
07/05/15 10:21 PM
The single desk is now not missed, particularly in WA where new arrangements are recognised as a benefit and warmly embraced by individual growers. New investment in WA is also emerging in the grains logistic sector as a consequence. But the marbles are still bouncing around in the craniums of twisted ideologues such as Munro.
25/03/15 02:06 AM
Richard Denniss has just revealed his hatred of coal. The cheapest form of electricity generation available to man.
14/07/15 12:17 AM
Victor - because the science is absolutely contestable. The science is NOT settled. And thats why we should be careful who we listen to. Do you really want to listen to Gore, Flannery or the Greens. And Adam , that's not science but obviously suits your prejudice.
01/07/15 07:15 AM
11 farmers signed a letter. I am a farmer . Do not presume to speak for me with your " climate change " drivel.
01/07/15 12:06 AM
Peter Walsh may well have consigned this drivel to the trash can and rightly so. Would he not say - modelling, rubbish in and rubbish out.
11/04/15 12:03 AM
Landcare, so that's the enduring legacy! But what about poor old Victoria. The Cain Kirner combination turned it into an economic basket case. And today there is another one in office. Kennett had to save it then and he or his ilk will be needed again.
04/06/15 11:59 PM
I salute you Peter Walsh.
10/04/15 11:56 PM
Fraser was by far the most right wing ideological Prime Minister Aust. ever had. The right man to fix Whitlam's mess. He then became by far the most left wing ideolgical ex Prime Minister Aust. ever had. His conversion to the left and virulent anti Americanism is perplexing. And then there is Mugabe.
21/03/15 12:51 AM


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