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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Cost-cutting is not the answer to Elder's woes, market relevance is.
10/08/12 05:36 AM
A week ago David was telling us the APVMA is incompetent and dysfunctional now he's telling us "All pesticides are scrutinised in exhaustive detail before they may be sold...." presumably by the APVMA.
This emotive rant is nothing more than a propaganda piece straight out of the BIg tobacco PR handbook.
03/07/12 11:28 PM

Get Muddy

Nice article Sam.
'The world needs feeding argument’ is at heart of commodity thinking and will never deliver a decent income for Australian farmers. Look at real farm incomes vs population growth, it’s an inverse relationship. Economic growth on the other hand gives consumers' choice, and choice means market segmentation and an opportunity to innovative and apply customer oriented marketing to target the more profitable segments.
19/08/14 02:06 AM
Same same but different: A guy named Sam goes on a 'content-free' rant about a guy named Sam going on a 'content-free' rant...
05/08/14 11:04 PM
Sam, You’ve confounded the issue by combining immigration policy - which includes a quota for refugees and people seeking asylum - with that of boat people and boarder security...So what happens if you take the money used to house people in detention and allocate it as you suggest? . Answer: You greatly increase the number of people drowning at Sea. Good one Einstein!
24/07/13 04:26 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Gummy, don't be too quick to judge. Recently a CSIRO study found CO2 fertilisation correlated with an 11 per cent increase in foliage cover from 1982-2010 across arid areas. That is the increase in atmospheric CO2 between 1982 and 2010 increased foliage cover.
19/02/15 01:08 AM
Gumtree, since you are the self-proclaimed expert on everything scientific, let me ask you a basic question re your name. What is the likely outcome of heat stress (due to climate change - I couldn't resist :) ) on a Gumtree (Eucalyptus regnans) with a phytophthora cinnamoni infection? I'll give you a clue...Good night nurse!
17/02/15 11:49 PM
Max, you're relying on a post from Andrew Bolt, give me a break. He is the consummate cherry-picker. I'll give him one thing though, he does know his audience, and how to persuade them. For example Bolt will happily exchange terms like 'climate' and 'weather' to bolster his point. Or use a weather event to argue climate change is bogus. But I assume you wouldn't fall for that old trick...
17/02/15 11:17 PM
Another contributor of the highest order, welcome aboard Makka! So let's examine your collective logic - feel free to chime in Gumtree. So what you're saying is any scientific review or research funded by a govt grant is dubious. Well blow me down! Let's scrap the csiro and all state gov and university research, and associate research institutes , and instead canvas the opinion of gumtree, Makka et al, we'd save billions! LOL. ps what do you recommend for irritable bowel syndrome?
17/02/15 06:16 AM
good work Gumtree, how about some more information about C3 plants, clearly you're an expert on plant physiology, or have you "read a book"?
17/02/15 05:49 AM
let's see, hmm who should we trust? Gumtree et. al. or the Australian Academy of Science? LOL.
17/02/15 04:33 AM


The only business I see in a heartbeat is Barnaby dealing in duplicity. PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie has a point.
11/08/14 12:31 AM
Chops, Bishop and Abbott's tough love just cost Australian agriculture $400 M.
08/08/14 02:04 AM
I'm sure the Honorable Minister for Agriculture will find a way to blame the previous Government for this monumental stuff-up!
08/08/14 12:21 AM
David Farley ever wondered why it is so difficult to attract quality educated staff (of both sexes) into a career in agriculture? Young people think we are a bunch of backward-looking rednecks and your comments do nothing to dispel that view. Get a grip you are a leader. Act like one!
09/08/12 04:18 AM
@Loc Hey. "...And in higher concentrations all plant life would thrive and that means all animal (sic) and human life would thrive..."
Is this your take on ecology? You don't think this view could be a tad simplistic (read: moronic) and perhaps slightly presumptuous (read: total BS).
29/06/12 03:07 AM
A truly rolled-gold performance form Loc Hey with this little gem "...What a laugh Nicco if there is one thing for sure that is lacking from the climate alarmist cult its CREDABILITY."
nuff said!
24/05/11 01:49 AM
Well it's like this Pro-Freedom. If the world's consumers want an Endosulfan free product, then we better give them what they want or we don't have a market...
I : how Pro-freedom thinks the world works
V : how the world works
03/05/11 05:06 AM
correction: 391 ppmv
05/04/11 01:33 AM
Did you guys read my disclaimer?
Loc, what do you suggest the CO2 capacity of the atmosphere is before it has an impact on climate? 400 ppm, 500 ppm, 1000 ppm, 10,000 ppm? BTW, the current figure is 291 ppmv, 288 was 2010's figure.
05/04/11 12:55 AM
Loc, I made no reference to a grim picture, and yes I understand your maths, but my question was about co2.
Loc, I really enjoy reading your analogies, some are very amusing. BTW, what if the ship is at absolute capacity? I guess the first person may be blissfully unaware that the ship is at capacity, and not worry at all. Also Loc don't assume that small numbers are always irrelevant. Here's a disclaimer so I don't get someone complaining that I'm an alarmist: This is an example about small numbers not about global warming! Let's say you're walking in outback Queensland and you overturn a rock to find a rare fierce snake. It bites you on the arm but only injects 1 mg of its toxic venom...Question: What happens next? Let's do the maths. 1 mg of venom into 80 kgs of human. As a percentage of your weight it's only 0.00000125pc. It's a tiny amount in the overall scheme of things! But guess what happens. You die!
04/04/11 11:59 PM


When it comes to wheat, Australia wins hands-down on one front: RISK, both production and price.
Caveat Emptor!
30/01/13 01:57 AM
Nice bit of scaremongering! Crossey is attempting to malign Chinese producers of imported chemicals in an attempt to maintain the price gouging enjoyed by his constituency. By doing this Crossey is also inferring the APVMA is incompetent. The fact is if the product is registered it will have an APVMA approval number on the label meaning it was manufactured to GMP standards, as required.
15/09/11 02:15 AM


Is 'Brand Australia' the same as 'Team Australia'- a meaningless euphemism? Branding is so much more than a slogan created by some advertising guru. Branding is about identify; the essence of who we are and what we stand for as Australian producers. Look no further than to the NZ dairy industry to see what positive Brand identity is all about. Their industry has real standing in the NZ community. It is an industry that attracts the best people and delivers creative and innovative solutions - A2 milk is a case in point.
06/08/14 12:46 AM


Genazzano, this is not an insurance issue.
01/09/11 05:35 AM


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