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Grain of Truth

Now hear this, now hear this - Governments at levels here's your shot at redemption.
Step up to the plate and show us what you are made of.
This weather event and your response will show if you are fair dinkum about looking after one of our most valuable assetts - the farming families of this nation!!
02/01/11 07:22 AM

Bush Matters

Well said Barry
19/02/15 11:02 PM


I think the property sector can get over themselves - seriously!!
Owning free hold land in Australia is a high end privilege & shouldn't be treated as "just another commodity" to make some money out of
26/02/15 01:48 AM
The lease back deals would want to be very long term - particular for a wine business with a well established name obtaining their grapes from a certain area / region.
02/02/15 01:35 AM
Not a great idea at all
30/12/14 02:04 AM
Disappointing day indeed.
I recall my father buying stock feed from them back in 80's. Hoping they are able to retain all current employees in the future - or even increase!
14/10/14 01:57 AM
  Korean FTA agreed 10 Comments 10
Yep - sounds great
What did we trade away for this - that's what I want to know!
06/12/13 01:55 AM
Yes, & keep it to "lease only" please - not outright sale of OUR soil
21/11/12 12:03 PM
Listen, listen, listen!!
OS investment is welcome - but why should they buy our land??
Lease, yes - but not outright own - end of story!!!
06/10/12 10:22 AM
I've been led to believe that the Australian transport regulations are to be become standardised in 2013 so hopefully this will be of benefit.
Am unsure to what extent though...
13/09/12 02:46 AM
Don't let OS investors buy up land. By all means let them invest but our dirt should not be for sale to them!
03/08/12 12:19 PM
In the national interest of this country we should never sell free hold land to overseas investors.
Rent out land if need be but do not sell.
30/07/12 02:52 AM


Mmm...I'm with "scrite"
Michael, you may need to read the article again.
To put it mildly - this is a poor result
28/05/14 11:48 AM
Investme nt in Australia doesn't mean buying something outright. "Australia is open for business". They can do short term rent, lease or what ever - just not own the Family Silverware. There are so many more ways to invest instead of buying something out completely
16/12/13 02:15 AM
  SA GM ban panned 10 Comments 10
Top decision!
Go one step further & say never ever will there be GM crops grown in SA. Absolute massive fines & reimbursement should it happen unlawfully!
24/11/13 01:59 AM
Excellent news!
Beats the heck out of spraying.
Well done Stuart!
23/07/13 08:47 AM
If we have to allow OS interests please only do a lease arrangement
03/01/13 12:04 PM
GM stands for -
Grand Mistake?
27/01/12 10:55 AM
It's time for an election / referendum to put this to bed once and for all.
Enough of the bickering
31/05/11 02:57 AM


Tricky one...
Growing up in the country gave me a heart connection to it but I haven't followed on down this path partly because of the end financial viability. Staying reasonably local, have followed a different direction in the operational side of the wine industry to good effect.
At the end of the day I guess it comes down to -
opportunity, viability & future prospects. Obviously having good mentors is a part of this.
08/10/13 11:23 AM


Does the vendor always have to sell to the highest bidder?
I'm sure it's awfully tempting but Aussie farmers who are selling have a part to play in the future of this country as well.
04/06/12 11:40 AM


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